The support is outstanding

I came on to ask if there is any reason smoking related that I would have really sore tummy. Now I don't care I seen loads of messages regarding my mum and me and how proud you all were that I resisted smokin in that dreaded car park todAy and my tummy can be sore it will pass. But THE SUPPORT ON THIS PAGE HAS OF DUMBFOUNDED THANK YOU ALL YOU ARE MAKING GIVING UP A PLEASURE XXX :-D

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  • Hiya toots, you're part of our quit family and that's what we do👍😃xx

  • Amazed iv swapped smoking for this group Thank you all

  • Well done on quitting :) I too have been amazed by how lovely and supportive everyone has been. x

  • we sure are a happy family of people helping each other.. It is awesome, for me, being downunder in Australia and just how much i was made feel welcome ..Loves it..and honestly dont think i would be where i am today with out these wonderful members :) :)

  • Agreed im now on day 4because of you all xx

  • Day 4 wow that's brilliant. You are ticking the days off now.

    The benefits of stopping will have already kicked in health wise.

    Becoming a non smoker means that you are no longer a slave and have taken your life back.

    The cravings will be strong but the further you go, the less they become and with longer spells in between.

    Non smokers don't understand or appreciate what we go through when we give up. It is tough but persevere, make a list of why you have given up to remind you when you get an urge. Remember the cravings will pass.

    NOPE ( Not one puff ever)

    Jim x

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