Enjoy the sunshine !!!!!!

Feeling elated. Last Saturday i walked up Roseberry Topping, Nabs Crest and to the Cook Monument. 7 hours in, at times, torrential rain.This week instead of going away, i have walked and in total, done over 100 miles. The walking group has been a great incentive to carry on. We are booked to walk up Snowdon in September and, i can't wait. 20 months ago, i couldn't have walked a mile. To all the quitters who feel the urge to light up, believe me, the benefits of being a non smoker, totally outweigh those of a smoker.Have a goal,a destination, there is nothing you cannot do, just persevere. Hiccups are inevitable, nicotine is a powerful drug but, once you set your mind on something, you can achieve your ambition. Nature is awesome, and the outdoors beats staying inside watching tv or playing games on the computer any day. Life is short, time you get is luck, so get out in the sunshine today and get motivated.!!!!

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  • WOW....that's very impressive and extremely inspirational. All I've done is start walking up the stairs at work...mmmm maybe I need to set myself a goal.

    Ive been saving the money I would have normally spent on fags.... I'm hoping to go to Vietnam next feb as I have a big birthday and want to be away for it :0 :)

  • A step at a time is all it takes. Vietnam !!!!!!!!!!!!! that will be some vacation.!!!!!!!! Having an incentive helps and i can't wait to see the pictures!!!.

  • me too.... :)

  • Just full of absolute awe for such a huge achievement.I try 5 miles most days and once the back is really well I'll try for further,I'll need to pick your brains for walking pointers.Well done,you are indeed a superstar.Hugs H x

  • Way hay! Brilliant. :-)

  • Thanks for the lovely comments. YS. 5 miles is amazing!!!! People don't realise just how far a mile is. I have to say, it is much easier walking with others and chatting. When i go alone, the park has markers saying how far you have walked. A complete circuit is one and three quarter miles so i just keep going listening to my i pod.Todays weather was not ideal for distance though. You have come such a long way YS. Wishing you the best of health and continue taking those steps xx

  • Oh you both put me to shame with your walking... I used to jog but did my Achilles. What's the best type of trainer for walking?

  • I bought mine from Mountain Warehouse when i was going to do the Mediterranean Steps in Gibraltar. The ones i chose were rather heavy and the assistant said these would be better .... and a lot cheaper!!!!!! They were reduced from about £50 to £15. They are so light and comfortable. When i'm out with the group i have boots because we do go through some muddy areas. If i'd known they would be so comfy, i'd have bought 2 pairs!! Still, there's a lot of mileage in them yet.

    Once you start walking and build up your stamina, it's surprising how far you can go.

    Get out there and enjoy.

  • Thanks for that I'll have a look :)

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