2 years quit!

Hi all,

I'm now soon approaching 2 years quit! - Whoop whoop :-) (23rd of September)

I couldn't be more proud of this achievement. It was extremely difficult, but it was truly the best thing I could of done for my health.

I'm now able to 'breath' again! I'm also richer, healthier and generally a more happier person than I ever was when I smoked.

I still often pop on this forum and offer support where I can as I know first hand how painful giving up smoking can be.

The worst thing about giving up smoking for me was my breathing and anxiety issues I suffered, but believe me once you get though it you will never go back. It's like being reborn again.

I would like to thank everyone on quit support for their support in helping me quit. You all have a special place in my heart.

And I would like to especially like to thank Jillygirl. You are truly amazing and you're a real inspiration to me. I hope your feeling better :-) x

For those in this journey or now starting Stoptober. Good luck, if your need any help, shout and scream.

Stay positive,



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  • Whoohoo MMoo ....... Can't wait for that new badge of yours 😊

    Fantastic achievement hun 😊😊😊

  • Thanks Droopy x

  • Good morning droopj,

    I cannot give you a coffee, as I am on my desktop :)

    You are doing just fantastic........almost 2 years....omg............you have inspired me along my journey as you hit many hard times, and you never lit up.........good going and thanks for being here for me....

    Arizona xxx

    Ps... I hope your brother is feeling better

  • Massive congratulations MmooπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜Š

    So glad your healthier and happier and looking forward to the partyπŸ˜‰πŸ˜Šx

  • Thanks Briarwoood :-) x

  • Wayyyy Hayyyyy Ian, your going great guns pal :) :)

    As we speak, I am in training getting ready to catch that 2 Years Winners badge of your's cos they a bit sneaky and crafty and hard to catch see :o but our lovely Briarwood and Droopy are teaching me how to go on :) ( they dont know it, soo mums the word eh :D :D )

    Its time for me to scarper me thinks :o sooo, see's ya later, erm, I HOPE :D :D :D

  • πŸ˜œπŸ‘ΏπŸ˜‚x

  • Thanks Monkey hahaha :-) :-)

  • I've been reading about success rates in various articles and they are all kinda depressing - but here you are! Proof it can be done! It gives all of us at the start of our journey hope and inspiration. Congratulations! :)

  • I second that Oolou :) :) with a bit of hard work, we can all get there :) :)

  • Good timing to read this post, thanks for dropping back in Oolou-Challenging days presently, woke with feeling the support of the NOPE Family. This really is the alternative to usual behaviours to relapse. 2 yrs > Many congrats. Love It!!! ;O) NOPE

  • Thank you Oolou,

    One step at a time and you'll soon be there!

    Stay positive x

  • Blimey Oolou, I'd give depressing articles a miss...all you need is our Mr Monky and you'll sail through your quit 😁

  • Yay!! Fab news for 2 years Ian, that's absolutely brilliant, well done πŸ˜ƒ x

  • Thanks Lily :-) xx

  • Well done Ian, Good encouragement for all our new members. xxx

  • Thanks Jilly :-) :-) xx

  • Congratulations! Well Done!

  • Thank you willc :-)

  • Ian--I think I am having the issues you spoke about--the breathing--and I focus on it and it turns into anxiety and can hardly function--feels like a panic attack--I hope you get this and get back to me--Im a wreck worrying about this--I took breathing tests and did fine--so I don't know what this is--Thanks MmeT

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