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2 years quit!

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Hi all,

I'm now soon approaching 2 years quit! - Whoop whoop :-) (23rd of September)

I couldn't be more proud of this achievement. It was extremely difficult, but it was truly the best thing I could of done for my health.

I'm now able to 'breath' again! I'm also richer, healthier and generally a more happier person than I ever was when I smoked.

I still often pop on this forum and offer support where I can as I know first hand how painful giving up smoking can be.

The worst thing about giving up smoking for me was my breathing and anxiety issues I suffered, but believe me once you get though it you will never go back. It's like being reborn again.

I would like to thank everyone on quit support for their support in helping me quit. You all have a special place in my heart.

And I would like to especially like to thank Jillygirl. You are truly amazing and you're a real inspiration to me. I hope your feeling better :-) x

For those in this journey or now starting Stoptober. Good luck, if your need any help, shout and scream.

Stay positive,



21 Replies
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Whoohoo MMoo ....... Can't wait for that new badge of yours 😊

Fantastic achievement hun 😊😊😊

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MMoo in reply to droopyJ

Thanks Droopy x

in reply to droopyJ

Good morning droopj,

I cannot give you a coffee, as I am on my desktop :)

You are doing just fantastic........almost 2 years....omg............you have inspired me along my journey as you hit many hard times, and you never lit up.........good going and thanks for being here for me....

Arizona xxx

Ps... I hope your brother is feeling better

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Massive congratulations Mmoo👍🏼😊

So glad your healthier and happier and looking forward to the party😉😊x

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MMoo in reply to Briarwood

Thanks Briarwoood :-) x

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Wayyyy Hayyyyy Ian, your going great guns pal :) :)

As we speak, I am in training getting ready to catch that 2 Years Winners badge of your's cos they a bit sneaky and crafty and hard to catch see :o but our lovely Briarwood and Droopy are teaching me how to go on :) ( they dont know it, soo mums the word eh :D :D )

Its time for me to scarper me thinks :o sooo, see's ya later, erm, I HOPE :D :D :D

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BriarwoodAdministrator in reply to monky


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MMoo in reply to monky

Thanks Monkey hahaha :-) :-)

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I've been reading about success rates in various articles and they are all kinda depressing - but here you are! Proof it can be done! It gives all of us at the start of our journey hope and inspiration. Congratulations! :)

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monkyAdministrator in reply to Oolou

I second that Oolou :) :) with a bit of hard work, we can all get there :) :)

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iris88 MONTH WINNER in reply to monky

Good timing to read this post, thanks for dropping back in Oolou-Challenging days presently, woke with feeling the support of the NOPE Family. This really is the alternative to usual behaviours to relapse. 2 yrs > Many congrats. Love It!!! ;O) NOPE

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MMoo in reply to Oolou

Thank you Oolou,

One step at a time and you'll soon be there!

Stay positive x

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LilyMay73LONG TERM WINNER in reply to Oolou

Blimey Oolou, I'd give depressing articles a miss...all you need is our Mr Monky and you'll sail through your quit 😁

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Yay!! Fab news for 2 years Ian, that's absolutely brilliant, well done 😃 x

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MMoo in reply to LilyMay73

Thanks Lily :-) xx

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Well done Ian, Good encouragement for all our new members. xxx

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MMoo in reply to jillygirl

Thanks Jilly :-) :-) xx

Congratulations! Well Done!

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MMoo in reply to

Thank you willc :-)

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Ian--I think I am having the issues you spoke about--the breathing--and I focus on it and it turns into anxiety and can hardly function--feels like a panic attack--I hope you get this and get back to me--Im a wreck worrying about this--I took breathing tests and did fine--so I don't know what this is--Thanks MmeT

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Ribbon3611 Month Winner

I'm having a bad week with not being able to breathe....3rd week after quitting. I looked you up to see if you had checked in since your earlier posts to see if the short of breath was now better for you. I needed some hope and inspiration. I was happy to see your last post where you say life is good now!!! Thanks for not forgetting those of us just starting out and really giving us some hope knowing things are now better for you after all you went through....what we are going through now!!! :)

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