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Good morning everyone, Well its amazing but the weather forecasters are always right when its bad weather.

Very blustery and rainy in Yorkshire, I hope you are all buttoned up and keeping warm. At least we don't have to try lighting a ciggy in this stuff. brrrr. ! If you haven't quite stopped yet , its a good excuse not to go outside for a smoke, not worth the bother.

Sorry I didn't get back on site yesterday evening, but went to Ikea looking for chest of drawers and wardrobe.

Michael binns welcome to the site, and what a well worth cause trying to teach younger generation not to smoke.

If you go on to my quit story and look under Jillys story it might just hit home to some of them. (good luck) if you can stop just one person its worth it.

Have a good day and catch up later. :)

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Aww everyone was doing fun things last night. Emjay I love the music Diversity dance to, and jillygirl I love Ikea, I can roam around there for ages. Well today is Thursday so you can blame me for the horrendous weather cos am off work, Thursdays are normally quite nice, tho saying that the sun has just popped it's head out. Hope Sue is OK up there in Scotland it's supposed to be particularly bad up there today. My daughter and my granddaughter are coming round this after. Giving her mum a hard time at the moment cutting her second tooth - ouch :(


Hi Sinfree, bet your granddaughter is well rosy cheeked. I remember those teething days too well, nothing calms them down. Havent heard from Sue for a while, will have to pm her.

Catch up later. p.s. anyone help morriemoo on questions.


Hi Jillygirl, sinfree and everyone,

Although my name is different on here it's still me, Sue52, I got a new phone and for some reason I couldn't get back on here so had to join again Ggrrrrr, I was so annoyed, I don't think me and technology get on :D :D

I hope everyone is okay in this terrible weather, we missed the worst of it here in Dundee, I hope your all having a great evening :) :) xx


Haha, good evening loopygran, :D :D glad to hear your weather wasn't too bad.


Hi Sinfree, I hope your weather wasn't too bad either, I had to pick that name, it's spot on :D :D


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