Good morning, Bright sunny day today. I hope the weather is good for you too. Sorry I missed coming on site last night

but had company, who didnt know when to leave. still yawning now. :P

Firt of all welcome to miseryguts (will have to change that name) I think you are doing great especially going cold turkey. Emjay or Eye will probably give you advice today.

Meanwhile have a browse through the site. plenty of tips on here.

Well its more decorating today for me. Glad when its done.

Just popping the kettle on first anyone want a cuppa. :)

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  • Good Morning JillyGirl, Good Morning All :D

    JillyGirl, have you put your flat up on the market yet? You'll be surprised at how many people look to buy at this time of the year. Happy decorating :D

    Welcome aboard miseryguts, I'm sure that really was how you were feeling when you first joined us but I promise you that the feeling won't last forever. Given time I bet you will be welcoming any newcomers yourself and give them some good advice and they will be thinking "I wonder why this person is called miseryguts" :D :D You've done ever so well and everything that you have been feeling is all part of the recovery process of stopping smoking. Try and see it all as a positive. If you let us know how it is for you then we'll be able to offer you the hints and tips that will get you through it and I'm sure you will relate to many of our members stories :D

    Have a smokefree day everyone and if you are not quite there yet, then let us know and we'll help you move onto the next stage :D

  • Hi Emjay , flat not on the market yet, but will be in about 3 weeks when we have got sorted. (me sorted! that`ll be the day. :D :D )

  • Good morning all...

    Very big welcome to Miseryguts - that name made me smile ... good one !! With you on these feelings and I think you just have to say to yourself I feel okay (even if you are not) and slowly slowly the mood does change. Just look for as many positives as you can and let them add up. Very well done on 3 weeks - you should be over the worst of the cravings.

    Have a great NOPE day everyone & best wishes



  • Good morning Jilly, Emjay, Jonathan and everyone.

    Sun coming back out again now - just had a drizzle shower which wasn't forecast. :o

    I've got to knuckle down and have a bit of a clearout cos some friends of mine have just sold their house and are coming to live in mine til they find somewhere else. Just as well I'm going away for a while soon. :o Most of the stuff is overdue being moved on. It mostly came from my Mum's house and I'm sure that's what gives my house a bit of a "smokey" smell when I come in sometimes. That, and also that I've never completely spring cleaned since I quit (lazy cow! :D :D ). In the spring I'll be getting the decorators in to fill in the cracks and freshen it up a bit and hopefully there won't be a trace of smokey smell left by then. :)

    Have a good day everyone, make the most of any nice weather cos it's supposed to be a bit naff the next few days. :)

  • Hi Andi have a good time clearing out. At least I am getting used to clearing out, packing and decorating. Could think of better things to do. \\\have a good day. :)

  • Hmmm, well I managed a little bit. My friend popped round so we went through the contents of the kitchen so she could see what she didn't need to bring! :o Managed to get a few (very few!) bits and bobs moved out to the shed. Also re-arrange my pots of plants as she brought 4 trays of plants with her. :)

  • Yey feeling better today thanks, hope you all feel good as well. Have a great day whatever you do!!

  • Hi M, glad to hear you're feeling better today. I know I couldn't have done it without the help and support of the lovely people on here. :) Have you done any exercise today? I'm off to circuits shortly - the guy that does it is a bit manic and superfit! A couple of girls there drool over him but they know he swings the other way. :o Btw, have you had any ideas yet about your name? ;-)

  • No not done any exercise today. I've got a personal trainer at the gym who I see twice a week (and don't do much inbetween tbh!). I need to step it up a gear! Hmm, my new name? Need to think about that!

  • Hi Mg. Sure Pete will come up with a name for you. Will put our shared 1 brain cell on the task. :D :D

  • I've come up with a new name but not sure how to change it on my profile :-(

  • I've just been searching around and I think you can change virtually everything but your name. :o I think you have to delete yourself and start again. Never mind, the sooner the better. See you later with your new moniker. :)

  • Andi, I think Moniker is tooooo much like Monky :o :P :D :D

  • Awwww, tell us your new name :)

  • May be Emjay might be able to change it,

  • Aup Jillygirl :)

    Hmmmm, I think Emjay has got at least 2 brain cells, so maybe she can eh :o :D

  • Aup Everybody :)

    M, its lovely to see ya still here gal :) and it sounds that your having a better day today :)

    Erm, like Andi says, I think you have to delete your current account on here to change your name, but if you doooo, please come back eh :) cos your doing so so well on your quit, and there's loads of help on here, and we have a few laughs tooooo :D :)

  • Aup. :)

  • Hi ya Andi :) I hope your well :)

    Have you de-cluttered your kitchen yet ??

  • Eh? :o Who said anything about de-cluttering my kitchen? :o

  • I did :o

  • Hmmm, I see you have bin exercising :) you are going to end up one hell of a bit of fit stuff you know :P :) :)

  • I do wonder sometimes, how much good it's doing me when I hobble around first thing in the morning when I get out of bed. :o Tonight at circuits I struck when we had to go crab-like across the hall then run back. :P I told the guy I as a bit old to do stuff like that. :D :D

  • :D :D :D

    Erm, is that the nice guy :o ;)

  • Mmm, he seems like a nice boy! :D :D

  • Hey Andi, none of us are getting any younger :( although, we might be young at heart, we still ermmmm, get a bit stiff now days eh, well, that is untill we get moving :)

    If I get a pain or something, and go to the docs with it, all they say is, your at that age now :P :P :D :D Soooo we just have to carry on the best we can eh :) :)

    BUT, there is no harm in exercising :) and trying to keep ourselves fitter :) :)

  • Pete can I borrow your rowing machine I could do with something like that. :P

  • Aaaaahh! Is that what it's all about? I felt that from the age of 50, that was the start of things "dropping off". :D :D

  • Mine aint dropped off erm, yet :o :D :D

  • Evening All :D

    I only have half a brain cell today folks but it just happens to be on form ;-)

    To change your username you have to send an email to HealthUnlocked and they'll be more than happy to change it for you :-)

    I hope your all having a lovely evening :-)

  • Hi ya Emjay :)

    I thought you would be noddin by now gal :o but its lovely to see you :) :)

    You too, have a lovely evening Emjay, cos you deserve it gal, speak soon :) xx

  • I knew you would know the answer. Not just a pretty face eh. :D

  • Aup Jillygirl :) how you doin gal :o

    I hope you got that flippin flat up for sale !!

  • Not for sale yet but aiming for about 2 weeks. Got a date today for the new one. 7th November. so not long now. (dont panic) I keep telling hubby,.

  • Soooooo, your Mrs Manering then :o :D :D :D

  • Jilly, a rowing machine sounds like the perfect exercise machine for you - and you can even sit down while you do it. :)

  • Trouble is I am worse sitting than standing, due to hiatus hernia. always summat ay.

  • Jillygirl, your a fighter, and its alllllllll these flippin summats that keep you going gal :) :)

  • I didn't know that. :( Do you have a sliding or a rolling one?

  • sliding or rolling what?

  • Daughter just bought a treadmill so may give that a go.

  • Hmmmmm, I've got enough of that, cos I aint got my lift yet, so have to climb the flippin stairs still :o :P :D :D

  • Aup, it's noddin' time so I'm signing off now.

    Nite nite Pete and Jilly and everyone. Hope you all sleep well and sweet dreams. :) xxxxxx

  • Nite andi sweet dreams. :) xxx

  • Anyone any ideas for miracle 123 on questions regarding weight.

  • Signing off now so night night Pete sweet dreams. :) xxx luvs Ya.!

  • Nite nite Jillygirl, Andi and all, am signing offfff now toooo,

    Sweet dreams everybody, and please try to keep the snoooooring down a bit eh :o :D :D cos some of us are trying to flippin sleep, hope to see ya all tomorrow bright eyed and bushy tailed :) :) xxxxx

  • Hello!

    Yesterday after work I went to a smoking cessation class in Lake Worth, Florida, where I can get support to quit. It was nice to have someone to talk to. It is free because they are funded by a grant provided by the State of Florida which won a huge law suit against tobacco companies. It was proven in court that the cigarettes are made with chemicals to purposely addict the population.

    They did a carbon monoxide test and I score a 7 which is indicative of a light smoker. However, I do smoke a lot after I get home from work but not during the day. I think it is because I feel lonely. They said that 1. it has been researched that, rather than quitting cold turkey, people achieve greater success by smoking less and less each day - say take a cigarette or two out of your daily quota. 2. In addition, on the third week they will provide cigarette patches and gum to use together once we have decided on a quit day. I would appreciate your opinion on both statements above. It was my understanding that the nicotine patches, etc. were not that good because they keep one addicted even if not smoking.

    I have read that some of you have been successful using Chantix/Wellbutrin. It did not work for me when I tried it a few years ago; it affected me negatively as I recall and I didn't stop smoking but that was maybe because of the lack of support.

    Thank you for being there and helping each other. You are appreciated.

  • Hello Rev21

    I think it is just great you are posting from Florida and you have made some interesting points and delighted to hear the State of Florida won a huge law suit against the tobacco companies - was this recently ?

    For what it is worth I went cold turkey and decided I would NOT use any NRT (i.e. No patches, gum, e-cigs, etc etc) so I prepared myself for a big storm in the head and accepted that for quite a few weeks I would be out-of-it. I kept coming on this site to hear that CRAVINGS are all part of the recovery and this made all the difference because I accepted them and waited for them to leave - and they do leave.

    I am NOT suggesting this will work for you BUT it is just GREAT to be free from anything that continues this horrible addiction.

    Best wishes



  • This one was in 1998 approximately 46 billion dollars they paid and had to be distribute among a few states. But Florida won another for @ 146 billion (with b) in 2000, but the Florida Supreme Court overruled it and said that the individuals affected can sue individually and they are doing it. This is an example:

    For us, as you said, we want to be free from these chains of addiction. I am not sure that I want to use the patch. I would like to stop without it. My hairdresser told me last Saturday that he had stopped, after 30+ of addiction, in February of this year. He has taken up running which is something we have in common since I run and my dream is to do the Ironman Kona Triathlon one day before I die. If I stop smoking I would have a better chance to run longer and easier, but also to enjoy life more. That is my prayer.

    Thank you for responding. It is such an encouragement to read that you have accomplished it!

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