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Good morning from Yorkshire to everyone on this bit of a dull, overcast day but, it's only Monday and I am hoping that this type of weather is happening now so that next Monday we will have blue sky and sunshine for the Bank Holiday as we did earlier in the month. Fingers crossed please all!!

Been out with the dogs and it is relatively mild so definitely not cold but not one single solitary human being did I see. Could hear plenty of birds singing but only managed to spot a male and female blackibird this am and I rather think they were husband and wife and, boy oh boy, were they having a right ding dong, not half! - perhaps he'd stopped out all night and was only just arriving home? Left them to it eventually, so I presume the wife won (us women usually do so take note men!). Oh well, it's nice to have imagination.

Well folks, for going to work, hope your day turns out good and that the time goes quickly so that you're home again before you know it and for those at home, don't do too much cos remember there's always tomorrow. But whichevedr you are, hope you have a lovely smoke free day all and catch you later.

Remember, together we CAN and ARE doing this wonderful thing.

Have a good day and take care

Luv, hug and a great big :) as its only five days to the LONG weekend.


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Morning Kath and all :-) :-)

Rain has passed over here and is improving gradually. :-)

This is weird. Driving to work I did not pass another car:-o It's only 2.5 miles but usually there are some and I work next door to a school.....No cars in the car park either :-o Spooky!!!

Have a great smoke free day y'all. Kettles on and heres some cake :D :D


Sue xx


Thought you might like this John :D :D


Drat these dreadful gremlines - done this once and submitted and it's gone in to outer space never mind anywhere else!

Start again. Morning Sue and you have brought my most favourite cake - chocolate - I would die for this and such a generous piece (where's everyone elses!?!!) and if it's OK with you, I'll be back for seconds very shortly!

Maybe everyone else has got their days mixed up - definitely Monday - but you're right, when stuff like that happens it's spooky!

You have a lovely day and send some of that sun if you would be so kind, fair lady! :) :)




Good morning Kath, BunnySue, and everyone else,

Managed to get on here today, the past few days I've had the mother of all headaches and I had to lie down most of the time, thank goodness the dial has been turned down a bit and it's not too bad today :)

That sounds like a lovely walk Kath, I love to hear the birds chirping away :)

Thanks for the delicious cake sue, I love chocolate :),that is spooky that you didn't see another car :o maybe there all sitting somewhere drinking tea and eating your lovely cake :D :D :)

Have a great smoke free day everyone :) xx


Gremlins are back :-o :-o

Tried to relpy to Sue twice and it vanished. Trying it here now rather than a reply.

Sue Gald to hear you are feeling a little better. :-) :-)

I thought I'd do a choccy cake and everyone usually likes chooclate , well I do....maybe too much though :D :D :D

Have a great day :-) :-) :-)

Sue xx


Hi Sue,

I know what you mean, the gremlins are really bad today, it's taken me ages to post, I hope it's fixed soon.

I like chocolate way too much, think I've swapped cigs for chocolate :o i might need a chocoholic support group now :D :D :D

Hope you get warm sunshine today :) xx


Good Morning Everybody :-)

Hey Kath, I heard quite a few extra birds this morning, I'm hoping that they were all shouting about how many little ones they have in the nest :D Have a good day in work :-)

Morning Bunny-Sue, I've also spotted a few gremlins hanging around this morning. My pages seems to take for ever to upload. Thanks for the chocolate cake, best get the cuppa on so I can enjoy a piece before John swipes the lot! :-/ :D :D

Big waves to Granny-Sue :-) It seems like forever since I've spoken to you. I hope you have a headache free day and that all thoughts of that little Grandson of yours brings on a huge smile :D

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, the sun did try and pop his hat on yesterday but then his friend, Mr Rain called in for a quick cuppa :-/ When I left this morning, there he was just about to put his hat on again but once in Liverpool he seems to have changed his mind!

I think the folks at HealthUnlocked are working on a few adjustments behind the scenes which may be causing the hiccups. I'll enquire with them and will let you know as and when I hear back.

The kettle is about to be popped on :-)


Hello girls . your right its taken me 2 hours . to get on here, so long I have forgotten what I was

going to say. :D

Sue hope your headache has gone.

Sue bunny, Thanks for the cake but if you don't mind I will give it a miss. Since I gave up smoking I don't like the taste of chocolate. I don't know if its with quitting or perhaps the chemotherapy I had. trouble is all the sweets etc usually have chocolate coatings.

Kath Its still a bit grey looking outside. Probably sunny by the time you finish work.

Have a lovely day everyone. xx

P.S. Morning Emjay, you bobbed on here whilst the gremlins were having a go at my comment.

OK try again!



Hi Jilly

Just for you


Sue xx


Awe that's lovely . :) thank you bunnysue. xx


My other half has his eyes on this - but he says you can keep the candles! Generous, isn't he!?


Hi Jillygirl,

My headache has gone at long last, thank you :)

Have you done your shopping exercise today?, I'm away to do mine now or i won't be getting any tea tonight :D :D so I'll chat when i get back,

see you all later :) xx


Off for the exercise in about half an hour. see you later. xx


Did you get the cake I did you yesterday ?

Hope Amor is still chirpy. :)


Hi Emjay, I does seem like ages since we had a chat, hopefully the gremlins will get kicked out otherwise it will be ages again :D :)

Nairn is getting chubby now, which i love to see :) I was laughing at my daughter a few days ago, she said "Nairn is gonna get big soon, I want another baby", she actually looks at him and gets broody :o :D :D I think she needs her brain fixed :D :D :D

I'll have a cuppa please, if I'm not to late :)

I hope the rain stays away and you get sunshine all day :) xx



Aww he's lovely Sue. He must be a very contented baby for mum to already want another. Its normally such a shock to the system that you have to remind yourself why you thought having a baby was such a good idea. Maybe that was just me :o


Hello folks,

Bunny sue, if you wander up north to Aberdeenshire sometime, it's normal to drive for miles without seeing another car or human. I find it really difficult when I go south, and encounter traffic all the time, even during the night. Still, we pay for the quiet, by living in an Icebox for most of the year!

On the subject of Chocolate - Um... How to leave it alone? Never used to eat the stuff, but seems I've developed a form of "the Munchies" since I quit the ciggies!

Into my ninth week as of today - can you still get those elastic button adapters anywhere, that give a bit extra room on the waistbands? Haven't seen them for ages. I'm damned if I'm going to buy new stuff. So, off to Aerobics to see if that might help a bit.

No cake for me then for a while! ( and more for John)!



Hi Gillyflower, Well done on going into your 9th week. that's brill.

As for John I think he will need extra long button adapters with all the cakes.


:D :D :D :D :D


:D :D :D :D


Hello everyone

This is just a test which will hopefully not be gremlinised and will work as it's from my new labtop which is just brill or will be when I fathom out all the different bits on it!

Have a lovely afternoon everyone and catch you all later.

Big :) please as we heading towards a bank holidayyyy!



Yes, I agree that there is always hope. I am sorry for your loss.



Prayers and angel hugs to Linda. xx




I believe I'll be with my Man again "somewhere". I never, ever doubt it. It's what makes my days Happy and keeps me going.

But meanwhile, I'll live life to the best of my ability - as he would wish. Otherwise, all we had would mean nothing.

Meanwhile, we'll keep "Dancing in my Dreams".

So for now, I'll donate all my slices of Cake to you, or he won't recognise me, as I've never been a big 'un!

Stay well,


Hi everyone,

Just got back from shopping, it's really warm outside here, even though it's overcast, it won't last though, just seen a weather warning for rain, hailstones and thunder and lightening, great, just what we need, more rain :o

Well done Gillyflower on your 9th week, that's brill :) :)

I was the same sinfree, there was no way i wanted another baby, although i did have another one, i was surprised my daughter did though, she had such a hard time after the birth :)

I've got the kettle on if anyone wants a cuppa :) xx


Hi Sue, just gor back from the supermarket regime. Going to put my feet up for a while, having one of those healing days where my muscles and nerve endings keep sending out prickly reminders about my op. Then I get tired. I am sure you know exactly what I mean. see you later on. xx


Hi Jillygirl,

I know what you mean, you have a nice relaxing afternoon, and take care, I'll see you later :) xx


Hi everybody :) :)

I hope you've all had a good Monday :) :)

john, erm i think you should take a leaf out of the girls book :o and get wizzzzzzzing around that supermarket pal to get some of that erm excess off your waist line eh :o :) after all them cakes you bin scoffin :o :| :D :D

Rite am off to read the rest of the comments, to make sure none of ya have bin naughty on here, cos I know what your like when my back is turned ;) :D :D :D


Huh huh, tut tut, Jillygirl I see that your Sunday flippin chat beat my Saturday chat by 1 comment :P :P :D :D :D

Not bothered am not, so there, see if I care :o :|


Hello sweetie!


hope your day went pretty well Pete. did you manage to finish on time. :)


Hi ya blossom :) :)

yep finished on time gal :) and here i am :)



Evening all :)

Been out of your lovely chat today, and just got back to catch up with news.

Missed all the cake (John you wouldn't really set Vida on the cake snafflers would you!?! I'll need to be careful ;) )

We'll be thinking of you tomorrow. Keep strong.

Congats to gillyflower and tomorrow to bunnysue - you stars.

Sue, that was too long for a headache! Very glad you are feeling better.

Jillygirl, thanks for all those cakes, if there're more or any left, they're mine :) put my name on it pleeease :)

Hope the sun came out for a bit eventually,Emjay with or without t' hat.

Kath, thanks for a lovely mental picture there, I was there again!

Sally and sinfree, have a lovely evening, proud to still be smokefree :)

Thanks all x


Aup Betts :) :)

Its lovely to see you gal, and erm seeing as you missed out on the cake :( here you go then, erm sorry i just had to try a bit :D :D



You cheeky monky!!



GrannySue, Am so sorry gal, that you have had a bad headache :( but what I do when I get a headache is have a couple of cannies a lager :) :) hmmmm or is that I get the headache after I've had the cannies :o :| :D :D

I see you are looking for a Chocaholics, dont bither about that gal, cos I will just have to eat the choc for ya, cos I dont mind Sue honest :P yum :P yum :D :D :D


Oooooo slurp :P yum yum gal tarrrrrrrrr sooooo much :) :)

I think I've told you before, that you know exactly how to get me going gal :) erm am not sure where to :o :D :D :D


Behave. :D :D :D


Just the job :). Thanks jillygirl :)


As usual my eyes are getting heavy . so I am going to wish you all a lovely evening. Don't work too hard tomorrow, See you in the morning. night night all. xx

from Jillygirl and Nora. xx :)



Night night and sweet dreams and a restful sleep to you.

Catch you tomorrow hopefully at some point.


Nite nite Jillygirl

Hey ave just seen a pick of you in the supermarket, hmmmmmm I can see that your doing a lot of exercise gal :o :D :D


Sleep well Jillygirl, luvs ya loads gal :) :)


Now you've let my secret out. night night. xx


Evening all

Well there's certainly been some fattening food doing the rounds today - it's no wonder my trousers won't fit! Better get those with an elastic waist out for tomorrow as no way will this zip go more than half way.

Don't know about quitting I think I better go slimming as well as! Oh to have hollow legs and not have a care in the world.

Hope everyone has had a good day back on my trusty pc at the mo as this laptop (now using the correct word as I have been informed that labtop is not right at all in any way, shape or format) is taking some getting used to but I shall perserve. At least with that I am able to have a look at dinner-time at work and catch up with everyone.

Hope you all have a rest of a nice evening and don't know the forecast for tomorrow but as long as it's smoke free that's all matters and I think we are all agreed on that!

Kettles on should anyone want a cuppa to wash down the cake!


Hi ya Kath,

Hmmmm just a point about you saying hollow legs, just wondered if you have tried wellies :D :D :D

To be honest gal, I think we all put weight on when we quit :( but we can deal with that when we have well and truly quit the fag gal :)

If we can do that, then we can quit the weight too :) :)


Tried the wellies Pete but they squidge when I walk for some unknown reason!


Hi everyone,

You might get some of my chocolate Pete :D :D I'm glad you got home at an earlier time today :) don't know about your headache cure, might be hard for me, i don't drink :D

I hope you all have better weather than me, it's horrible, sticky and clammy, just waiting on the thunder storm starting :o

nite nite Jillygirl, sweet dreams, luv ya :) xxxx


I'm off now, away to watch my programme

nite nite, see you tomorrow, sweet dreams :) xxxxx


GrannySue, its gone cool here and we have heavy rain and hail stones on there way to us :P :o as the forecast says.

You take it steady gal, and I hope you have a lovely nights sleep :) :)

I had to finish off mowing the lawns tonight, so hopefully will be on earlier tomorrow night eh, so we can have a chat :) :)


Night all

Bit of TV then bed!

Catch you all tomorrow hopefully.

Sweet and pleasant dreams to all

Luv, hug and a big :) only 4 more days and then the weekend PLUS a bank holiday!!! YIPPEE!!


Toooooooooo flippin rite gal :) :) :)

Nite nite Kath, sweet and lovely dreams to you too :)


Night all zzzzzzzzzzz.......


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