Strike 2 !!

I'll start by apologising as this may turn into a bit of a rant,SORRY.

The surgery on my back was originally due to be done today but then I got bumped and given a new date for next Monday.Have spent the last 4 weeks planning and sorting and generally just getting prepared mentally for what was to come and got a phone call this a.m.Yep, you've guessed it,been bumped again to 13th Jan.Have spent a great deal of the day in tears and desperate for a smoke but still smoke free but in heaps of pain (sciatica) and feeling just a bit sorry for myself.Smoking will not make the problem better and neither did shouting at my wonderful hubby to bring me 20 cigs OR ELSE : ) but some days this is just so very hard. Hope everyone is O.K. Hugs H x

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  • So sorry to hear your news Ysd., Can you not get on to your G.P. to see if he can speed things up. sometimes its worth a try :)

  • Oh Ysd that is so bad. Our good old NHS is buckling at the knees and its so bad when stuff like this happens. You do psych yourself up for surgery and I can understand just how much this would make you want to smoke. Well done to you for not smoking and keep it up, for every week you're not smoking will make it so much easier with your anaesthetic and the healing process after. Perhaps you could look at it as you've got a little bit longer to do some extra repairs to your body from stopping smoking in time for your surgery.

  • Strike2. Oh well done for not giving in also well done for hubby not getting you the cigs. (bet you could have killed him) I have recently had an op cancelled because of my lung problems, and I was the same as you planning and organizing things like who could look after my dog ect, but there is nothing we can do but wait and be patient (Never been patient in my life!)

  • I'm sorry to hear this YellowSnowdrop but I think that Sin has the right thoughts in that you have more time for your body to do some more repairing :-)

    I like to think that everything happens for a reason - even if this means that sometimes we never find out the reason :D

    Stay strong and keep using your time of being smokefree wisely :-)

  • EmJay, I too am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason,it's basically what's helping me through this.I agree that the more time I have off the cigs is time well spent.I need to try and loose some weight so maybe this is as good a time as any to start.Going to try and go walking again so I'll be fitter than now by the time my op comes around.Thanks for your wise words.

  • Oh so sorry to hear that, after all the gearing up and preparation you've done, you must be gutted. But think you are being really positive, and you are right walking will get you fitter, remarkably quickly. And........well done for not giving in! :}

  • Hugs to all, thank you for taking time to help me get thru this without a cig. X

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