Day Two

Got up this morning to the realisation that I don't smoke. I am struggling a bit breaking routine habits ie my first ciggie in the morning with a nice hot cup of tea. Felt a bit irritable.

Had my mouthspray and started hiccuping.

My sense of smell seems better although it might just be that I am used to smells being masked by cigarette smoke.

I might be blogging quite a bit, it keeps me focused and is an aid in itself.

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  • Good Morning Poland43, welcome to your 2nd smokefree day :D

    With regards to getting hiccups, if you either squirt the spray into your palm beforehand and then dab it onto your tongue or pull your cheek out with your fingers and spray into the inside of your cheek, you will find this helps. I have wrote up a blog about this a while ago but for some reason my iPad isn't letting me search for the blog so that I can copy the link for you. I'm just at the airport now waiting on flight back home but will re-post for you later :-)

    It's normal that you might be feeling irritable but if you look at it as a positive sign that your body is just kicking up bit of a fuss because you are not feeding it the bad stuff that it is normally used to. If you didn't stop smoking, you wouldn't be feeling this way. I promise you, it will get easier.

    Keep up the good efforts and please feel free to blog away, you'll be helping many others who are probably feeling the same.

    Remember to stay strong and that the cravings will pass... Whether you smoke or not!

  • Thanks Emjay, I needed to hear that. I don't feel much better today than I did yesterday. Still climbing the walls, lol, but more determined since I read your post. It really is hard to give up a habit that I have had for over 21 years. xx

  • Just had a nosie about for you and found this;



  • Will try this, thanks :)

  • Day 2 poland well done getting here write as much as you need too,keep breathing :) remember you are a non smoker now :)..wish it was me..but im not far behind .

    have a great day and if nic does pop up just tell him ,as loud as you can,to 'GO AWAY' lol

    keep doing what youre doing ..jan

  • I have another little gimmick alongside the NRT. When I feel like a smoke, I brush my teeth and then use my spray. Takes about the same time as smoking a fag, and who knows? I may whiten my teeth in the process. lol.

    Thanks for the advice. Now, before I brush my teeth I will shout 'GO AWAY' :)

  • Careful with the brushing, gently does it, don't brush too hard and use a soft brush. Especially important if tooth brushing proves a help with the stopping smoking as you may end up doing it a lot. Too much over zealous brushing is just as bad for teeth and gums as not enough. :-)

  • Thanks for that advice, I didn't realise that I could be doing damage. :)

  • Well I'm not an expert or a dentist or anything but I had terrible problems with my gums and teeth towards the end of last year so spent a lot of time on dental websites and it was mentioned that you can erode the enamel on your teeth if you use too much pressure or too stiff a brush. Also the teeth whitening toothpaste tends to have harsh abrasives in it. If you're going to be cleaning your teeth lots then I'd just use plain old £1 per tube Colgate. I personally use a childrens toothbrush now, they're soft and only have a small head which means I can get right to the back of my back teeth easily.

  • Hi Poland big well done. It really does get easier as you go on. Have plenty of nibbles around so when you get a craving this can take your mind of it. Plenty of fruit, nuts wont hurt or affect the weight issue.

    I used to go on site and look up all the negative effects on smoking soon puts your brain back on track.

    Keep focused its worth it. :) xx

  • Awww that link was so sweet.

    Thank you.

    BTW my name is Andrea :)


  • Thanks Jilly, but I am a proper grumpy bum. :)

  • Well done Andrea, day 2 that's brill :) the early days are hard but you'll get there, i'd smoked for 35 years, i used to shout at the cravings, even outside :D when there was nobody about, and beat up my pillow, i found this along with keeping busy and all the info and lovely people on this site helped me to keep going :)

    Keep posting, you'll get there, we're all behind you :)

  • Thanks Sue. How long have you been a non smoker? :)

  • Hi Andrea, it's great news that you have taken the massive step to stop smoking and you are one day 2, that's fantastic.

    As you are probably well aware, you need to distract yourself when you want a cigarette which is what you are doing when you brush your teeth. Sue used to punch cushions which is a great way of getting any pent up irritation out of your system and she did crosswords which I now do during my lunchbreak at work. I used to go for a short walk, just around the building and it did help. I also used to tell myself that if I had a cigarette I'd only want to give up again and I keep thinking about the cost of smoking and that the price of cigarettes are just going to go up and up. I did a spreadsheet which showed how many cigarettes I would have smoked and the cost. It's unbelievable how quickly the numbers add up so you can see how much money you have saved and how many cigarettes you haven't smoked. I also printed off some positive pictures off Google images such as 'you can do it' 'well done' and one of my favs,' if you don't want to keep starting over then stop giving in' I stuck them onto an A4 sheet of paper and look at them if I get cravings it does give me a boost.

    Good luck Andrea, you can do it and we are all here to give you a boost when you need one. xx

  • Thanks for the great ideas. xx

  • I have just made 48 and a half hours. Great... but I am such a grumpy agitated lady. My husband will be back from work soon and I feel sorry for him already. :0 :(

  • hey're a woman ..we're allowed to be grumpy lol :)) ..give him a kiss and hug first ..he'll understand x

  • He doesn't understand, he takes everything personally and I am fed up apologising for being a misery and snapping. I think I am just going to buy a Tshirt with SORRY written on it, then I will just point at it. lol.

    God I hope my mood improves soon, I am getting on my own nerves.

    Sorry about the rant there. lol. xx

  • Hi Andrea, i love the t shirt idea lol, i'm sure your mood will improve soon, in the meantime moan away, we all do that :)

    I've been stopped for 4 months, i think, i keep forgetting and then someone else reminds :D :D, my memory is hopeless lol

    i hope your having a good day now :)

  • Hi Sue, How long did it take you before the cravings stopped? :)

  • Hi Andrea, i'd say the first week was the worst for me, they did ease off gradually, i still very occasionally get the psychological cravings, i find that if i look for something else to do they go quickly, i find crosswords good for me cause i'm keeping my mind and hands busy at the same time.

    Of course everyone is different, as you know, so we all have our own quit smoking journey,

    I know you'll get there :)

  • Thanks Sue, good to see there is a light at the end of the tunnel. :)

  • Thanks John, I am now using it the way you suggested and I am getting on much better with it. Thanks. :)

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