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Approaching 2 weeks

Hey all,

So today is my 14th day without a single puff (technically I close 2 weeks tomorrow morning but I'll be sleeping until then).

Man the second week was hard! In a previous post I talked how I went cold turkey ( spent 5 days on the patch before realizing my patches went bad and didn't have any effect, so I've went without any NRT since).

I have become a very grumpy person between 11 am and 1 pm. Those two hours are when I experience the cravings and want to punch whomever talks to me (not that I did, I just want to be left alone). But you can say that I'm ok the rest of the day.

Thursday and friday were the best. I stopped becoming grumpy and felt great, even better than when I smoked. Until Friday afternoon where I had the worst experience in my 2-year career. I got mad, maybe the angriest I've ever been in my life. I wanted to throw a tantrum like a 3 year old but I knew that I'd just look ridiculous. SO I sat there trying so hard not to throw anything out the window and waited until it faded out. Except that it didn't fade out, it gave me a craving on top of it.

An hour later and without any sign of the madness disapearing, I left the office to buy nicotine gum (anything but fags right) but they said it's been banned in my country. I walked 30minutes to the nearest place that sells vapes and bought one. The woman said to wait 10 minutes before using it, so I started walking back (all this time the anger & craving didnt go away).

So 10 minutes into my walk back I tried it and the vape didn't work (it lights up but no smoke). I said let's get back to the office and read the manual there. Tried everything in the manual, but it was faulty or something, and that made me even angrier.

Fortunately I remembered a coworker had an e-cig and I borrowed it for the afternoon. Just spent 5 minutes using it and I cooled down.

And that's the story of how I got a vape after nearly 2 weeks of cold turkey. I'm gonna have it replaced though and use it only in case of emergencies like these, or the one day a week I go out to drink.

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Well done fk, 2️⃣ weeks smokefree is a terrific achievement 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

You did the right thing by using a vape and not buying those dirty filthy smokes. It wasn't easy for you but you can definitely be very proud of yourself👍🏼 It's honestly very common to feel grumpy and this will pass. You're doing great💐😊


Firstly well done on 2 weeks smoke free 🎉🎉

One thing from reading your post you are one determined person and that will get you through and succeed.

Keep going keep strong NOPE all the way.



That is brilliant! Well done for keeping your cool while you were furious inside!!.

Just as Caroline said, you have determination and that will get you through this.... along with the vape, which was the best idea to get. I had a days like yours doing cold turkey. Horrible😱, used to go to bed and hide whenever an opportunity arose😂

Have a calm day fk😊



Thanks frostie. Really appreciate it

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Well done and you will get there. x

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