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Day 2 of a long haul !

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Good evening all :) :)

We've had a gorgeous day here today, soooooo I reckon we are going to have a flippin scorcher of a Summer this Year :) :)

Rite Day 2, not much change really, but I had to have a lozenge early this morning, so thats 3 I've had today :) I think that was due to - I got on the A38 this morning going to work as usual, then a part of it was shut !! so followed the diversion signs, flippin miles out of my way :o God did I want a fag then :o soooo I think that was why I had an extra lozenge :!

Got home tonight, opened the back door to go in the house, mr nic hit me big time again :o Sooo I did the same as last night, jump on my rower and that sorted him :) But the thing is, I like the smell of smoke still :o I know some of you have said that you hate the smell of smoke now you have quit, but am sorry, I still like it !! Maybe thats why I find it so flippin hard to quit ! Well, stay quit !

I am drinking a lot more water now, cos that helps to get me through the cravings :) I'm also snacking when I get home from work, on peanuts & raisins :| I truly think, these help me got to the ermmmmm, toilet, cos when I quit smoking, I dont seem to go much, if you see what I mean :o Rite thats enough of that bit eh :P :D :D

Ermmm, I just want to thank you allllllllllllllllllllllllllll for replying to my post last night and for the flippin lovely lovely support, I wasnt expecting that :o :) :) Emjay asked me to write a daily post on my quitting ooooo many moons ago now :o :D :D It will be Daily for the first week, then I will cut it down to weekly, Monthly, unless anything crops up :o

Thankyou soooooooooooooo much for all your support, luvs ya all ta bits a dooooo, Pete :) :) xxxxx

13 Replies

There was a young man called Pete

Who thought stopping smoking was a feat

But he got through day two

Without being too blue

Now don't you think that's kinda neat

Got stuck on the last line haha xx

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andi22 in reply to

:) Competition for Jilly here. ;-)

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monkyAdministrator in reply to

Awwwww, thankyou Beth that's lovely gal :) :)

I shell copy & paste that to my poems folder gal :) :)

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Hi Pete, nice blog. :|

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Nite nite Pete, Beth and everyone, hope tomorrow's better, sleep well. :)

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monkyAdministrator in reply to andi22

Nite nite Andi, sweet dreams and I wish you a lovely nights sleep :) xx

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Pete, you never fail to put a big fat smile on our faces :D

Your daily blogs will tell the story of how it really is, helping others to understand that what they are going though is 'normal'. It's also really refreshing for others to hear that they aren't the only ones living with smokers too. It also gives our other members a chance to offer their support right back atcha!

You will get to where you want to be, and we'll be with you all the way too :-)

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hi pete glad your doin ok. ....kinda, know cravings can be bad but keep on keepin on. its the only way. i like rowin too. but it dont like me, feel dead stiff tday and i only went slow for 10 mins! really not fit at all. well done for day two.

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Hi Pete, I agree with you totally about cigarette smoke - just love it! There's a house that I pass every day when walking the dogs & It doesn't matter what time of day it is, 9 days out of 10 I'm guaranteed of a "hit". Trouble is, on the odd day that there's no cigarette smell, I feel a bit cheated now.

Good one with day 2, & good luck for day 3 xx

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Hi Pete, the long haul is one day shorter. Love and luck. Off out for an 8 mile walk again tonight (it's physically impossible to walk at 4miles an hour and smoke LOL)

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That's some flippin pace to keep up for 2 hours. I am just getting to consistently achieve around a 15.5 minute mile which is 3.8mph and I really couldn't go much faster, certainly couldn't keep it up for 8 miles. Is it totally flat where you live or do you keep doing little runs. You'll be like a stick insect if you keep going at that rate :) well done you.

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Betty87 MONTH WINNER in reply to

totally flat where I live lovely, East Anglia, don't get much flatter. In training for 46 miles Pathfinder March in June in aid of Cardiac Risk in the Young. My mate and I walk it, 3rd year this year hoping to cut our time by another half hour this year. I used to be stick thin till I stopped smoking, now a bit curvier!

in reply to Betty8

Wow bet you have some lovely blisters when you've done 46 miles, that's some walk. I'd struggle cycling that far never mind walking.

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