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Good morning everyone,

Welcome back to Nixy this time you will do it. I am posting Emjays breathing exercises on for you.

Got my keys for the new flat yesterday so I have 2 flats on the go . dont know whether I am coming or going. :D

Hope you all have a lovely smoke-free day. :)

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Good morning Jilly and everyone.

I didn't realise you were actually buying the other flat so quickly. Have you got to do much work on it? My friends are moving in today and they'll be homeless for a while. I think they'll still be here over Christmas with all their family coming to stay as well. Suits all of us as they'll be house-sitting for me while I'm away at my brother's for Christmas. :)


The new flat is rented (sheltered housing scheme) so just 1 flat to sell. It needs 2 new carpets as the ones in there are ok but too flowery for me. Bit of decor but thats it. Wanna buy a flat in Yorkshire? :D :D


With all those problems? :o I like Yorkshire, but it is a bit cold up north! :o :D :D


Piggin freezin :D :D plus a ridiculous amount of hills for cycling up :(


Good (early) Afternoon Everyone and a happy Friday to you all :D

I had trouble getting on here last night but I do believe that there is some work going on behind the scenes which will (hopefully) improve the whole site :-)

JillyGirl, a little something to help you along;


I'm sure you'll get everything moved out and moved in, in as capable time as capably possible :-/

Andi, sounds like it's going to be fun, fun, fun


It's a busy day here at the office, but I am around and shall be popping my head around the door throughout the day :-)


Emjay thats just what I needed. :D :D


Hi Jillygirl, good luck with the new flat. Is that the one you were after originally?


Hello Eye, the flat we are leaving is the one we first wanted. However the management and maintenance is not up to what we thought. 3 x 80year olds run it.Need I say more. The flat we are moving to is lovely just not got the view like this one. This time I am trying to let my head rule and not my heart. :)


Aup Jillygirl :)

Hmmmmmm, If I was you, I would buy a nice new caravan, then !! you could travel the whole of UK, and come and meet us all eh :) :) Plussssss, there wouldnt be much decor to do, not much cleaning and if you and hubby dont change your clothes for a week, then they wouldnt be much washing & ironing eh :o :D :D :D


Well jillygirl you can always get out and about to see a view. Home is where the heart is and that's cossied up with your family, can't get a better view than that ;)


Hiya Eye :) how are you gal ? I hope your well and full of beans :o :)

I looooooove Friday evenings, cos its the start of the weekend, no more flippin work till Monday !! yeeeeeeeepy :) :)


Hi Pete, I'm good thanks. I love Friday evenings too. It's raining cats and dogs here but doesn't bother me, watching TV with my dog fast asleep and curled up beside me.

Have a good weekend Pete


Nite nite Eye, and everybody, I wish you all a beautiful nights sleep :) :) :) xxxxx


Sinfree :) :)

A massive HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ya gal :)



Thanks Pete. Hey I got some boots and some shoes and they fit and they're not bowling shoes, woopdiwoo. Currently enduring Elvis on ITV+1, ugh, bring back football - all is forgiven :D Night Pete.


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