Good afternoon everyone,

I hope everyone is feeling ok If you are struggling with cravings have a look on last nights posts. Otherwise come on here and have a good moan. There is always someone willing to listen and help.

Its a cold but sunny day in Yorkshire, I was going to go for a walk but I am taking old carpets up at the new flat , so will be too busy. Have a lovely day everyone. :) xx

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  • Afternoon JillyGirl,

    I'm not sure if my eyes are playing tricks... but... Did I see a post earlier titled something about you having computer problems? Then another one with today's daily chat? Both seem to have disappeared?!!

    If there wasn't.... I think I may be going slightly mad :-/ :-/

  • Good afternoon Jillygirl, Emjay and all,

    That's a brill pic Jillygirl :D :D :D hope your carpet laying goes okay, if you are doing that today :D :)

    I don't remember seeing these Emjay, but then again I am mad :D :D

    Have a great smokefree day everyone :)

  • Very good afternoon Jilly, Emjay & Sue + everyone

    Wishing you all a GREAT day & want to say that being a NON SMOKER is miles miles better than being stuck in that flipping horrible smoking addiction.... SET YOURSELF FREE because, to quote M&S (I think its M&S):


    Best wishes



  • Hi Jonathan,

    That is so true, the best thing i ever did was quit smoking, and no more standing outside in the freezing cold, which it is here today.

    Have a brill NOPE day :)

  • Hi Jonathan, Good quote, but think it's BOOTS, or am I wrong too !!! ;-) :-D

    Here's to a possative day. :-)

  • L'Oreal - Because you're worth it.

  • Because you're worth it - L'ozange & sinfree

  • Haha, love it. :)

  • Yes - thought it was L'Oreal - Cheryl Cole & the likes !! but pressed "Submit" and it was too late.

    Boots & M&S may well also be using it this Christmas... BUT we at Health Unlocked / Quit Support are the ones who really know the full meaning so I think it belongs to us.....NOT THEM.



  • NOPE! Another one that belongs to us - with you at the top of the list Jonathan. ;-) :)

    (Because you're worth it. :o ) :D :D

  • Good afternoon everyone, glad you're having a good day - nice weather always helps - soon be dark though. Just back from a lovely bike ride to look at the sea - calm as a millpond, beautiful, with the watery sun reflecting across it. 18 miles done - longest ride for my current phase. :)

    Jilly, hope you don't hurt yourself when dealing with those carpets. Does it involve a trip to the tip as well?

  • Because you're worth it Andi

    That is most impressive .... 18 miles OMG and this phase !!!



  • Tsk, am well jeal. That's very good 18 miles. Its been nice and sunny here too today, to the extent its warmed up my house nicely, 7.00pm and still no heating on or fire or anything. Not been on my bike tho as I have had a double whammy cold. Was poorly on Saturday with streaming cold down my left nostril. Was better on Sunday, then the bugger came back yesterday and attacked my right nostril with another streaming cold :( :( I blame those grandchildren, they love to share, especially their colds. Been helping daughter move house since Saturday. Just finished clearing out her old house this morning, so no bike riding. Not that I would have anyway as it makes my nose run riding a bike and I've had just about enough of running noses for one week, mines done a flaming marathon.

  • I had my first cough-free night last night but my nose always runs when I'm running or riding outside of the summer. I did a run last evening and think I sweated out the last of the bug, thank goodness. :)

    DIY removals - YUK!!! I recommend paying extra and have the removal company pack for you - okay, I'm sure your daughter's not up to that league yet - great for when one's middle-aged though. ;-) :D :D

  • Yeah, why pay for removal men when you can get your mum and dad to do it for you, grrr. This is now the third time my daughter has moved since she left home in March 2010. Was determined not to get involved this time as she has a Partner now and it was his idea to move. But he basically left her to it more or less so you end up helping out one way or another. Very nice house tho, wouldn't mind it myself :)

  • So it's not halfway up or down a hill then? :D :D

  • haha, no its on the flat. Its on one of my cycling routes, mind you its only just down the road from her old house so it would be on my cycling route. Unfortunately I have to get back to my house on the hill from hers. She's got a nice flat garden too, unlike my garden on a hill.

  • Hello all, carpets taken up and to the tip. It took about an hour longer as all our new neighbours were chatting away to us. I dont know about being bored, I wont be soon.

    Coffee morning on a monday, Tuesday Bingo , Wednesday darts and doms, Thursday pie and peas evening, Friday we have Fish and chips. Then they have trips out and other odd events. Dont know about retiring and resting :D :D

    Emjay I only posted this blog no other. I do think we defo have gremlins.

    Andi good job you dont live in the flats or Saturday and Sunday would be cycling.

    Jonathan Sinfree is right with Loreal. like you say we are all worth it.

    Sue its been nice here but still veryyyyyyyyyy cold.

    Mrs sunny hope you had a good positive day. :)

  • Your new flat sounds like fun. Makes such a difference having nice, friendly neighbours. The Pie and Peas evening and fish and chips sound especially good :)

  • Well it would appear my laptop had gone right off quitsupport, must have been something you said has caused it great offence cos I couldn't get on last night and still not having any tonight either. Can get on thyroid support bit of health unlocked but all I get for this bit is error 404, page not found :( which is a bummer cos have had to write all this on my phone.

  • BOO. Good old Firefox to the rescue. It's Chrome that appears to have the hump, dunno, have sent an email to the technical peeps, see if they know what is up.

  • Hi Sinfree I reported faults last night too. My computer seems to be dyslexsic tonight. takes ages to write as it has a mind of its own. Perhaps it is chrome thats the fault. :O

  • It's very strange. I was on the internet all night last night and though I couldn't get on here Chrome seemed fine on every other site I went on. I've not really used it tonight as I've been using Firefox to get on here.

  • Sinfree is always right with Loreal & "yes" we are and always will be worth it !!!

    You will be pleased to hear after my over posting today I am checking OUT ....

    so have a good SMOKE FREE evening everyone ....

    ¡Adiós! Au revoir ! Hwyl fawr!

    Best wishes &



  • Night Jonathan have a good nope evening. :)

  • Nite nite to you toooo Jonathan :)

    Thank you for your lovely comment on yesterdays chat, We all help each other, as you know :) and I know, with all the comments you have wrote today, you are feeling great :)

    Have a great NOPE day tomorrow pal :)

    Adios, Amigo :)

  • I did think maybe it's maybelline who thinks you're worth it but I thought no that's maybe it's maybelline. so I must confess I had to google it. It's "your M&S" apparently, tho weather it still is I don't know since they seem to now be into making feature films for their Christmas advert. St Michaels the movie makers it would appear. I do think their Christmas ad is completely over the top.

    Speaking of ads, has anyone seen the advert for VIP e-cigs yet?? It's been on a few times since I mentioned it last Saturday. I have a conspiracy theory. Why on earth would a company in 2013 make such a sleazy, sad little advert with a double entendre adolescent school boy humour theme going on. I would have thought it would give the impression that e-cigs are sleazy, behind the bike shed kind of things and would appeal to no one. So I'm thinking VIP is actually owned by a tobacco company and they just want to set tongues a wagging, a bit of tut tutting in the direction of e-cigs and everything smutty and distasteful that they would appear to stand for thus making sure everyone turns their back on them and goes back to smoking the good old respectable 'analogue' ciggie (a fag to you and me). I just don't understand why the advertisers have chosen to advertise the e-cig in such a sexually explicit way - weird.

  • I think sometimes they are in cahoots with the government. Lets face it they get plenty of taxes out of us all.

  • Whats taxis got to do with it :o :|

  • Boo! :o :D :D

  • :P :P Hey, you made me flippin jump then Woman, :D :D

    Andi, I congratulate you gal, on 18 flippin miles :o biking :o I bet you got a sore backside now gal :|

  • Nope.

  • Good evening all :) :)

    It sounds like you are all well and full of beans today :)

    Andi, am so so glad you've got rid of that cough gal :)

  • Hello Pete! :D

  • Hi ya Jillygirl :) :)

    And again, just looooooove the pic gal :D :D erm, I think it looks a bit like me !!

  • looks like you but it s me thats crackers. :D :D

  • Well if your crackers, am nuts :D :D

  • Funny enough, when I first saw Jilly's pic I thought f you Pete, but I was too polite to say anything. :) :D :D

  • Youze all make me smile :D :D

  • Better than being :( :( :( .

    Sinfree got me thinking what other adverts suit this site. Will have to work on it. :)

  • Aup youngan :)

    Its lovely to see ya on here tonight Emjay, and to keep these flippin Women in check eh :o cos they do run a mock sometimes ;) :D :D :D

  • Got an ad for Pete. Confused .com

    :P :P

  • :D :D :D just flippin loooooooove it Jillygirl :D :D

  • :D :D

  • I dont get confused a lot, do I !! hmmmm :o

  • dont ask me I`m crackers.:D :D

  • Heres my favourite at the moment.


  • I can't see anything, its just a black box.

  • Click on the white arrow :o :)

  • There is no white arrow. So firefox doesn't like video's, Chrome doesn't like Quitsupport any more. But it's OK, I watched the video on my phone. Samsung - designed for humans.

  • Hey Sinfree, I've got a Samsung, galaxy ace :) I'm on google now, erm, its a bit slower than usual, but apart from that its ok :)

  • I like this that Jonathan put further up when we were talking about L'Oreal

    Because you're worth it - L'ozange & sinfree

  • haha, sounds like a non-alcoholic party drink

  • Great stuff. :) Shame he`s signed off for the night. sure he will come up with some more. :)

  • Pete I am sure Ispotted you walking past the boxer in the convertible. :D

  • :P :P :P

  • That's a bit bonkers! :D :D

  • :P :P :D :D

  • Sin, what you were saying earlier about google just happened to me - I've had to switch to firefox now. I think there's just too many people using it at the same time and it can't cope with it. :(

  • How do I get firefox Andi ?

  • Just put Firefox into Google and it will take you to the site to download it. Make sure you go to Mozilla Firefox's official site, don't get it off anyone else.

  • Thanks Sinfree. :)

  • Here is the link for Firefox official mozilla.org/en-US/

  • They must have been a messin and they've put something in the page that's making Chrome not recognise the URL.

  • Sorry, just had to go and turn my bike round :o but back now :)

  • You got a motorbike Pete? What is it? I have a Kawasaki ER5 in the garage. It's a 1999 and has only done 1,200 miles. Must put it on ebay.

  • :D :D

  • :P :P :D :D :D :D

  • :D :D :D sorry Sinfree, when I said that I had turned my bike round, its a saying we have down here, ermmm, it means ave bin for a weeeeeee :o :D :D

    Although I never owned a kwacker er5, one of my mates had one, he loved it :)

    I used to have yams,

  • haha. Well, I've never heard that expression before. I passed my motorbike test in about 1997 I think it was. I never really took to it, It's all the stupid clothes you have to wear in case you come off. My hubby used to have an Aprillia, I liked that bike, was very comfy to ride pillion on.

  • Ha ha, I passed my test in 1973 :o had a Honda 90 then :D :D

  • haha, that's me when I get tired of riding up them there hills.

  • Thats me without the bike. :P

  • That would save one buying rollers for cycling in the house - eh Sin? :D :D

  • Thats a flippin dying fly Woman :D :D :D

  • Well I am getting tired now so night night Sinfree, Andi, Emjay Pete and everyone else. sweet dreams. xxxx :) :)

  • Night Jilly. Sleep well. See you tomorrow

  • Nite nite Jillygirl, you get some well erned rest gal, and get snuggled up in ya duvet, cos it gives a cold night tonight, luvs ya :) xxxxx

  • I'm drooping so signing off.

    Nie nite Jilly, Sin, Pete and everyone, sleep well. :) xxxxxxxxxx

  • Nite nite Andi, I wish you another cough free night tonight, so you wake up with loads of energy for tomorrow :) xxxxx

  • Night Andi. 25 miles tomorrow? :) Sleep well.

  • I will bid you a lovely nights sleep Sinfree, cos am going now, yawn yawn, you take care gal :) and speak soooooon eh :) xxx

  • Night Pete. Sorry it took me so long to reply, this website and Firefox are driving me daft, you're probably all tucked up in bed now and fast asleep, but night anyway.

  • OMG Andi where is the stupid refresh button on Firefox, I hardly ever use it anymore and I can't see it anywhere.

  • Try pressing F5 for refresh Sin ;-)

  • Thank you EmJay. Though its not working too well on Firefox now either, or on my phone. The techical IT people are looking into it. But the F5 is handy to know as I still can't see the refresh button anywhere. :)

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