Hello everyone, seems we are all sleeping in or very busy.I hope you all enjoyed the bonfires last night. Started to rain last night so i didnt stay out too long. Well its mid week and I hope your all still staying strong and beating Mr Nic. Got to go soon as I promised I would bake a cake for Sue , as she is trying to call in this afternoon. :)

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  • Good afternoon Jillygirl abd everyone,

    I love your pic Jillgirl :) i didn't go to fireworks last night, it was way too cold, the polar bears were wearing duvets :D :D I hope you all enjoyed them though :)

    I see i have a lot of catching up to do on here, will get started once i've had my pills, this should be fun with a numb bottom lip :D :D

    I hope you all have a brill craving free NOPE day :) x

  • Hi Sue so glad your back. well I made you a strawberry sponge cake, then I thought perhaps a trifle too ,just in case you were numb. Then a choccy cake for the rest of the gang, as they dont like to miss out. :D :D

    Hope all went well this morning. :) xx

  • I'll have a piece of that Strawberry sponge cake, looks rather nice :)

  • Thank you Jillygirl, they are yummy, might have to stay with the trifle just now, still pretty numb, can't even drink yet :D :D :)

    I need to go back get a couple of teeth out cause there really slack, i should have known, once they get a hold of you they don't let go :D

  • Hello Sue, you been to the dentist? You reminded me of when I used to smoke. I used to have injections when I had deep scales and cleans with the hygienist, she used to go mad with the injections and it would take hours to wear off, I remember well, desperately trying to smoke a ciggie from the corner of my mouth. Aww sorry to hear about you having to have teeth out tho, not nice. :(

  • That made me laugh Sinfree, your right how determined we could be to get a ciggy to stay in your mouth. I am sure we must have looked stupid trying. :D

  • eh! The things we did for the love of a smoke. Least an e-cig has got a button on to aid things along :D

  • Hi sinfree,

    I remember trying to smoke then as well, must have looked really daft :D It was a bit of a shock getting 2 teeth out, was meant to be having a lip biopsy :o :D

    I hope things are going well for you :)

  • Oh dear. I remember you saying a few weeks ago now you mention it, they cancelled your appointment didn't they. Hope everything is OK. x

    I'm OK thank you Sue.

  • Hiya, strawberry sponge for me too! :) :)

  • Afternoon All,

    sorry for the late post but I seem to have had PC problems today. I did actually post a Daily Chat earlier which seems to have disappeared within an hour of posting it, I started another and then JillyGirl's appeared. Having sat around trying to do what jobs I can, my PC is sorted now and it's almost home-time :-/ :-) It's funny how most of your work at the office is truly reliant on a computer. Even when it isn't, you don't 'arf feel lost without it!!

    Sue, lovely to see you back, we've missed you :D :D I hope you are feeling heaps better now xx

    Friezfriend, how did your first day at work go? Is this your first job as a non-smoker? :D :D

    Hey Sin, you're being so brave talking about the dentist in great detail. I'm cringing at every word, I'm a proper wuss - I can't even talk or read about it! :-/

    JillyGirl, thanks for all the cake :D The thing with cyber cake is that there is plenty of it, it never runs out and I believe that it doesn't have calories either :D :D

    I hope all is good in the hood for everybody else, this whole week seems to be passing ever so quickly!

  • Hi Emjay,

    I know what you mean, i've wanted to throw my computer out the window a few times :D :D

  • Hi Friezfriend,

    It is yummy, think we'll need to get Jillygirl to make more :D :)

  • Good evening everyone.

    Nice to see you back Sue. Hope all's sorted in the brother department for the time being - glad you didn't succumb to those little white sticks this time. ;-) I don't know, you worry when he disappears, then you worry when he's about. You can't seem to win where he's concerned. :o Hope you enjoy your duvet evening. :)

    Jilly, those cakes remind me of last night. For desserts we had:- strawberry pavlova, chocolate cake x 2, strawberry cheesecake, trifle, toffee popcorn and melon. I think the only one I didn't have a bit of was the bought choc cake. :o AND I'd had a wonderful "Nanny Bird cake" (victoria sponge) at coffee morning earlier. :o Just as well I was running yesterday. ;-)

    Sin, I always had a fag after a visit to the dentist. In fact, I think I can remember smoking in the waiting room before going in many years ago (same at the doc's)! :o If I was driving after an injection, I had to be really careful where the fag was positioned - didn't want it falling out of my mouth into my lap, eh? :o

    Friez, how's your new job going?

  • That's a posh bonfire party you went to Andi, what happened to potato hash and treacle toffee. Mind you sounds like my kind of food :)

  • That was only afters. Befores was a choice of stuff including:- jacket potatoes, rice, chilli, curry, bolognese, cheese, bread, sausage rolls, various bits of salad and nibbles. Much too much and lots of grazing material. I must start cutting back and being good again! :o

  • Oooh please can I come next year.

  • Course you can - same procedure, we all take something to eat and some sparklers. :)

  • Like an American supper.

  • I guess so. We've got a skittles evening in a couple of weeks - same kind of thing, but not so much and all finger food.

  • Hi Andi, am so glad you had a nice night out last night gal :) and, all that flippin yummy stuff tooooo :o hmmm, me thinks you got some more exercising to do tomorrow gal, to get rid of those lb's you put on :o I want you up bright and early, ready for anything :o :)

  • Hi Pete, ooer, I found a box of Mon Cheri while clearing out that room. It started winking at me this evening so I just had to open it and have a few. :o ;-)

  • :D :D yep, I know just what you mean when they wink at you :P yum flippin :P yum :) :)

  • Have just seen an ad on ITV for e-cigs, well I never. Looked a very suggestive ad too, tho the sound is muted cos boring Poirot is on so I don't know what was said, just some sultry looking woman behaving in a suggestive manner :o I don't think the industry is doing itself any favours glamourising e-cigs. They'll have the anti e-cig protestors smugly saying "I told you so, thin end of the wedge that is".

  • Aup Sinfree, hmmm, I havent seen that advert yet :( hmmmm, a sultry, suggestive Woman eh :o ;) erm, just wondering if she wears wrinkly stockings ?? :D :D

  • :D :D :D mmmmmmm yes, anddddddd she's got flippin rollersssssss in tooooooo :D :D

  • Hmmmm, this is hard :o I like the last one, but the third one court my eye, cos she's got a really flippin lovely erm, ponytail :) :D :D

  • Quite a nice pert bum too, eh? ;-) :D :D

  • :P :P :D :D

  • Jillygirl, you sure know my kind a Woman !! and I think she had a bit of mystery in her eye's toooooo, or was that the rolling pin :o :D :D

  • Haha, I didn't notice any stockings. There was another ad in the second lot of adverts featuring a man, he wasn't wearing wrinkly stockings.

  • Hi Sinfree, I hope your still off them flippin lozengers gal :) and I hope hubby has bought a lovely pressy for Friday :) :)

  • Still not had any lozenges, as for pressie, well he's not been out as yet so I'm not holding my breath.

  • 2 days to go yet.

  • Your right there Andi, a bloke can buy a lot in 2 days :) erm, just wondering Sinfree, have you gave him any money :o :D :D

  • Hi ya everybody :) sorry am flippin late :(

    Auppppp Sue, its lovely to see ya gal :) :) Like Andi says, flippin family eh :o

    It sounds like you've got over todays erm, mouth thing :o just hope you can drink now :) what with that numb bottom lip.

    You take care Sue, and keep nice and warm, am sending you some huggs, I hope they find you :) :)

  • Nite nite everybody, had a hard day today, so am creamcracked :o I hope you all have a lovely nights sleep, and wake up lovely and refreshed in the morning :) :) xxxxx

  • Night Pete, sleep well, and I will say night to you too Andi as I've been doing all my posting on my phone and it's painfully slow. Sleep well.

  • Nite nite Pete, hope you sleep well. :) xxx

    Nite nite Sin and everyone else. Sweet dreams. :) xxx

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