Good morning, Well its mid week and I hope everyone is coping ok.

If you have any questions or concerns just fire away and Emjay our advisor will more than likely help you.

herewego3 had a question, and Kizwiz which can usually be sorted on here. You can always ask at your local chemist too. Whatever query you may have no matter how trivial someone is there to help.

Keep strong and positive. :)

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  • Good (late) Morning One and All :-)

    It was a rather wet Wednesday morning here today but seems to have dried up now, and at least it's not as frosty as it has been :-)

    I hope you are all well and are successfully completing each stopping smoking challenge that may come your way. Remember to see all withdrawal symptoms as a positive sign of recovery and understand that they don't last forever :-)

    I'm at my desk for the rest of the day now - apart from kettle putting on and grabbing a bite of lunch :D So if you need owt - give us a shout :-)

    I think a much needed brew stop has arrived already and so as JillyGirl has been holding the fort this morning, I shall bob off and pop the kettle on :-)

  • OY! mines tea , milk and no sugar please. :D

  • Was that a Yo! or an Oy! ? :D :D

    Here you go :-)


    Lovely to see YellowSnowDrop back from a smokefree holiday :-)

  • Thats sooooooooooooooo posh!

  • Well, Pete did put my name in the same sentence as posh yesterday too... or was it just my ipad?! :D :D

  • Your going up in the world now. Maam. t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn...

  • Hi Jillygirl, Emjay and all,

    Love your pic jillygirl, sooo cute :) i hope your house move went smoothly :)

    I finally have other agencies in to see to my brother and he's gone back to his house, so know i can relax and sleep better :) :) :) so i'll be on here more now annoying you all :D :D :)

  • So lovely to see you back. encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/...

    Its good that your sorted with your brother. The house move went well thank you. Its been a bit quiet on here what with Andi gadding off, Emjay been busy as usual, I think it only picks up about 8.00pm when Sinfree and Pete make an appearance. Hope you and hubby are keeping well. :)

  • Hi jillygirl,

    I'm glad your house move went okay :) we're doing great now that my brother is gone, i know that sounds bad but i've had over 20 years of trying to help him, and him not listrning to me.

    I hope you and your family are doing great :)

  • Sue I dont think it sounds bad at all. Seems your brother relied on you too much. I can imagine you being like me , toooooo soft with him. Time you looked after yourself now. :)

  • That's what i'm gonna do jillygirl, i need a healthy stressfree life, at least as stressfree as i can make it.

    I'm just glad i have my phone to use cause my laptop seems to have packed up, i'll treat myself to a new one after my holiday, glad i can still come on here :)

  • when is your holiday I forgot what you said.

  • It's the whole of February, we get back home on the 2nd March, i can't wait :)

    Hopefully i can use my brother in laws laptop so i can pop on here sometimes

  • Wonderful. bet you cant wait.

  • I can't, a month in the sun away from the horrible winter here, plus we'll be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary as well :)

  • Wow thats super for you both. must be worth a special anniversary pressie from hubby . :)

  • That's true :) i just have to see what i would like to do and see when i'm there, i need to look it up, i don't know much about Pattaya.

    You and your hubby should go there if you can, everything is cheap and it's 50 Thai Bhat to the pound, although we're only managing cause hubby's brother has paid for our flights, think he has more money than sense :D :)

  • Its a lovely treat though no matter who pays. Time to get the tins out Pete must be on his way now. unless he is working over again.


  • Hopefully he'll finish on time, it's not fair keeping him late when he has such a long journey home

  • Bet he will be pleased to see you back on here. I am wondering if he still has an eye patch on from last night. :D :D

  • I forgot my brother is phoning me about 9.00pm. so if I disappear you know why. busy yapping. :D

  • I've not caught up on everything yet, why the eyepatch :D

  • Erm, I had a bit of one of them nights lastnight Sue :o :|

  • Silly you :D

  • Good evening everybody :)

    Aupppppppp Sue :) its just fantabileesooooo to see ya again gal :) :) A massive Whoooooopy flippin Doooooooopy to you gal :) :) :D :D

  • Hiya Pete, it's geat to be back :) :)

    Hope your doing great :)

  • Its sooooo lovely to see you Sue, I aint half missed ya :(

    Sorry, am just trying to read some of the posts, that holiday sounds just gorgeous Sue :) :) just what you need Sue :)

  • I've missed you and everyone as well Pete, i'm sooo glad to be back :)

  • Hi Pete a quick hi before my phone call. Hope your ok. I hope you realise we have put Emjay on a pedestal now . She has gone all posh, tea sets and I pads. :D :D

  • Hiya Jillygirl :)

    Hmmmm, yes I did notice the flippin poshhhhh tea service that she has got :D :D

    Its not posh Spice any more, its Posh Emjayyyyyyyy :) :) :D :D

  • Soooo, have you jumped on your laptop once tooooo often then Sue :D :D

  • :D :D :D yeh i think i have Pete

  • Sue, Andi has gone away for about 5 weeks, I'm just trying to think where she has gone too !! I think it was Banger :o or was it Skeggy :o Somewhere like that anyway, my 1 brain cell dosnt seam to be working tonight !! :D :D

  • I'd give you mine Pete but it's awol :D :D

  • :D :D :D Know just what you mean Sue :D :D

  • Are you all ready for xmas, i've not started yet :o think i need my two front teeth for xmas mine fell ou when they were getting cleaned :D :D :D

  • Well, dont flippin clean em gal :o :D :D

  • :D :D it was the dentists fault, think she must ve needing more money :D

  • Hey Sue, are you all settled in your new place now then :o :)

  • Yeh i am now Pete, it's lovely and quiet, just need to work out what to do with the garden :o that will take me all year :D :D

  • You've got plenty of time to sort your garden out gal :) and I will try to help you when your ready eh :) :)

  • Thanks Pete :) i can't have a lot of flowers but i would like some, want grass for when Nairn is walking, so some to brighten it up and maybe attract some butterflies :)

  • Sorry Pete i got to go to bed now, i'm sitting here nodding, you take care, see you tomorrow :)

    Nite nite Pete, Jillygirl and everyone, sweetdreams, luv yas :) xxx

  • Nite nite Sue, its been great chatting to you gal, like I said have missed ya :(

    You get under that there duvet of yours and keep warm eh :) Sleep well Sue and get a goooood nights rest, hopefully speak tomorrow and luuuuuvs ya too gal :) xxxxx

  • Sorry to keep you Sue, just been looking at some of the other posts, hey, there's a lot of new ones on here gal :)

  • Hello and sorry to butt in.... Sue52 very good evening to you and Pete & Jilly

    Just read through your messages to each other and thought how caring & sweet etc

    I went to the dentist today and I think it has been 20 years, while smoking wasn't brave enough because my mouth was always a mess, anyway sorry to lower the tone BUT I feared the worse and it was o,kay... I was so relieved... yeah I can carry on !!!

    Anyway point is if I was still smoking in no way would I have had the courage to visit the dentist !!! Now I have white teeth... yeah / wow ...

    You know these things matter ... I mean trying to look after yourself etc.



  • Hi ya Jonathan, hey, you flippin but in any time you want to pal, cos we dont mind :)

    Thats great news about your teeth, hmmmm, that will be my next hurdle to get over :o going to the flippin dentist !!

    I think I will need a big kick up the backside from all of you to help me get there :o :D :D

    See ya soon Jonathan :)

  • Hi ya Pete

    Don't you worry about this ..... this was something I had to face.

    It is NOT something you have to worry about I am sure.

    How are you ??

    Staying around for a bit .... none of this early bed etc.


  • Off to bed now. sorry if I missed you. Night night all sweet dreams. :) :) xx

  • Nite nite Jillygirl, and you have got nothing to be sorry about gal :)

    You get a good nights sleep now Jillygirl, cos I know its late for you eh :o luvs ya :) xxxxx

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