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DAILY CHAT/ Wednesday/19/06/2013

DAILY CHAT/ Wednesday/19/06/2013

Good Morning everybody.

Weather here is one of those days, which is bright and the sun may consider coming out.

I hope it is fine where you are.

I see yesterday some of our past members decided to pay us a visit.

Its lovely to have everyone back. Good to see you are still fighting those horrid ciggys.

Keep up the good work and stay focused.

Anybody got any plans for today?

My first plan of action is Putting the kettle on. :)

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Good morning Jillygirl and everyone,

The weather is cloudy here but warm, i hope you get the sun today :)

Nothing planned for today,I just hope i feel better than i did yesterday, away to have a cuppa if anyone wants one :)


Hi Sue, Glad your back today. We missed you yesterday :( Hope you feel a bit better today. Is that kettle still on the boil. I will bring the biccys. :)



Good morning Jilly, Sue and everyone.

Spinning done.

Weather a bit weird here. Huge banks of clouds keep coming and going with big patches of blue sky and sunshine in between. Who know what's gonna be chucked out of the sky at us today - or in the next few days. :o

Have a good day and get out in that fresh air if possible. See you later. :)


Morning andi, I am going for my supermarket exercise in 10 mins. Then off out for a walk . enjoy your day.

catch up later. :)


Hi all.

I had to nip out to get some milk, so here's you cuppa

t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn... :)

I hope you got a good sleep last night Andi :) you need it for all the exercises you do. Hopefully you'll get some sun today then you can get out in the fresh air :)

Enjoy your walk Jillygirl :)

See you later :)


Good morning everybody :)

jillygirl, enjoy your supermarket dash and your walk :)

GrannySue, I'm so glad your feeling a bit better today :) you take it easy gal.

Andi, we've got all cloud at the moment, but its lovely and warm :) you out in your garden today then ??


Good morning Pete,

I'm a lot better thank you, what you up to today? whatever it is i hope you get the sun later , think we're gonna be cloudy all day, but it is warm :)


Well Sue mentioned having a party this evening, Now we have a reason as i have just had a call saying contracts exchanged and legally bound to move next Tuesday. Phew!

Jillygirl partying. :-


Pete and andi partying :-


Sue ready to party :-


Emjay and her chickens ready to rave :-



Please join us all the more the merrier.. :) :D


:D :D :D :D

I love my dress :D :D


That's brill news Jillygirl, I couldn't be happier for you :) :) xx



Awe thank you Sue. so sweet. :)


Your gonna be busy now Jillygirl, just think this time next week you'll have your second day in your new home, bet you can't wait :) xx


Too true. Only prob it needs a good clean and everything needs re newing. So hopefully

we can tackle it and get it finished reasonably early. Be nice when its done, all new and ours. :)


I'm sure all your family will come and help, if they can, and before you know it it will all be done, if only i lived nearer you i would have helped you :)

I'm waiting on a flat too, council though, cause i'm struggling with the stairs now so hopefully I'll be joining you before too long :)


Oh Sue I wish you were nearer we could have a right laugh. Hope you get your flat soon. :)


I know that would be great, don't know if your neighbours would know what hit them though :o :D :D

I'm off out to see Nairn, i'll come back on later if i'm home in time, hope you have a fab evening and get a great nights sleep.

Love and hugs :) xxx


Give Nairn a big hug from me. :)


where is everyone are you still out in the sunshine?

I`m going quackers on my own. :(



Hi there Jilly and .... ? :o You're lucky I'm here cos I was supposed to be going out for a walk but am feeling tired now.

Excellent news, finally, on the flat front :) - sorry I missed the party. :( I don't want to be a party pooper.

So, where on earth is everybody else, eh? :o


been looking for them no sign yet. I think they are partying somewhere else. :P



Jillygirl, :)

Thats just great news on the movin front gal :) :)

Hmmmmm, where's this party then :o :|


Come on then join me. :D



:D :D :D


I just lovvvvvvve that ermmmm laptop you got gal :o :D :D :D


Pete I told you not to spill the super glue . Poor Andie is worn out watching you.



Oy you sayin am goin erm, a bit thin on top then gal :P :P :D :D :D


I'm so worn out I'm gonna sign off now.

Nite nite Jilly, Pete and everyone. Have a good night's sleep - hope the thunder doesn't wake us up! :o :) xxxxxxxx


Nite nite Andi sweet dreams. get the ear plugs in . may not hear the thunder then. xxx



Ahhhhh bless her, you wouldnt think it was our Andi would you :o she looks so so peaceful, calm and collective :) :) mmmmmm :P :P :D :D :D


What thunder :o


Its on the south coast Pete. not up this way. :)


Where's that then :o


Nite nite Andi, and hey, you flippin look after that ankle of your's ok :) :) see ya tomorrow and if it thunders, then just turn the radio up :o :| :D :D


Well Pete I too am getting tired, so will sign off now. nite and god bless. see you tomorrow. xx :)


Nite nite Jillygirl, you get a good nights sleep and dream of movin into your new apartment :) :)

Loves ya ta bits gal :) xxxxx


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