Daily chat: Wednesday 26th June 2013

Daily chat: Wednesday 26th June 2013

Good morning everyone.

Another lovely day forecast today, another day to tick off on the calendar - another day quit or another day nearer your quit date.

Jilly, hope you slept well in your new flat last night - big waves from us all. :)

Don't forget to come and chat to us about any of your successes or problems that need a friendly ear - or just have a chat. :)

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  • Hi there

    Have just joined this morning and preparing to embark on a new quit, have several behind me I'm afraid.

    I am taking time and reading up about the addiction in order to try and understand and arm myself a little better..

  • Welcome to our happy place Endeavor, you'll find tonnes of help and support from our lovely members here :-)

    Have you any idea when you would like to quit? Is it days or weeks away? Have you any plans to use any form of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)?

    Let us know what your choices are and the route you would like to take and we'll support you all the way :-)

  • Hi Endeavour

    Wishing you all the success I wish us all, me too. Sounds like we have similar journeys on that front. I am preparing again too, and have learnt a lot about my triggers. Thinking how to sort those out is number 1 goal at the moment. My counsellor helped me yesterday, and said this is not so uncommon - it wasn't just me who had to keep having another go before one day! Wham! I will do it!

    Have a lovely day. Get well armed :)

  • hi im at day 45 and really proud of myself .im using an inhulator .still struggling a bit but taking it one day at a time .have tried lots of times b4 managed 9 months once .just found this site and joined hoping 4 some inspiration to carry on .really want to stop using my puffa now as I think it may be holding me back .and also feel guilty for using it which is bizarr good luck on your quit be strong .I really do feel great physically

  • Aup Maddy1,

    I bid you a warm welcome to this lovely quit smoking site :) and yes you be ''Proud'' of yourself for getting to 45 days quit :) :) a massive well done to you.

    You say you are using the inhalator, just wondering what strength of cartridge you are using ??

    Speak soon, Pete :)

  • hi thanks for reply means so much right now .there 10 mg im cool till about 11am then I start fretting a bit have a capsule which straitens me then think ive failed as feel like its having a fag .really don't even want a fag but feel like I still

    need the puffa .come 7 oclock im fine again .but fink if I keep on the puffa it reminds me of smoking any advice

  • Hmmmm I'm just wondering if you have tried the lozenges, or the chewing gum :o

    What you do with those is, suck/chew a few times, then sort of park it up to one side of your mouth until you get another craving, then give it another suck or chew :)

    Maybe try one in between using your inhalator, and see how you get on :) it all depends on if you need something to hold in your hands while you are quitting.

    If you have any more questions, come and ask us, and we will try to help you :)

    Pete :)

  • Morning Andi and all

    Just had my teeth cleaned :) shiny clean :)

    If that isn't an incentive to stop I don't know what is!

    Well, maybe the other things too ..,.

    Wishing you all a good smoke free day :)

  • That's a great start Betts, it also helps to keep your breath fresh too :-)

  • Good Morning Andi and Everyone :D

    It's the middle of the week in the middle of the year already! We've stepped into the holiday season now and so there are many folks planning their first smokefree holiday. Remembering that planning is the key to success and if you are prepared, then everything is so much easier :-)

    Looks like the gremlins have disappeared I'm pleased to say :-)

    I'm away to London later this afternoon for a conference. Its the UK National Smoking Cessation Conference -UKNSCC. Hopefully I'll be able to meet most of the stop smoking services who are based in the UK and will be able to tell you all about them. We know a lot of them already, and it'll be great to put a few faces to the voices we hear over the phone or to the tweets and e-mails that to and fro between us :-) :-) And if you want to be referred into their services for that extra bit of help and support then I'll have more details for you :-)

  • Have a great conference Emjay :)

    Renewed inspiration!

    Always good to get together face-to-face.

    Love to hear all about it later :)

  • Thank you for the welcome Emjay.

    I have recently blown a quit and want to get back to it asap, but trying to get as much imformation as I can.

    I normally use NRT (Patches and inhalator for the really tricky moments) though I have been looking up the CT method. I am not convinced this would be good for me even though you are supposed to be totally free of nicotine in 72 hours.

    I think you still have the same need to work through the mental cravings and triggers and as I also suffer from depression and on anti-depressants so I guess I am better off with the help of NRT.

  • Hello Betts and thank you.

    I don't think I read enough before and embarked on each quit thinking I was prepared.

    It's normally stress that brings be down, I am a bit of a stress head and know I have to find other ways of dealing with it rather than turn to the cigs, which I know stupidly enough don't help!!

    Wishing you luck with your quit too.

  • Always positive about a good get-to-gether Betts ;-)

    Endeavour, stopping smoking via the cold turkey (CT) route can be done but it does take a lot of strength and energy. Many people start ff wanting to stop this way and then find that the cravings become too much for them and so decide that NRT is the best way for them.

    When using combination therapy, patches and the inhalator work really well together.

    We are happy to work with you whatever way you decide to take :-)

    When stopping smoking, you will naturally go through the physiological withdrawal as well as the psychological withdrawal symptoms. They both will pass and it's really important to remember this and stay as positive as possible :-)

    Have a read through the following blog as it may help;


    Right, I'm off to pop the kettle on if anybody would like to join me :-)

  • Heheee, I just found the two ciggies of mine and the lighters that I told my hubby to hide back in April. I wasn't looking for them honest, he's been decluttering (ha, that means shuffling stuff around and chucking nowt) and I found this odd wooly glove loitering around in the hall with bits of grass and stuff all over it, so after much tsk-ing I picked it up to shake off the grass and it had something in it, so I took a peek and there they were - ciggies. Was I tempted? Naah :)

  • Thanks Emjay I did have a read of that this morning and it made me feel better about using NRT.

    I made 5 months a year ago using the Patches and Inhalator. I know how important remaining positive is and staying determined. Once the physical cravings start to ease I know the mind takes over and it's avoiding the triggers.

    I'm trying to get a better grip on things before I embark on another quit, but yes I will be using the patches and inhalator.

  • Good evening everyone.

    Welcome aboard to Endeavor and maddy1. Nice to have you aboard. I see you both had some kind of success with quitting before and hopefully we can help you make this your final quit. Perhaps you can start with practicing Emjay's breathing exercises to help you get through those cravings. Also, how about helping it out with a mantra - mine was/is (probably always will be) "I don't do that any more". Good luck to you both, and don't forget to come on here and share with everybody. Andi :)

    Sin, I think those fags would have dried out a bit by now - did you "de-clutter" them?

  • Hi Andi, nope I left them where I found them. They're still in the box, you reckon they've gone off then? They did smell a bit funny, but then who wouldn't having been wrapped up in a woolly old glove for a couple of months.

  • thanks andi tough day yesterday .but fine right now .as I said been on my inhulator for 46 days now but really don't want to use it anymore as it just makes me want to use it more if that makes sense .although I have not even had a puff of a ciggie since my start date im getting some horid withdrawal pangs as im still on nicotine.substitute and think only way forward is to quit the subs ..trouble is im scared to incase I start soking again which I no is stupid.

  • Hiya Sin, are you still on flytipping duties or have you given it up now? (Apart from hubbie's omissions. :o ) :D :D

  • I am trying my best with my fly tipping duties but in the face of adversity at times, not least my own haha, still got a shiny sink tho. Even managed a 12 mile bike ride last night.

  • Wow, that's brill! :) Haven't got out on mine again yet but hoping to more from now on over the summer. I don't think it will be tomorrow cos I think that wet stuff is forecast to be falling from the sky. :o I've decided to knock the spinning on the head til the autumn now - not getting enough "rest" days with all the fitness stuff I'm doing at the mo. Just as well I don't have to go out to work any more. ;-) :D :D

  • Good evening all :) :)

    Its been busier on here today I see :) I see theres 2 new ones, rite am off to read the comments.

  • Yes Andi, I've noticed all the stuff you've been doing recently, wears me out just reading it. Playing tennis on the Wii at the mo, been to the park a couple of times to play but have no ball boy, so spend most of the time running after the ball instead of hitting it. Wonder if Pete would be interested in a job as ball boy :o

  • :P :P

    Sifree, dream on gal :D :D :D

  • umph, that's not very public spirited of you Pete. S'pose I'll just have to carry on without you then. Haha, good job we can play during the day, me and hubby were playing across two courts yesterday we're that rubbish :D

  • That's what I used to hate about tennis at school - you spent more time and used more energy running round to pick up the ball than you did actually playing it. My favourite tennis was playing against the wall of the gym. You could keep hitting the ball and the bushes would stop it rolling too far away when you missed. :|

  • Table tennis is better, not so far to run for the ball :o :) :)

  • Oh I dunno, the things would be rolling around all over the place if I played. Can't do real table tennis. It's good on the x-box kinnect though. You can play a game with two bats, one in each hand and you have to hit them as fast as you can as they're fired at you.

  • Wouldn't know about that - sounds a bit too energetic for me. :D :D :D :D

  • It was good exercise, I don't like running - just pounding the streets cos I can only keep it up for a couple of minutes, whereas you don't notice how far you've run playing tennis.

  • Oh, went and did a Bikram yoga class today. That's the one where you do it in a class that's heated up to 40 degrees. Phew! Never really been into yoga and still don't think it's for me, but my friend and I signed up for a course of 10 over 6 weeks so we'll go some more. :o

  • Oh, I wouldn't much fancy that, 40 degrees doesn't sound good to me.

  • Hiya Pete. :) Have you been behaving yourself today? :P ;-) :D :D

  • Dont I always :) or do you know different :P :D :D

  • Sinfree, just found this for you, am sure you will be able to hit the balls now :D :D :D


  • :D :D That looks perfect.

  • Time for bye-byes for me. Nite nite Sin and Pete, sleep well and see you tomorrow. :) xxxxxx

  • Nite nite Andi, and you get a good nights kip eh, you could always put some hotwater bottles in bed with you, so that you get to 40 degrees and get some practice in :) and empty your mind of course, which shouldn't be toooo hard for you :o :| :D :D :D

    Am off, luvs ya really Andi :) :) xxxxxx

  • Night andi. You need your sleep for all you exercise - sleep well.

  • I'm going to have to go now too Pete, have to do some ironing ready for the fun factory tomorrow. How you doing with your smoking now, have you given up on the e-cig?

  • Couldnt get on with the e-cigs :( so back on patches and am trying the gum this time, which seems to be workin well :) but still got my mouth spray, just in case :o

    Nite nite Sinfree, and dont go tooooo mad at that ironin will you :o :| sleep well and enjoy it :) xxx

  • Hi everyone, joined tHis site earlier in the week, my quit day is next Monday going to try the patches and inhalator, would rather have not had to have nrt, but don' t think I can do it without. I would appreciate to know how everyone else succeeded, wish me luck xx

  • Hi there Babykins and welcome to the site. We've hopefully given you some inspiration for your quit and good luck for next Monday. Come and join in the daily chat for help, advice, a rant and a laugh along the way - the more the merrier. In the meantime have a trawl through some of the archives and maybe look up some of the tags for some useful tips to help you on your way. I quit cold turkey myself, but there's lots gone/going down the route you're taking.

    Good luck and see you again soon. Andi :)

  • Hi Babykins, Welcome to this wonderful site :)

    I used the patches and inhalator as well, they were the best for me. The inhalator worjed when i missed holding a ciggie, i gradually reduced the strength of both, it's a good idea to do that at a rate that works for you, i still carry my inhalator with me but mainly to chew on now.

    Like Andi said, come join us on the daily chat and read the blogs. We're all here for you, and will help you all we can :)

    Good luck, chat soon, Sue :)

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