Good morning everyone, Hope you all had a good nights sleep. As you can see I had one of my restless, aching legs night, so had to get up early to exercise my silly ankles and feet. However thats enough moaning lets all think positive today. Dont let those piggies spoil your day, be healthy and nibble on your favourite snacks instead. Hope your ok garry and already for the bike race i really admire you. Andie are you having a good sleep in love, hope so.

Lenne how are you doing? is it another snail party day. Fag end how you doing hope our banter hasnt put you off. Pete and Emjay I hope you managed a sleep in, you deserve it.

Like I said last night I have posted a blog about computers, hope you find it interesting. Also I will be doing another on facts about smoking.

Will catch up with you all later. Have a great smokefree day!

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  • Good morning Jillygirl, by-jove i think you've got it gal !! :D

    So much for my lay in, been awake sinse 4 just couldnt get back off to sleep!! so i got up, now i keep yawning!! :o Hey melon seeds-- 583 cals per 100g about the same as sunflower seeds. Dont know what i've done or said to Andi, dont think she is talking to me!! she knows that i'm just joking dosnt she ??

    Speak soon Jillygirl, going to have a look at your other blog now, see you in a bit. Pete :)

  • Oh ! pete , something must have spooked us all last night. Anyway I will open it in the morning if by any chance i should sleep in i will leave it up to you. lets just see who gets up first. dont know about the melon seeds, cant be bothered to dry them out. easier to buy some from the shop. Dont think andi is upset with you , sometimes I think we just get busy and forget to reply to people. Hope the other blog gets your approval. Try and get a nap later if you can. luv ya.

  • Hi Sue and cathryn, Hope you are ok and feeling good today. sorry i didnt mention you both first thing , not quite awake then. Have a lovely smokefree day. xx

  • Gooooood Morning!!! :) The sun is shining 8-)

    Up at 5.45 this morning to go for a run round the Head. Beautiful morning but my legs didn't want to work much :P so just enjoyed the sun and scenery. :) Still pretty windy out though. Came home expecting to go to the gym but decided I can't be bothered so got computer out instead!

    Pete, I thought you said you didn't have any beaches where you live - doesn't look like it from you new picture! (Or is that a sandpit in you back garden?) :D :D Why should I be upset with you?

  • Morning Andi, you have an easy day gal, rest does you the world of good, it does!! no sandpit in the back garden, its just a dream, cus i love the sun!! :D anyway done a bit of shoping this morning, saw these milk choc raisins, yer why not, so i got them, just finished them off, just read the back of the pack--420cals per 100gs-- bag 200g !!!!

    mind you us blokes are allowed more cals than you Ladies arent we :D

    speak soon and have a nice day, :)

  • Cor, a bag like that would have lasted me at least a week!! :D :D MUST do some gardening! 8-)

  • Yer--Yer :D :D

  • Jilly, good luck with your hoovering - it's a bit of a pain having to keep everything clean for selling. When I sold up in 2008 I had a little spray bottle with 1 part white vinegar to 6 parts water to spray around the house. This is supposed to be very good at eliminating smoke smells. I would then use a normal air freshener but not so people came in and smelt it straight away. Lots of ventilation and no smoking inside for at least an hour before a visit!!!

    I also didn't want to be there when viewings took place then people can speak freely and you aren't offended by their comments.

    Hope you aren't tipped over the edge with it all but if you keep reading all that dreadful stuff you keep posting then I'm certain that you won't be - where on earth are you finding it all anyway?

    Andi x

  • thanks andi. Dont think the house smells of stale tobacco now. Its been 9 weeks now. My daughter would soon tell me if it was smelly, she can be a pain in the backside when it comes to anyone smoking. She did say the house looked clean and fresh. will let you know. good tip about the spray will do that just in case. have a lovely day.

  • Hi andi , visit went well. thought house was very nice. mind you they all say that dont they. just have to wait.

    Hope your afternoon is going well. xx

  • Good afternoon everyone, hope you're all doing well :) I am tempted to mix up that freshening spray Andi just to spray it on my other half, the smell when he comes back in from having a cig outside actually makes me gag now and I am finding it really disturbing that it can upset my stomach that much! His pillow stinks of smoke, his clothes, it's driving me absolutely bonkers. I just hope that soon enough I will get used to the smell and it won't bother me so much- does anyone know if ex-smokers ever not mind the smell of smoke, get used to it etc?

    On the plus side if I ever do get cravings I can sniff his pillow and gag; it puts me right off ;)

    Seems sunny outside today, might fancy a walk around the block a bit later. I do love a walk right before bedtime, I seem to be most comfortable outside when it's dark. Not entirely sure why!

    I hope you're all feeling happy today, knowing that our lungs are thanking us (and our wallets right) ;)

    Lots of love and hugs to you all. xx

  • Hi Lenne, My hubby has been an ex smoker for over 10yrs now and although he never complained I knew he didnt like it when i smoked . I used to have a ciggy underneath the cooker hood , but i think it still drifted. fingers crossed he realises soon like we did. show him the blog i put on about smoking might put him off . it did me.

    love u . xx

  • Hey Jilly, thanks for the replies here and on my q *hugs* :)

    Problem with my other half he is stubborn for stubborn's sake; the more he is pushed in a certain direction the more he resists. I think we are very similar in that aspect, he and I- so I suspect with some smokers they truly believe in certain things they tell themselves to justify the fact they smoke for example "I am allowed one vice", or "you gotta die of SOMETHING" as examples (they are a bit rubbish lol).

    He may never quit smoking, and I am just going to have to put up with it and bite my tongue. If the roles were reversed and he quit and tried to steer me into quitting I'd throw a proper tantrum haha! Maybe I am just rubbish at being subtle.

    Love and hugs, hope you're having a lovely relaxing weekend xxx

  • Lenneeeeee, how long did it take you to decide to quit???? and i mean realy!!!!

    Your boyfriend sounds a lovely man, and he puts up with you!! what!! just you give him time, like you said if the boot was on the other foot, would you quit cus he told you to????

    You know exactly whats going off in his mind, so you just show him that you can ''DO IT'' and that he is weak!! cus he cant!! :P then perhaps he will just come around and think!! right im going to show her!! and do it!! :)

    Luv ya and loads of huggs Pete :)

  • It took me 10 seconds in all honesty, guess I just don't want to get my hopes up and be a complete cow to him as opposed to.. part cow or something lol! xx

  • Hi Lenne, my sugaring lady was telling me that after she gave up her husband was still smoking but he always went outside when at home. She just put up with the smell then quite some time later he suddenly came home and said he'd booked himself in with Smokestop and the rest is history. :)

  • That would be beyond cool- will have to just plug my nose, wait and hope! :D

  • Hi Pete. viewing went well. Just let you know i got my surgie stockings today. Have you got any felt tips to spare ? lol.

    Hope you managed a kip this afternoon.

    see ya later. xx

  • If they get too warm you can get some spray in a pharmacy that will cool your leggies down? Magicool or something like that. Might make it a bit more comfortable for you xxx

  • thanks Lenne thats good to know. xxx

  • Hi everyone i've had terrible trouble trying to get on here today, went up to dads to get the rest of his stuff packed away, found some old photos that gave me a laugh, just got back and managed to get on, i hope you all have a great day and the cravings stay away :)

  • hi sue, glad your ok. its lovely looking through photos isnt it. I still look at my mum and dads. lovely memories. have a lovely day and take care love. xx

  • Hey Sue, it's great you found photos and they made you smile, are you planning on putting them in a photo album? If you're into crafts you can make your own scrapbook album perhaps? Personally I am a sucker for crafts, especially ones where you get sticky glue on things. Bling bling! :) Hope you're having a lovely piggiefree weekend! xxx

  • Hi Lenne i was thinking of putting them in an album it will just take a while to get through them all lol and put them in order, got about 700 slides to go through as well, should keep me busy for a while lol have a great piggies free day :)

  • Hi Sue, did your Dad always live in the same house since he got married? My Mum did - 54 years (moved in when she came out of hospital with me. :o ) She didn't like to throw things away so I had a job and a half. My brother came over from Australia to help me for a month last year. It was whilst he was here that she passed away and somehow it was easier to get rid of stuff after that. Mind, I've still got a roomful here that I still need to get rid of!

  • Hi Andi they'd been in that house about 42yrs, they'd moved twice to get more bedrooms, it's all the stuff he kept, bills from 1950, and i've still not got through them all, i keep finding more bags full of them, it will probably take

    ages for me to get through it all

  • Thanks Jillygirl it was nice especially all the black and white photos, even found dads old national identity card lol, you have a lovely day to love and hugs x

  • Hiya Suepagal, i'm glad you had a laugh with the pics you found, cus i can remember my sisters and i had loads of laughs at the pics we found, and were we found them!!!! he had things stashed all over the place, my eldest sister Penny even found a pic of my Mam and Dad when they got married!!!! bet you cant gues where???? -- he had a old mantle clock, a wind up one, with a door at the back to get to the workings, yes it was inside the clock, :D

    I should put your feet up now gal, cus you've ernt it, and dont let your guard down, cus them piggies can strike at any time, you give em hell.

    Pete :)

  • Hi Pete it was a laugh, found his old army book, and rent books from 1950, even a receipt for the shed from 1951, we're still using that today, i'm not doing anymore till Monday now, need the rest lol, have a good day Pete and keep those piggies away, love and hugs :)

  • Its time i went up that wooden hill, tut more exercise!!

    I wish you all a good and long nights sleep, and while you are asleep, those piggies cant get you can they!!!! stay strong everybody :)

    Nite nite

    Pete :)

  • Evening Everybody,

    Hope you've all had a lovely weekend so far. You've all been busy today it seems :-)

    I've just been trying to go through all the posts in case I've missed anything. I only get notifications to my work e-mail so I'm hoping I've caught them all.

    I should be up and about early tomorrow so if nobody's been on, I'm happy to start the daily chat :-)

    You've all been absolutely marvellous, taking this site and making it your own. I love the information that you've been sharing with each other. The support that you give to each other and all new members just blows me away. Oh the... Forgot to add.... You all have me in stitches too :-)

    Enjoy the rest of your evening folks and I'm looking forward to tomorrow already xx

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