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Good morning everyone

A bit grey and overcast here today but never mind breathing in and out smoke free air so what more could one want.

Me thinks the gremlins are still about as a blog I did last night appear in blogs on home page but not on blogs page so it will be interesting to see where or even if this one appears. Rang health unlocked am yesterday to say couldn't log in to be told that she could so there didn't appear to be a problem. Knew I had an overactive imagination but surely it wasn't only me that had problems on Monday and Tuesday? Oh well, seem to be more or less better now but the day will tell us won't it?

Hope no-one minds the slight change to the title just thought it may make life that bit more interesting.

Off to work soon and hope I get there before the rain comes down so wish everyone not just a happy, but stress and smoke free day.

Catch you all later.

Luv and hug


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Day 10 of not smoking but keep waking up having dreamt that I have had a cig - is this normal?


Hi. I found for me this lasted about 14-20 days. Its something that will pass just stay strong. Woo Hoo 10 days is excellent. Keep going

Sue xx


Well done joolz54. on reaching day 10. don't worry I too had dreams of smoking , but they do disappear given time. keep up the good work. xx :)


Morning. I wrote a blog too Kath but it will post for me but mnot appear on the home blog page. As far as I can see yours hasn't appeared either and I've trolled aound the site and eventually found you. The gremlins are definitely back.

Have a great day and catch up later if possible ?????


Morning bunnysue, Hope your ok, have a lovely day. :)


Morning Kath, Bunnysue and jootz

Not quite so bright today, but hey, still warm, and not raining yet :)

Got to get on with some work but just need a cuppa first.

Congratulations on 10 days jootz! Every day makes you a winner. I didn't have sleeping dreams of smoking but do have lots of waking ones!

There be gremlins! I have had a bit of a job on the site, found you in the end :)

Have a good, stressfree, smokefree day all! :)


Hi Betts, bit dull here at the moment , but may brighten up. Have a good day. xx :)


Morning Kath, hope your ok. think gremlins have gone. Have a good day at work. xx :)


Good morning everyone,

It's dull and grey here, a change after yesterday sun.

I hope you have a good day work Kath and that it passes quickly for you :)

Well done on reaching 10 days joolz :), i had these dreams as well, funnilly it was always Emjay that caught me :o :D :D, they will pass :)

Sue, Betts and Jillygirl, I hope you all have a great day :) xx


Nope, Gremlins haven't gone yet.

I posted a blog too, but it would only come through on my own page.

I emailed the Techy people on Monday. They said they knew about it, and were working on it. But, no joy yet it seems.

Dull here up North, but warm enough, going to get the Sea Haar coming in today...grr, horrid stuff. One sunny day - then the Haar comes in off the sea to freeze us all again... that's Aberdoom for ya!

Catch you all later folks... be good.

Gill, xx


Hi Gillyflower, Sue and all

Been for a walk, as I felt so agitated. Whilst on the walk I had such a strong craving, crazy, because I never have smoked on walks! Then I remembered yesterday's posts about having a craving in the shower!!! It is so funny, and made me giggle. That helped dispel the agitation and craving a bit. Amazing how having a gigle, even on your own, makes you feel better.

Maybe we could add it to the 'craving buster' tips - breathing exercises etc. - could a 'forced gigle' help, and turn into a real one? I saw a programme once about some sort of 'laughter classes'. Of all places, they were taking place in Germany, where we imagine people as being very serious. Probably why it was there.

Just remembered the 'pulling faces at yourself in the mirror' tip form a couple of weeks ago. Off for a bit of gurning :) :)

Followed by a cuppa.......

So Emjay's the one with the big stick, or the carrot, eh, in our dreams :)

Have a good smokefree afternoon :)


I am working up to this one :)



Oh you Cowboy you...!

Great pic though... Remember - it's only Nic going into a sulk, and kicking out 'cause he's going hungry... But he's getting thinner and thinner everyday... he's on his way out - and you're not, so you're winning.

Go punch a pillow Betts... It can feel real good, and might make you giggle a bit!

Gill, xx


What's confusing about this to me, is that I have patches and an inhalator, so should be getting all the nic I need. So I'm thinking it's more a busting or throwing away old crutches problem. But I don't really know .... I'll maybe be able to tell you when I get to a few years! In the meantime, 5 + weeks feels really good :)

Anyway, it's OK. Punching pillows, yes, that's an idea, thanks, I'll give it a try.

By the way, the wind changed, so now I'm stuck :) :)


Hey Everyone :-)

It has taken me all morning to get as far as the daily chat! Not because of Gremlins (although I know they are around!), but because I am doing that many different things, I'm getting nothing done! I have a million and one things on my to-do list and rather than tick them off I seem to be adding to them. Shall have my lunch and then become task orientated :-)

Welcome aboard Joolz54, let me know your quit date and I'll add your name onto our 'Wall of Winners' :-) I'll pop up a blog about having weird dreams when stopping smoking :-) Don't worry, it's a good sign that your body is recovering :-)

Love the picture Betts, 'tis like me on most days :D :-/ and the standing in front of a mirror exercise definitely works :D

Gill, what's the Sea Haar? Is it a Scottish thing? Like Scotch Mist? Not sure where all these blogs are disappearing to, maybe they'll be 'up there' with all those missing socks :D


Hey Sue :-) I remember those crazy dreams you had, so funny! :-)

Have a good day in work Kath, at least with the grey weather you aren't missing out on any glorious sunshine :D

Big waves to JillyGirl and Bunny Sue :D :D

I need to grab some lunch :-)


Morning John. Hope you and your two little companions are well. Any news on Amor?


Well folks been a long day today and I'm away for a bath and then a nice cup of tea then bed to hopefully sleep without dreams.

Hope you all had a good day and that tomorrow is even better.

Take care everyone

Night night and sweet dreams

Luv and hug


Anyone heard from Pete - missed him as he doesn't seem to be about - maybe he's camping out in the garden to catch whatever it is that is near his pond making funny noises!!!


I know. It's so quiet without Pete and Andi.

Sleep well Kath and all. My 1pm finished ended up being 5.30pm Must try to get away tomorrow.

Sue xx


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