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Hellooo! I'm back, loook what you lot did!

Friezfriend13 MONTHS WINNER

Just catching up on all the posts, flipping heck everyone is abounding with success stories from over the weekend the site is brimming with yippees and woo hoos ! Too many of you to name but well done every one. I've had a great weekend with the kid. Did the following: My calves are screaming ever time I move! We 'did' Albert Hall, Albert Memorial the Vand A, Covent Garden Leicester Square and Soho, The National Gallery, Columbia Road flower market, Spitalfields market, Brick Lane, London Bridge, The Aqua Shard, Kensington Roof Gardens, went to see the The Commitments (Brilliant) saw the film 5th Estate and went out for Sunday Lunch. Absolutely shattered by Monday morning where I had to wait in Euston for hours as all the trains were stopped because of the storm finally got back to Mossley to find the side of my car stoved in by some tosser who of course didn't leave a note, fortunately it was under the CCTV so there is still hope, so a brilliant weekend followed by a grim Monday. What thrilled me the most though was my reaction when faced with severe delays and thousands of people in Euston I rushed to Boots to buy some Niquitin before they ran out Whoopie Doo! Rather than rush to the first newsagent and go outside and smoke. Getting there! Andi 22 I had to change trains at Brixton Underground SCREAM SCREAM how do you do that?, I was really scared of the sheer volume of people moving as a mass I've not experienced a London rush hour for a long time, I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing. (Nope still can't get the funny faces right) Anyone who does that on a daily basis ought to get an award! Got a new crush on Horlicks, going to make one now.....:)

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My, my Friezfriend, you have certainly had a good 'ole Londoner's workout! I'm sure!

Bad news about your car, but great that it may have been caught on the CCTV.

Well done to you on keeping your wits about you and venturing off to Boots for your NRT. You have done amazingly well and have managed to keep yourself on track throughout all your London adventure :-)

Welcome home! :D


Wow I am not surprised your worn out. Sounds like you enjoyed London . And whats more as a non smoker. Good on you. I do hope they catch the culprit of your car. Enjoy your Horlicks. :)


Hey Friez, am soooo glad you had a lovely weekend with your Daughter :) AND kept smoke free tooooo :) I just cant fault ya 1 little bit gal :) just a shame about your car :( you would have thought they would have left a phone number or something eh :o

I hope you get it sorted, speak soon, Pete :)


Hi Friez, sounds like you had just the best time in London - bet you didn't have time to think about smoking. Wasn't it great to not have to worry about where you could go to have your fix all the time? FREEDOM!!! :)

Friezfriend13 MONTHS WINNER

Hiya Andi, absolutely, YUP it was really liberating!