Quit Monday 12th Oct :-)

Quit Monday 12th Oct :-)

I quit with my partner on Monday 12th its only Tuesday 13th 11.45PM !

Was 45 on Sunday, and gave up in the evening, Monday i was so tired all day, giddy when i got up with a cough and sick feeling, soon as i was trying to sleep i had a tight chest (maybe anxiety related) !!!, had a vivid dream that very night after putting on a patch.

Tuesday we went for along walk i was coughing feeling nausea, ear ache from coughing and sneezing, tight chest, but also had black spots in my eyes and couldn't focus, and major a headache by the time i was half way through my walk already felt a lot better but weak and shaky, i have felt very very mild versions of all that when i was smoking and running out or short !.

I really did feel it was toxins escaping and a rush of oxygen through me causing it all, but its only been two days, am told the worse is yet to come, my symptoms sound bad but at the same time there temporary and come before a craving, all or some of the symptoms above, sometimes mild or severe, know i will suffer, however i already feel better and a release over me, it does feel like shock to the entire system was smoking over 30 years, gave up when i got to 25 a day, am 4ft 10 and seven and half stone.

Am hoping that feeling like tgis so soon it will pass as quick as it started, so im left with the cravings, but will take whatever coming am prepared for the worst as am so determined to stop for good.

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  • Hiya Amanda and welcome to quit support 😊

    Congratulations on making the decision to quit, you and your partner will be able to support one another which is great.

    Unfortunately the withdrawals you are experiencing are all very normal. Stay determined and this will help you through the tough times.

    Our motto is NOPE not one puff ever🚭

    Good luck to both of you and if ya need anything just shout, as there's always someone around to help😊x

  • Thank you, am now on five weeks so am realy happy !!! x

  • Hi ya AmandaH1970, a big warm welcome to our lovely quit support community :) :) and a MASSIVE well done to you and your partner for quitting the cigs :) :)

    Amanda, I'm just flippin looooooving your pic gal :D :D :D and I hope your other half is pampering you like that :o :) :)

    Rite, down to the nitty gritty :o most of your symptoms are normal :o :) Amanda, we are all made differently and we have different symptoms at different times of our quit journey :o If you have any worries at all, just nip to see your GP, even if its just to put your mind at rest :)

    Your body is going through a vast change now :o so try to help it by drinking lots of water :) and if you cough up any phlegm, then please spit it out in to a napkin or something, get rid of it :) Plus exercise will help too :) even if its a nice walk around :)

    Your both in very early days yet, so please be patient :) :)

    If you have a look to the right of your post, you will see - Pinned Posts and Topics - just have a read through some of them :) plus you will find some breathing exercises which may help you :)

    We have a mantra on here, NOPE, Not One Puff Ever :) if you and your other half stick to that, you wont go wrong :) :)

    Hope to see's ya soon Amanda :)

    Pete :)

  • More newbies! I'm only a couple of days ahead of you and your partner! Good luck. And keep it up. I also am loving this site! You are around my age. Looking at those pix and videos to the right will help you also say NOPE!

  • Hi thanks, yes am on five weeks now and feel im doing well, we have a great incentive that we have saved over £750 between us, we struggle a bit with cravings and cant wait for the weeks to pass by x

  • Hi Amanda and :) a warm welcome to the group..Having a partner to share each others journey is awesome.. We have one couple here who recently celebrated their first year of being smoke free :) :)

    All the very best of luck on your quit journey

  • Hi! Just wanted to say"Welcome!", too. As mentioned above and as you are experiencing .. there can be a number of withdrawal symptoms and ... but it IS worth it in so many ways! Have a look around the site and keep in touch with us ..

  • Hi Amanda love the cat picture. Wishing you luck quitting.

  • lol yes i could do with a massage !!! x

  • Hi all,

    Ive not been on in a while as been ill, its been five weeks quit and im doing well, along with my partner, however after a month of quitting i found out i had shingles and a sever case i thought was due to quitting as i had a lot of bad withdrawal symptoms, i think i must have had shingles after three weeks caused by stress but my partner and i are convinced it started because I stopped smoking.

    I was very ill quitting but never happier in myself that i had stopped, wasn't even down or depressed about the symptoms, am 45, and smoked over 20 a day, been smoking over 35 years.

    Does anyone else think its related ?, i think is very strange that the receptors in the brain change after 3 to 4 weeks and that's when my shingles started which is to do with nerves and stress in my case from the brain and neck i also had shingles in my ear.

    Explains what i thought was my prolonged bad quit symptoms which is a relief, my partner wasn't even half as bad as me quitting.

    Im just convinced that underneath my brain went into shock from quitting and didn't know how to cope, as i used cigarettes as a stress relief all my life and its not known what to do.

    Am doing really well and again just gives me more incentive to stay quit and i have no interest in starting EVER.

    Especially as never been ill in my life, its also unusual to get shingles at 45 and such a sever case the doctor told me what it was as soon as i walked in his surgery it was that bad, im on 800mg five times a day of antibiotics to clear it up.

    I have the Ramsey Hunt version that is rare in my ear and around my jaw line to neck and hair line.

    Am not worried as been the doctors etc, am just a bit shocked that i could get so ill when i should have been at my healthiest in 35years. Just very strange and wonder if anyone else has had similar etc.

    If not i thought was just interesting side effect or coincidence ??/?

    Amanda x

  • Hiya Amanda and congratulations on 5 weeks quit, well done💐😊

    Wow, you've been really ill with the shingles, poor thing☹️ so hope ya feel better soon😊

    I think reading your story it's possible that this was bought on by the stress of quitting although I guess we'll never know for sure. Thanks for sharing your story Amanda and you should be very proud of yourself👏🏼😊x

  • Hi Amanda

    Sorry to hear about your physical withdrawal/shingles. I too was shocked by my physical withdrawal. I thought withdrawal was all about cravings. My blood pressure dropped too low, I had headaches, nausea, back pain, stomach pain, insomnia..... Oh my God. I couldn't believe it. I went to the doctors. The doctor found through blood work that my thyroid wasn't working properly so now I'm on thyroid meds.... It's been a long hard 7 weeks for me but like you..... I NEVER want to light up again..... Never thought cigarettes could be so addictive and cause such brutal withdrawal

    But good on ya👏🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

    Keep up the good work!!!!


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