Day 16

Hi it's day 16 on champix and I'm doing brilliant went to see nurse yesterday told her I've not had a fag since day 9 she said that's brilliant my carbon monoxide detector test should be about a 6 well it wasn't I'm so pleased to say it was 2 I told her I have been using a e-cigarette a couple of times a day and she said as long as its nomore it's fine coz I'm doing so well I am so pleased with my self its been 7 days with out a fag or roll up whoop whoop thanks to everyone for thirty support x

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  • Well well well, a whole flippin fantastic week... WHOOOHOOO shandybandy, no wonder the nurse is pleased with you :)

    Keep up the good work hun and make sure you keep coming on here and letting us know how your getting on :) delighted for you I really am :)

  • WELL DONE . shandybandy, that reading is brill.

  • WOOHOO!!!!!..that is awesome results Shandy. You are doing ever so well :) :) Keep up the great work

  • Wow, that's fabulous!! A whole week without smoking :) I can almost see your beaming smile from here :D well done!!

  • I never ever thought I could go an hour with out a fag let alone a whole week I know it ain't that long but I am so proud of my self

  • Aup Shandy, thats great news gal :) :) I think the lowest I got on the carbon monoxide test was 2, usually it was about 4, cos I can remember the nurse telling me that even just walking along the road side and all the fumes from the cars and lorries would coarse a reading of 3 to 4 :o Sooo you did really well :) and yes, you feel proud of your personal achievement :) :) Cos I tell you Shandy, I'm dead proud of you :) sooooo, you go and treat yourself to something really nice eh :) :)

    Shandy, stick with it gal, cos I think you've got over the hardest part now :) but please try to finish the coarse of champix, cos its helping you to get your body and mind back :) so you can live a long and healthy life again and have some fun too eh :) :)

    If your worried about anything or want to ask a question, then you just shout out gal :o ok :)

    See's ya soon :)

  • Well hello mister monky adminininin :) nice job with Glolin's badge, very blingy and shiny :)

  • Why, thank you young Lady :) :)

    Hmmmm, what do you want ?? cos when a young Lady gives me a compliment I know she's after something seeeee :o ;) I aint got no dow either :P :D :D :D

    How you doing Droopy :o you done a full week at work this week then :o

  • As if you could think that I would want something...... :O

    Nope I have only done 3 full days this week.... but have actually done more hours than supposed to... :(

  • :P :D :D :D

    Hey, Droopy, these things take time gal :o just hope you have all healed up nicely now from your opp and sort of getting back to normal eh :o :D :D

  • Errrr could I ask you a gardening question coz you is always pottering in that garden of yours????? :P

    When do you cut your roses back and how far back do you cut??? :) :)

  • Ahhhhhh, you having the same trouble as me then :o

    My comments keep ermmmm, vanishing :X :X

  • It all depends on the type of rose really, but mine are bush roses and all I do this time of Year is cut the dead heads off and any old wood :)

    I prune them hard in February to about a foot high :) this helps to stop the wind rocking them in March :o

  • Bush rose??? aren't they all Bush Roses??? although down here they are all Rose Bushes.... :D :D

  • Sooooo, you lot down their dont have florabunda or hybrid roses then :P :D :D

  • ERRRRR Wot?????

  • :D :D :D

  • The only difference really is that the floribunda ( bush rose ) you can do anything with :o and wont kill it :) :)

    the hybrid tea roses need a bit more TLC :)

  • I've noticed my bell isnt ding-donging tonight as it should dooooooo :o :P

    Hows you'rs :o

  • I still aint got a bell.... :O


    Well, I've only got one and I reallllllly neeeeeeed it see, so you cant have mine :P :D :D

    Has anybody got a spare bell for DroopyJ ?? :| :D :D

  • lol lol :D

  • Hey Shandy, great work! I know what you mean, you think you're never going to crack this thing, then, bam! You did it! Stay strong! You are doing brilliant!

  • Congratulations shandybandy on your test and no smokes for over a week now, fantastic and keep up the good work :) x

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