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I'm back nearly 4 weeks in.


Hi all.

I started smoking again after I went home to visit my family (they all smoke & in their houses too) anyhow needless to say I picked up and then had some crap news at work so started right back again on 30 a day :(

However I decided that smoking wasn't helping with anything and decided I was going to stop again. So I bought patches and did two weeks on the 21mg and then started the 14mg. I realised on day 4 that I hadn't put a patch on and it didn't freak me out. I've not put a patch on since and am just doing 2mg lozenges when the urge gets too much.

So I'm just throwing it out there, that I'm back & a happy non smoker. Actually happy this time and previous triggers like partner being out at work and boredom don't seem to be getting to me. It's like something has just changed. I'd be lying to say that the thought of smoking has completely gone, but it is just that. A thought. Which I'm choosing not to act on!

I hope everyone is doing ok and it's good to be back!

Chris :-)

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Hi Chrissy-Fur, Welcome back,good to hear you are coping with your quit. perhaps before was a practice run. Keep being positive your doing great xx


Aup Chris, its great to see your back on track :)

Just remember how easy it is to fall off the quit track :o so you keep focused now, your doing just great pal :)

Speak soon, Pete :)


Hi Chris, welcome back, no shame in a little slip up :) that was the practice run and now your back in the race, so well done :) it's all a learning curve, a bit like life really :) this time you are so much stronger, this time you will win, you can do it, stay strong :) x

Pinkiezoom26 Months Winner

Hi Chris,

Well done for getting back on the wagon, pleased you are finding it easier this time, i guess sometimes, something just clicks x

Congratulations on making a lot of progress! Whenever I want to dip, I try to remember that the urge will pass. The more I say no to those urges, the weaker they become. One day at a time!

CHRIS,you're back !!! YAY !! Just found your post as I'm not lurking about as much anymore.Well done on the fab 4 weeks,sounds like you're doing pretty well.I'm very glad.Hard when family members smoke but you got it all sorted now it seems.Welcome back.H x

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