Hello I'm Back! :)

Good Morning Everybody from Sunny Sheffield

It's so lovely to see you all again - How are you??????? :) :)

Well I'm off for a little walk this morning because I need to fetch my car again, and some milk whilst I am at it, after a night out with my girlie friends last night which, as usual, was amazing fun! I seem to recall agreeing to go on a girlie weekend to Liverpool in August so that will be amazing as one of the girls hails from that city and she wants to show it off to the rest of us!!

I want to say a very SPARKLY WELL DONE to Lovely Betts for achieving her 4 week badge today - Congratulations sweetie, you deserve that badge so much so wear it will style and enjoy it!!!

Everyone is doing so brilliantly you just have to keep going, this is an amazing thing to do and be proud of how far you have come!

So have a wonderful Saturday everyone and stay happy and positive!!!

Will somebody fetch my car for me please? :) :) :)

Love Chrissie xxx :) :)

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  • Morning Chrissie :)

    Have a lovely walk to get that car, it's wall to wall sunshine here too, so need to grab it quick.

    4 weeks today! Feeling pretty sparkly here, thank you for reminder :) :)

    Time to get up and and at it. Happy weekend all!


  • Yeh you got your badge - YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! :) :) :)

    Now that looks like a dancing badge to me - I hope you are the happiest person on here today and enjoy every moment of your wonderful achievement - you so deserve it! :) :) :) xxx

  • Aw Chrissie :) :)

    You are a star!

  • Just got my badge! Yippeeeeeeeeee!

  • Big congratulations Betts enjoy your special day and celebrate that badge x

  • Thanks Kaprin :)

  • Way hay Briarwood!!

    I'm jumping! :D :D

    Thank you!

  • Keep jumping :D x

  • Weyyyyyyyyy Heyyyyyyyyyy Betts, just loving your new badge gal :) :)


    You get your bestestststst dancing frock ironed for tonight eh :) :)

  • Gettingy red dress ready 8-)

  • Welcome back Chrissie glad you had a good evening with the girlies, walk will clear the head of the red milk no doubt enjoy the rest of your weekend x

  • Morning Chrissie, nice to see ya back and glad you have been enjoying yourself :) x

  • Nice to see you too Briarwood - and congratulations on 7 weeks stop - YOU ARE A STAR lady!!!

    As soon as I feel 100% again I'll do a happy dance for you :) :) :) xx

  • Welcome back Chrissie :) :) and soo glad you had a good night out with your friends lastnight :)

    Enjoy your walk for your car gal, as you know I would offer to go and fetch it for you, but it would be a flippin lonnnnnnng walk for me eh :o :D :D

    See ya soon :)

  • Ah that's so sweet of you, thank you! :)

    Kaprin it did help to clear the red milk I have to admit - I think I need something to eat now to finally cure me though:)

    :) :) :)

  • Well car fetched - done! Milk bought - done! Good deed for the day - done!! When I got back my ex husband text to ask if I was going to the shop - I wasn't (I'd just been) but asked why - he's poorly today so wondered whether I would fetch his papers for him! So that means I don't have to do anymore good deeds today - I can be bad all day now! :) :) xx

  • Aup Chrissie, yeahhhhhhhh you be bad gal and get a big bacon & egg butty down you for breckie eh :D :D :D

  • That actually sounds like heaven to me, but sadly no bacon at Chez Chrissie!! :(

    It did cross my mind to get some but then I thought, I really need to lose a few pounds so I resisted temptation :) :)

    Shame though - that would have gone down a treat.

    So anyway how are you doing Monky? You must be nearly 10 weeks now - that is amazing and you've made DOUBLE figures!!! Happy days are here and a happy dance will follow sometime today if possible!! :) :) xx

  • Ahhhh well, you will just have to do with a jam sarnie then eh :D :D

    Yeah, am ok thank you for asking young Lady :) :) xx

    You get some press ups done and loosen up for tonight eh :D :D

  • Enjoy a badass day Chrissie :D


  • OK Badass day over - actually I suffered a tad more than I expected to until I remembered that with the rush to get out on time, I actually forgot to eat last night!!! lesson learnt (again!!!)

    So did I see somewhere that the theme is red tonight? And I was just about to paint my nails with pink polish too! :) :) :) xxx

  • Yep, Chrissie, its red milk, red lippy and red nail polish tooooo see, soooo you will have to scrape that pink nail polish off seeeee :o :D :D :D


    Just about got my garage ready for the party now :) just got to put some posters up, but am not sure which way up they go, cos the flippin cats nicked my specs again seeee :o :D :D

    But I will manage somehow, am not sure how, but I will :P :D :D :D

  • :D :D :D

  • Youve got to line your stomach!!

    Not quite ready yet - looking for that red lippy.......now where did I put it?

    See you later :) x

  • Aup Betts, love the lippy gal, but ermmmm, just wandering, if you could doooooooo something with your hair eh :o :D :D :D


  • :D :D

  • :D :D :D

  • I can see that 4 week badge glowing and sparkling from here in sunny (NOT!!) Newcastle.Wear it with the huge amount of pride that it deserves.H x

  • Toooooo flippin right Helen, too right gal :) :) xx

  • Found you glasses, They're ready to party :D


  • :D :D :D

  • Hey wasn't it nice of them to put the Eurovision Song Contest on for us to dance to?

    Okay pink polish off and red polish on - red milk at the ready and my dancing shoes are on - are we ready to rock? :) :) :) xx

  • Chrissie, ESC, :P :P erm, I think I might find some sounds eh :o :D :D

    Hey, red polish and red milk suit you gal :D :D xx

  • Eurovision song contest. :o hahaha, it makes the Cars DVD we're watching with my grandson seem scintillating.

  • Oh how right you are :D

  • Graham Norton makes me laugh with his little comments! The bearded lady was somethng else though - mesmerising!!! :) :) :)

  • I'm ready Betts, couldn't get red in my size, sorry :D

  • You look so posh Briarwood - very glam! :) :) xx

  • I had to make a special effort for a special Lady Betts for a special badge. This really is a special day for you Betts, you did it :) x

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