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Daily Chat ~ Monday 30th July 2012

Daily Chat ~ Monday 30th July 2012

Good morning Good morning

How is everyone today?

Wow there’s been lots going on here over the weekend :o !!

What a horrible day :-( !! Pouring down, I aquaplaned on the way to work!!! Not nice!

Our forum is growing by the day, 172 people we have now. That’s brilliant :-D . Please remember to put your quit date on the Wall of Winners posted by Emjay …

I think I need to have a little look at this competition that’s been going on. I didn’t win the Euromillions at the weekend let’s see if I can win this ;-)

Speak soon

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Good morning Claire and everyone else. Oh dear, bet you can't smoke those piggies in the shower!!! :D :D Sorry about your weather again, we've got sun and cloud down here today and a dry day forecast, but not for the rest of the week. Must get the grass cut today!

Had a good run this morning but now I have to get the car fixed. :(

See you later. :)


Hi All i had a great holiday and a smoke free one even though i went with a smoker i was not bothered, exept by the smell yuk yuk. ( just think we all used to smell like that!)

I am 29 days free !!! yeh :)


Hi everyone the weather is not to bad here, small shower now the suns out,

hope you get your car fixed Andi, nothing worse then them braking down

well done sure2, 29 days that's brilliant :), way to go :), and a great smoke free holiday as well, it's great when you can be around smokers and not want one yourself painful:)

need to go eat something now

will chat later Susan :) x



Hi Sure2, I'm glad you enjoyed your hol. Back now to this lovely weather >:-( !! Your sense of smell and taste buds are the first things to recover when quitting smoking. You did brilliant, going on holiday with a smoker and not giving in. BIG smiles :-D .

Hi Andi; did you get your car sorted? It’s a pain when things go wrong with them!!!

Hellloooo sue52, how's things? Hope you're enjoying the weather, it seems to brightening up here now :-D

Speak soon 8-)


Hi Claire the weather has been quite good here :) don't think it's gonna last though, and i'm suck in decorating, ah well better get back to it.

Chat soon Susan :) x


Hello all - I had an extended holiday at my son's caravan it was like being abroad and I'm still smoke free. 8 weeks tomorrow I think? I know it will be two months on the 5th so maybe will start counting in months now and not weeks...yay!!


Hi dawlol brill your at the 2 month mark :) it's such a hard thing to do, you must be so proud of yourself :) i know we all are :) i didn't get a holiday this year, i'm doing up the house instead, so must get back to it unfortunately :D

Speak soon Susan :) x


Aup Sue,

you still hard at it gal, decorating :( :( thought your Hubby was doing that, mind you us blokes do need a bit of a push sometimes, and a hand to just get it right :D

Speak soon Pete :)


Hi Everyone, Well thats my grandparent duties done for a week. Been on the scooter. had a walk. Played on wii machine. and been knitting . worn out now.

Just putting tea on.

Nice to see you open up Claire, Got to wait for Emjay with results of challenge..

Like the piccy.

Andi hope your ok love. and managed to get the car fixed.

Sure2 lovely to have you back and hope your holiday was great. A big WELL DONE on reaching 29 days. thats brill.

Sue Hope decorating goes ok. We were like you 2 years ago, now its short breaks as we are trying to sell the house.

Dawn great to hear from you. Glad your hol went ok. BIG WELL DONE on reaching 8weeks.

Going to get my tea now so back soon. You are all wonderful xx :)


Evening all, nice to see Sure2 and Dawn back from their hols and celebrating nearly 1 month and 2 months - you were so lucky Dawn! 8-) All back to normal again now though - where's my socks! :D :D

Jilly, you're getting good exercise without even trying with those grandkids - perhaps you should have them 4 or 5 days a week! :o :P :D :D

Sue with your decorating - I thought you said your hubbie was doing it? I'm ok at painting but I absolutely refuse to do wallpapering (no good at it :o ) Good exercise again! :)

(Oh dear, I think there's a bit of a theme starting up here. :D :D )

My car, well as it's nearly 5 years old and I'm not very reliable at pumping up the tyres these days I'm having a whole new set. :o They had 2 in stock so fitted them and have to go back in a day or two to get the others. :( The damaged one had what looked like a nail in it but on closer inspection it was actually the end of a screwdriver! :P Ah well, I knew it was on the cards anyway so it just gave me the extra push to get it done. :D Just as well I've given up smoking cos now I can afford the whole set with what I've saved!!! :) :)


Oh Andi shame about the tyres. Your on about given up smoking for the cost. I just said to my hubby glad I gave up because when I played with the grandchildren, I felt awful making excuses to go outside for a fag. Also I used to be out of breath running round with them. Think we have all learned plenty of reasons to stop. see ya soon. XX


Sorry everyone but going to call it a day. I am off for a soak in the bath. Then chill out before bedtime. Sorry not been on much today. See you all tomorrow.

(pete hope your not too tired)

nite nite. :)


Hi everybody, looks like i've missed all of you, these flippin shifts :X

Nice to see you again, Dawn & Sure2, it sounds like you both had a smashing smoke free holiday, keep at it, cus you know that you can do :) :)

Hi Claire, aquaplaned !! you dont want to do that toooo often gal, as you said its not nice is, and it soon wakes you up :o :o bin there done that one :o Where's Emjay then ?? bet she's nodding again, leaving you to do all the work again :D :D

Andi, i tell you gal cars cost nearly as much as you Ladies doooooooo :D :D

Jillygirl, you know something, i reckon you like scooting, i should hope that you have got a licence for it :D :D nite nite Jillygirl

Andi and all good night to you and keep kicking them piggies outa that door :)

Nite nite .


Yeah its me again sorryyyyyy :P

Andi with you talking about paying for your new tyres with the money you have saved with not smoking, i've just worked out how much i have saved towards my new wheels, about £650.00, WOW !!!! that means i will be able to buy a car with gofast wing mirrors on it now :o :D orrrrrrr one with an real engine in it, so i wont have to push it :D :D

nite nite Andi


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