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I'm back

After giving up smoking for ten weeks using an e-cig I started smoking again and have been smoking for the last 3weeks but tonight I went to the smoking clinic and I'm going to get a course of champix which I shall get next week so I will be giving up yet again any help and advice using champix will be much appreciated thanks the blogs helped me last time it was just my own stupidity that started me smoking again so thank you donesmokin

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Hi there, glad you came back - this site is great. I have got a full course of the champix ready to take. I suppose I cheated a little bit in so much that I still wanted the 'hit' - so I went on the ecig 72 hrs before the clinic so I blew between 1 and 0 , I then carried on with a mixture of fags and e cig until I got the full course. When I got that, I went onto the ecig and stopped the tobacco - now 70 days in. Having got used to the no fags bit, I feel more ready to use the pills to come off the ecig and nicotine, in fact I have a nrt stop day of 1st July. It may not be the 'prescribed' way but I still haven't had a smoke yet. And wow - just looking at the calendar it is now exactly 10 weeks for me. Maybe we could go on it together?? I have made only one rule up for myself and that is to ' not take the first puff of a fag' - that way I cant possibly smoke any.


Make sure you read all the information on leaflet regards how to take them and the side effects


Hi again donesmokin, I don't know if you saw the blog I put on the other day but you make find something useful out of it.

If you go into tags and search for Halt stop smoking.

take care. xx


Aup Donesmokin, its nice to see you again :)

I've used champix, its very good, but I've got one bit of advice for you, eat something before you take it, even if its only a couple of biscuits, cos then you wont feel sick :)

Good luck, Pete :)


hi Donesmoking

Ihave also used champix and have just got to 13 weeks not smoking as with others who have commented i found eating before taking them subsided the sick feeling . I have tried many times to give up before using nrt but the champix has worked best for me . Good luck with it and keep strong x


Hi Done and welcome back. Let's hope you manage to succeed this time. Like Vee says, you just have to NOT have that first puff. Try to say "no thank-you, I don't do that any more".

Good luck and stay strong. :)


Well done for trying again. I tried many times but finally gave up end of January with the champix, although I had used champix before plus other things like patches, I think I was in the right frame of mind this time. It was not easy for me and I still think about fags quite a lot.. Came close to buying 10 fags a couple of times but managed to walk away. Good luck and yes it it important to eat before taking the tablets or they will make you sick. Also I was told to take my second one before 6pm to avoid any strange dreams. Good luck will be keeping my fingers crossed for you. This is not an easy journey for some of us, but well worth the effort. x


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