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I'm back :)

Hi everyone :)

Hope everyone is keeping well and of course smoke free :). I've been following the dreadful situation with flooding in the UK and I hope that everyone is keeping high and dry! It's still warm and sunny here in tasmania as we move towards autumn.

Well I'm pleased to say that I have gained some control since my last post. For those of you who don't know I am using Champix and have done since the start of December. My quit date was December 23 and besides a slip up New Year's Eve I was pretty smug about my achievements. But by mid January I was really struggling. I'd find myself having a drag of my partner's cigarette a few times a day and then the dreadful demon grabbed hold of me and told me it was okay to have one whole cigarette before bed. I did that a couple of nights and felt dreadfully guilty which led to my last post here on January 25.

WELL ......... I sat back and really looked at what I was doing and why. I decided that I REALLY needed to listen to my body and brain and follow what it was telling me. I continued with the Champix and stopped stressing so much and have faith in what the medication should be doing instead of fighting it! And surprise surprise I am now totally smoke free!!! The real joy is that all cravings have stopped. I can't even imagine putting a cigarette to my lips. The smell of my partner smoking makes me feel ill and I make him scrub himself before he comes to bed. I've even been in situations such as the pub, and parties and still haven't felt an urge to join the smokers. The smell that wafts thru the door makes me feel sick.

I'm not naive enough to call myself a non smoker yet and I'm sure there may come a time when the Nic monster will try and get me again but I'm hoping that if that does occur I will find the strength to fight it!!! I will also ask the doctor for another prescription to really shut those nicotine sensors down!!!!!

So that's where I'm at :). Oooooooooo and on an exciting note I finally got a job!!! Yay for me I start full time employment on 25th February :). It's been a looooong 2 year holiday! Unemployment on the NW coast of tasmania is extremely high so I feel pretty blessed that I get to return to the workforce especially at 50 years of age!

Take care one and all. I promise to drop in more often. Was great catching up on all your posts. There are so many positive stories out there :)



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Hey Muddles,

Well done you for getting back on track :), and a double woohoooo for getting a job, good luck for that on the 25th.



Thanks pinkie :) yep I'm way excited!!!


I didn't realise unemployment was such an issue over there! So its an extra achievement really. x


I think it's fairly global isn't it? Tasmania has the highest unemployment rate in Australia tho :(


And thank you yes.....I am rather chuffed! (Oooooo I sound British haha)


Really lovely to hear from you muddles, well done keep it up, I am still having cravings but stopped the patches almost 2 weeks ago, still have a little of the gum left for when it gets bad but all in all doing OK, some days obviously worse than others, thought your partner decided to stop too or have I missed something


Wow Kaprin you're doing so well! Keep at it and chew that gum whenever you need to!!! My partner DID say he was stopping but he struggles. He's getting better and has cut way down since I've stopped. He is now the only smoker amongst our group of friends and I notice he's more and more uncomfortable now that he hasn't got me by his side to go outside with. He'll get there I'm sure but as we all know only he can make the ultimate decision!

One thing I've found since stopping is a growing addiction to mints whilst driving plus a few kilos crept on but I'm not stressing about that at the moment. I'll start this job and get settled then tackle the weight :)


Hey Muddles, so glad your back , and still smokefree good for you. :) :)

Well done on getting a job, how good it must feel being in a new job as a non smoker, not having to worry about sneaking off for a smoke. Take care. xx


Thanks jillygirl :) it will be awesome not wasting my tea break or lunch break by standing in a smoky haze! I might use that time to go for a walk and stretch the legs!!!


WOW,you lucky lady keeping warm and dry in Tasmania whilst we're all shivering and wet !!

I'm chuffed to bits that you got a job,good luck for 25th,you'll be fine.Even better that you gave the Champix time to do it's job & aren't stressing as much.Be very proud that you're smoke free coz it sure ain't easy.Doin' the happy dance for you Muddles,sounds like life is good.Hugs H


Thanks snowdrop!! And look at you with your 4 month tag!!!! You go girl!!

Yes weather wise it's bizarre. While you guys are struggling to keep your heads above water we have suffered devastating bush fires!

Thanks for your warm reply! :) xx


Glad to see you back Muddles. You are doing so well.


Thanks heaps! As are you by the looks of your tag! Congratulations!!!!!


Hi Mardi, nice to see you're back on it. Congrats on getting a new job - what kind of work is it? Last I heard of my travelling friend over there, she was heading over to Tassie. She's due to leave Oz in another week. I seem to have picked the right winter to spend most of it out of the country - still no sign of the rain and wind letting up. It's sunny today but cold but our weekend forecast is yet more wind and rain. Roll on spring - at least all our friends on here are appreciating that they don't have to fight the weather at times to get in a smoke. :)


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