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5 weeks cold turkey, when will I notice the benefits!!

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So I haven't been on for a bit, but I'm 5 weeks today with a single puff. I've done this cold turkey for which I am so proud of myself. I'm still feeling pretty cranky though, had a few days a couple weeks back where I felt much better but I'm tired, I'm stressed, I'm anxious, have constant headaches and the dizziness has returned! Been to the dr who thinks everything is fine and it's just from quitting, but just wondering when people finally noticed the benefits of quitting.

I should also add, at work yesterday one of the residents came inside after having a smoke, aghhh she STUNK!! I think this is a win, can't believe I made my poor children smell me like that!

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Hi Michandy, Your doing really well. Symptoms of stress etc . do settle down. This can vary for each individual. Stay strong and positive as you are doing and one day you will realise you feel good ,without the anxiety and stress.

I think this time of year (assuming you live in the UK) doesn`t help. Think we all get short of vitamin D. :) xx

Take care. xx

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Jaxv64 in reply to jillygirl

think you are right there Jilly - did notice that I was 'putting my face on' in daylight this morning though - spring's coming! :)

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Michandy5 MONTH WINNER in reply to jillygirl

Jillygirl I'm in Australia! And been dealing with ridiculously hot days!

But Thankyou for your words of encouragement 😊

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glolinLONG TERM WINNER in reply to Michandy

It will get better, just takes time..nice to see another member from Aussie..👍

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Michandy5 MONTH WINNER in reply to glolin

Thankyou! Think I was having a bad day the other day!

Afternoon Michandy

You will notice the benefits soon! I reckon that sometimes the symptoms of recovery can sometimes mask those benefits that are already happening but as the days and weeks roll by, you will start to be more aware of how much better you feel - and how much more money you have in your pocket/purse/bank!

Yes, know what you mean about smelling someone who smokes - we had no idea did we that we inflicted this on others!? Well, actually, we did know if we're honest but we conveniently pretended we didn't! :)

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Michandy5 MONTH WINNER in reply to Jaxv64

Yes! I was always aware, but always just thought my dad was exaggerating when he would complain and move away from me!!

I did wonder if the benefits were being hidden by my anxiety (have had anxiety for 14 years) and I just have been oblivious to them.

Thankyou though, your reply is much appreciated 😊

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Hey Michandy 😊

I started feeling better after month 4. My depression and my psychological dependence on smoking disappeared 👍

Feels great when that happens. It happens at different times for everyone .

Way to go on a great quit 🦋xx

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Michandy5 MONTH WINNER in reply to Hidden

Arizonasands Thankyou! I had read that around 4 months seems to be when people are starting to feel better. Just goes to show how much this drug has a hold over our body!

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Hidden in reply to Michandy

Sure does. I was shocked how addicted I was.. I went cold turkey as well😡Grrrrr. Lol

Hi keep with your quit 5 weeks is brilliant.

It actually took a year to feel like me again, but I was cold turkey. Probably less than a year I know I was giving it a year and if I still felt ill then I was going to start smoking again.

everyone is different, I had never had anxiety before and even know at times it can be a struggle 😀

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Congrats on your 5 weeks quit, fantastic👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

you're doing ever so well so hang in there coz there are lots of benefits, just takes a while to get them but it will honestly be worth it🚭👍🏼😊

I know I have been 9 weeks quit today cold turkey and it takes a while to feel completely healthy again I told my Dr I felt better when I smoked lol but it will get better I had sever panic attacks and anxiety in the first 4 weeks now just anxiety but I want go back to smoking for anything the smell ugh and when someone around me smokes I hold my breath until I am away it's bad and I am solo happy I quit

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Hi Michandy, first... Congratulations on 5 weeks. For me I was over the worst at 5 weeks. I'm coming up to week 8 and I feel like an ex-smoker. I had to force myself to look at the positive side and looking at others helped with that. Reminding myself why I quit and how difficult it is to do made me feel better too.

Keep going. You'll feel better soon!

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Michandy5 MONTH WINNER in reply to Frank_Grimes

Hey Frank,

Congrats on the 8 weeks! That's amazing!

I agree, looking at others and reminding myself that I want to be around to see my 4 kids grow up is what is motivating me. There's good and bad days, but the good are definitely beginning to outweigh the bad

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FloridaTexan14 Month Winner

it's my 5th week cold turkey and I would like to know the same thing! as to when I'll feel better because last week was admitted into hospital because small part of lung collapsed and thought it was a heart attack praise God NOTHING is wrong with my heart but they saw it's my lungs but they blew it off to quitting smoking recently ugh but dang now today noticing hard to breath as well it's like my body is totally fighting me on my quitting it's attacking me hard grrrr! when will I feel better YES I do notice stuff has changed for the better since I quit, like coughing up that annoying phylum every morning it's gone :D and the fact my skin does look better and others that smoke are smelly but cravings aren't completely gone and my lungs hurt, the only thing keeping me going is knowing the Lord blessed me with 5 weeks off cigs and trying to take it day by day, since I've tried so many other times to quit but never made it this far so blessed but know it could change any day so trying hard not to think about tomorrow with it! can someone please give me inspiring news on when this ugly feeling finally goes away or if it won't just be honest

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