No fags, no food and no wine (except for the odd whinge that is !!)

Finding things just a bit tough today. I'm hungry all the time but need to loose a bit more weight (I'm in a size 14 down from an 18) so food is restricted and so is alcohol (haven't had any alcohol since May) and of COURSE I'm still off the cigs (finding that actually easier than being off the food) I'm absolutely craving sweet things and somehow today Mullerlight Yogurt/ Fruit just doesn't have the appeal of a bar of chocolate/bag of Haribo !! What do I do?? I would normally go to the gym and walk the gremlins off but my back and hip are really sore today so I know that that's just not a good idea. Sorry to moan, today is just not a good one so far. (I have a quote pinned up on the fridge which I point to when hubby comes in and I'm feeling like this it says 'I'm sorry for what I said when I was hungry' think it wil be used again today!!)

HOPE everyones day is going really well and that those who are struggling maybe today will find some peace.




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  • Hi Ysd.,

    I wish i knew the answer for you. I too am on the dieting regime. And like you get cravings for choccy etc. I just try and make myself very busy, like when i first started to stop smoking. I find it helps just getting outside to take my mind off food. :)

  • The only diet I ever went on Was the F plan one years ago, I really wasn't hungry on that because it entailed a lot of high fibre food like porridge etc which fills you up for ages. And I allowed myself a square of chocolate every evening which helped. Saying that my head would be spinning if I was off everything like you that's one big mountain you have set yourself there! Can I just remind you that size 14 used to be the average size of most women in the UK before we started photo shopping pre pubescent girls in women's clothes. Marilyn Monroe was size 14.... I'm just saying. :)

  • Hi H and everyone, yep, I know exactly what you mean. Have you tried drinking lots more water? It's probably best to allow yourself a very small treat, especially as you've been so good. I've just remembered a recipe for 2 ingredient cookies which is really good for you and keeps the edge off those sweet hunger pangs. I'll dig it out and post it on the recipes for you. :)

  • Hmmmmm, cant see that recipe yet :o :P :D :D

  • Hi yellowsnowdrop

    goodness me you are doing well, I wish I was a size 14....not prepared to disclose what I am but its more like 'oof' than 'hmmmm'

    Andi's advice on having water is good. If you cant do any weightbearing exercise could you do some non weightbearing things lying down? Like cycling in the air or leg lifts? Some of that can still get the endorphins circulating and improve your mood. Maybe you need to invest in a good book so you can get lost in the story and take your mind off thinking about food?


  • I gave in and bought myself a small bar of choc, just one of those days and I'm sure tomorrow will be better. The main thing is that I haven't used my Ecig since 11 a.m.and probably won't again until the morning, that's what's really really important to me at the moment. I got a letter from my back consultant today confirming the date of my Op(2nd December) and saying that he hoped I had remembered I was supposed to be trying to give up smoking. I've written back saying that I'm nearly at the end of week 4 and happily striding my way into week 5. The feeling I got from that was, as the advert says, absolutely priceless.

  • Oh that's fantastic yellow and your consultant will be so impressed with you. I used to work with spinal surgeons (I was a physio) and healing was so much better in non smoking patients. There are so many fine blood vessels in the spine and those of smokers are narrowed or closed which means the area doesn't get the blood cells and nutrients needed for healing. He will really admire your determination.

    As you say, the feeling was priceless. Hopefully your lungs and back will be feeling much better by Christmas.


  • Hola you are doing amazingly well to stop smoking, quit booze and lose weight.. well done! 5 weeks in is fantastic. I always find as others have suggested that exercise or yoga helps. If the sweet craving is just too much then I allow myself a Ribena or carrot juice and some exotic fruit salad. Sometimes I also have a tiny bowl of cocopops to get that chocolate fix. The odd treat now and again is not going to hurt you so don't be so hard on yourself.

    Have a super wkend all

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