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Now I was going to start this chat with the words of a song but the ones above are the only ones I can remember so methought to meself that I would use some of my newly acquired computer skills to find the rest of them but find this instead and liked it. So I thought I would share it with you all.


I've actually been up since 5.30 (yes, you've guessed it still not sleeping properly but never mind all things are sent to try us and a ciggie would only make me wider awake not put me to sleep so no, not even tempted to sneak one out of hubby's packet!) as it really is a proper morning today - unlike the last week when all you can see is snow clouds - this morning we have fluffy white clouds in blue sky, so it's back to the usual routine of taking the dogs for their early morning walk. Still got snow - how come dogs love the stuff?! - so it some ways it's bl***y hard work as its drifted so unless I want to risk life and limb by walking on the road, just have to put up with it but hopefully, if the sky's anything to go by, we may get rid of some more today. YIPPEE!

Did wonder if I should actually post today as I don't want to upset anyone by being first to blog two days on the trot - just say if I'm shoving in where I'm not wanted.

Last day at work for me today as I'm off for 5 days (can't wait!) and then it's just a short 3 day week and 2 days off - what more could one ask! Always nice not to be at work - may look on the internet to see if I can find a book about computers and how to use them properly - title really needs to be "An idiots guide to computer use" and be in big print with loads of easy to follow diagrams and literally key by key instructions! What do you reckon my chances of finding one are folks? Does anyone know where I should look?

Today is my 18th birthday - well, what I actually mean is today is my 18th no smoking day but it is like a birthday, it's a celebration - does anyone agree? I think 18 smoke free days is definitely worth celebrating so will make a chocolate cake, a victoria sandwich cake and a coffee cake this evening when I've finished work so please people, don't eat too much today as there is cake for everyone tonight! Tea, coffee or hot chocolate will also be served at the same time. Hope you can all join me - about 7.30 for 7.45 if that's OK. If you can't make it then let me know which cake you want and I promise I will put a piece on one side for you for later!

I do so prattle on I know and I do hope that you aren't all bored to kingdom come but I just put what I feel and hope that it takes your mind off other things for a short while at least. Have thought about doing a day to day thing on the trials and tribulations of being a quitter but that's probably about as interesting as this blog!

Don't know about you lot but I think I've said enough and as it's nearly time for me to get ready for work think I had better 'wind down' and go now! (Sixties music lives on as there was a song entitled Go Now can anyone else remember who sang it?)

Sorry, will shut up now honest - just hope you can make it tonight for drinks and cakes and have a soooper doooper day all!

Take care and remember, together we can do this - together we are strong!


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Good morning Buttons, and everyone else.

Happy 18th NO SMOKING day. you are doing really well. I know when I first started with quitting I used to think what a waste if I started again. So each day was an achievement.


I have a big no smoking anniversary coming up in about a weeks time. 1 whole year.

Whats more I got good news from the hospital yesterday, I have the all clear, and go for my next check up in June.

Catch up later. xx :)


jillygirl ..that's brilliant news :) so happy for you . x jan


Hey Jilly,

An awesome well done re your whole smoke free year!

That's brilliant news from the hospital too! You have deffo inspired me stay smoke -free! You're one 'top banana' lady!

Jan xx



If possible can we all post on the daily chat page, As Buttons and I said it does make it easier to read. Instead of going in and out of different pages. :O Of course if you have a question that would be separate. Cheers! :)


posting in daily chat is a good idea and does save walkabout. I think many use blog post as a kind of diary to keep a log of their journey and a positive means of staying on track..:).


Good morning Buttons and Jilly! Happy 18th Buttons, love your blogs!

Well it's mine and Simba's 11th birthday today...onwards and upwards

as I always say...lol!

Anyway have a great day everyone...speak later!

Dawn xxx


Happy 11th Dawn and Simba :) well done you two x jan


Good morning all and here's to another fine day. Happy 18,th buttons and fantastic news about the hospital results jillygirl. Hope everyone has a fine day I am off work today as my daughter is sitting her driving test. I do hope she passes but what will be Will be.

Linda xx


Good Morning Everyone :D

I am now using FireFox instead of Internet Explorer... so lets see how it works :-/

The weather looks like spring is here, I even spotted some daffodils along the way in this morning :D

Happy 18th day quitting celebrations Buttons52, I'm out for a couple of hours this evening but shall save a space for some cake and will catch up on more celebrations when I get home :-)

There is a compete range of 'an idiots guide to....' books and this one may be useful (not assuming that you are a senior either by the way!)


With regards to popping up the daily chat, it's usually 'first up, best dressed.. then pop the blog on' - unless somebody else has done it! Sometimes in the past we've ended up with two blogs but we've managed to work it between ourselves which one to use :D

During our early days, as the site became more busy, we found that we enjoyed a good chat and so rather than kick any 'general' blogs off the page (this site only allows for 10 at a time at the moment) we decided to create a daily chat blog.

Members are free to chat about and give an update on their stopping smoking journey as it is for them 'today' and as JillyGirl says, it makes it easier for to read through. However, if you want to blog about your experience of stopping smoking in general and tell your story so far, then feel free to pop up a separate blog :-) "Simples" - as Sue's adopted Merekat might say ;-)

JillyGirl, you are a top banana! Our shining star :D After successfully quitting smoking and supporting many others through their journey, your whole life was tipped completely upside down a few months ago when you found out you had lung cancer. However, you remained completely positive about it on the outside and continued to support everyone through their journey as well as having to be strong for your family. I am so pleased to hear how things have turned around and that you have now been given the all clear. Almost one year on since becoming smokefree, and look at the friendships that have developed in that time too... Amazing :-)

Magpie363 (Linda) Glad to hear that you are finding things easier now and its lovely to see you around again :-)

Dawn and Simba, Happy 11th day to you both :-) Each day will get easier, maybe with the odd feeling of 'I could really do with a cigarette now' but I promise you that the more of these feelings that you overcome, then the better you will feel afterwards, and much stronger too :-)

Hey thenunn, hows it going for you? You're always as positive as ever, lovely read through your comments :-)

I'm just going to pop the kettle on.... Tea or Coffee anyone? :-)


Morning everyone. Congratulations buttons on day 18, wonderful post too.

Jillgirl over the moon with your results

Magpie good luck to your daughter on her driving test

Dawn - another day marked off

Jan - love reading your posts too



Hello everyone, Emay you are right about the friendships I have made over the last year. I couldn't have got through half of it without you all. As for blogging and chatting who cares as long as we are all happy. :)

Busy afternoon as I am negotiating the price of my house yet again. :O If this doesn't work its definitely Petes shed. :)



Afternoon Everyone :D

I'm still catching up on all the posts since I've been away, there's lots been going on!

I think that it might be an idea then to start our Daily Chat off as usual with;

Daily Chat: The day and date and year

... and then who ever opens it up can start off how ever they want. I love all the different ways we have of doing it, some with inspirational photies or personal ones of their own, some without, some with inspiring messages, some with how we are feeling in general. Whichever way we start our day on here, as long as we have our Daily Chat as it does seem to be a place that some members enjoy a gathering and like to have a good old chin wag :D

Jillygirl, I hope all goes well on the house selling front. Believe in it first :-)

I'm looking forward to the start of our Easter Celebrations tonight at Buttons52 18th day smokefree party :D

Right... Kettle is on :D


It would appear that I have 'got it wrong' and have upset some members - all I can do is apologise and say that it won't happen again.




Hey Buttons , Like Emjay says I don't think you got it wrong. Carry on love. :)


Hey not at all Buttons52, we love reading your posts... Please, blog away! :D


Good evening everyone.

I made it back eventually and been a bit busy til now. My flight got diverted as I expected it to so I got home 4 hours later than expected and missed out on my night out. :( Never mind, it probably saved me eating too much. :o :)


Ok folks I know I haven't been on site for long , but my eyes are getting heavy. So jim jam and Horlicks time. Nite nite everyone love you all see you tomorrow, :)


nite nite Jillygirl, sweet dreams, luv ya :) xxx


I love reading your posts Buttons, give me a good laugh which I think we all need. Sue cx


good evening everybody, what there is left of it eh :(

So sorry I missed you again Jillygirl :( hmmmm I see am going to have to make it up to you at the weekend :o :) ;) am so glad you got the all clear :) :) nite nite gal, enjoy your sleep, luvs ya xxxxxx :)


Hi Pete, your late tonight, hope you didn't have to work late :)


Aup Sue :)

Yeah its one of our busy times, got to work tomorrow and Saturday too :P :(

How are you keeping gal ?


Sorry you have to work on Saturday :( we'll just have to have a party on Sunday then, beer, music and cakes :D :)

I'm doing great, just tired all the time :D :)


Aup Emjay, its lovely to see you again gal :) hmmm you've got a nice sun tan tooooo :) ;)

I joined this site about a year ago, and we didnt have a Daily chat then !!! it was a Weekly chat :o :) Then we got more and more members and had to start a Daily chat :) :)

Have tried looking through the archives, but they dont seem to go back that far :(

Take care Emjay xx :)


Hiya Pete, not late again - poor you! :( Never mind, it's the weekend now so you can have a lie in tomorrow and be around to catch up with all the goss. :) My eyes keep drooping so I'll call it a night now.

Nite nite everyone, sweet dreams and sleep well. :)


Oh no - you can't have a lie in after all! :( So sorry about that but I hope you don't have to start quite so early. :)


Hi Andi its lovely to have you back gal :) :) missed ya :(

Me have a lie in tomorrow, no flippin chance gal, got to work and Saturday too :P :P

Nite nite Andi and enjoy a night in your own bed, cos after a holiday I think its nice to get back in your own bed :) luvs ya xxx :)


nite nite Andi, sweet dreams, luv ya :) xx


Sue I know just what you mean about being tired, cos am like that since Ive bin taking this champix :o

I have to kick myself to get me moving :D :D


I'm nodding so i'm off to bed now, hope you don't have to work to late tomorrow Pete,

nite nite all, sweet dreams, luv yas :) xx


Sue, thank you for the chat gal, it was nice :) you get plenty of eye shut now, will try to get finished earlier tomorrow :o :) nite nite take care luvs ya xxx :)


Hey Sue thats a deal gal, we'll have a knees up on Sunday :) :)

If we invite JC we will have to get a lorry load a cakes you know :o :D


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