Over 3 Weeks now

Today marks 24 days smoke free and cravings are becoming less and less as the days go on. I am suffering from a bit of anxiety and depression though which I guess is just my brain balancing out chemicals. Can't say I have really been tempted to smoke even when drinking with friends. Started chewing  toothpicks for the oral fixation and can do that anywhere . Just hope this depression subsides it is purely chemical I know because good things are happening in my life but I cannot break through this slight fog of negativity :/

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  • Goodmorning from🇨🇦4:20am

    Your depression will go away on its own time.... Mine took 5 months... Sounds long but it was worth it👍🏻

    3 weeks is awesome👏👏👏👏👏  you're in the hardest month so be patient with yourself🇨🇦❤️

  • Bloody hell Arizona you only went to bed about 1 am by my reackoning after being out partying like it's 1999 now ur up with the cock crow at the crack of dawn and back on the smoking site. You never need to sleep I can't believe it lol 💤💤💤💤💤

  • 😂😂😂

  • 💃🏿👍🏻   The sleepless wonder

  • Hi UntitledR, a big warm welcome to our quit support community :) and a massive well done to you on your quit so far :) 

    Like you say R, our bodies and brains are going through a vast change, so please just be patient with yourself :) Anxiety and depression are very common symptoms in the early stages of our quit journey :o 

    If you havnt already, please have a look through the Pinned Posts, cos there's ;oads of help and advice their :) 

    I now have you well and truly logged into our database and will keep your Winners badge upto date :) 

    Pete :)  

  • Hi untitledR welcome to the forum. Interesting name. I guess the depression will go with time on the bright side if ur life was crap at present it would be worse. Well done on 3 weeks brilliant 😀

  • Fantastic well done , the depression and anxiety are the only symptoms that I am encountering at present. But I have to say few and far between now more good days than bad. So hold on it there , 3 weeks are the tricky times they say, and  3 months  (which is nearly me) Our brain is adjusting with all them chemicals we put there by smoking. Stay strong . I find that trying to keep myself occupied, with anything really from cleaning , walking, reading etc to try and shake it off. We are here for you x

  • Hi Maddy how are you doing? 😀

  • Hi Andrew , doing ok thanks, still away at my caravan , the only thing I'm fighting at the moment is depression every now and again, other than that feel like I have cracked this quitting :) how you doing. Have you got another dog ? I bet you miss Toby , homes are never the same are they xxx

  • Hi Maddy good that ur having a few days away. Yes I miss Toby but getting used to him being gone now. 99% decided I don't want another dog now. I miss Toby but I don't miss having a dog. I looked after a friends dog for two days this week and I had to get back into thinking when to let her out and feed her and let her out before bed and first thing in the morning. I haven't missed that. And she has a massive drink then stands there looking at you dribbling slobber all over the floor! And I'm thinking I can't go back to this again lol. Hope ur enjoying your break xxx😀🐶

  • Yep will do . Take care xx

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