Good morning,

Mid week, and how is everyone doing? Keep on being positive. If Mr Nic attacks and gets the better of you, pick yourself up and go straight into round 2. Because you know you can beat him.


So if your struggling just scream for help, one of us will come running to help you.

Meanwhile stay strong . Catch up later. HAVE A LOVELY DAY. XX

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  • Hey there Jillygirl and a very god morning to you. Really foggy and damp up here in the North East, even the cats won't go out today both sitting on my sitting room windowsill just keeping an eye on things. Think Mr Nic has quietened down again today :) Hoorah, cravings NOT as bad as yesterday. A HUGE thanks to everyone on here for the massive support and hints, just so brilliant each and every one of you. have a good day all. hugs H x

  • Morning yellowsnowdrop, so glad your feeling ok today. remember when he appears he will disappear as quick as he came. Your doing brilliant. :) Misty in Yorkshire too. hope it brightens up. :)

  • Might not be on line a lot next few days as getting computer sorted out. Virus etc. So dont think i have done a runner.

  • Jilly Girl hope you can get your computer fixed soon. Hi to all, hope you have a great day x ps still not smoking whoop whoop! Struggled a bit last night with one serious craving when I got home but went for an hours walk then got stuck into an article I am writing for a client. Next thing I know it was 2am and I was collapsing into bed! Got a client lunch today but have suggested salad bar instead of pub to avoid temptation from booze and cigarettes and then off to Pilates tonight.

  • Well done bee, your doing great.

  • How are you doing today? Well done you for keeping yourself occupied. In the first few days, everytime I was slaughtered with a craving I just kept saying to myself well of course you want one of course you do you..........expletive......you have been smoking for all of these years of course you want one. But you aren't having one! Don't know if that helps? :)

  • Hi there Jillygirl, Yellowsnowdrop and BeeL,

    thought I would pop my head around the door and see how you are,looks like you are all having a good day.

    Jillygirl hope that virus on the computer is easy to chase away, Yellow great that your cravings are reducing and by the time BeeL reads this she should have enjoyed a lovely lunch and be looking forward to Pilates.

    Emjay is busy training people to be stop smoking advisors today so wont get a chance to pop on today.

    Give me a shout if anyone wants a chat or advice, I have got a busy afternoon planned but always got time to lend an ear on here.


  • There must be one huge cloud because down here near Oldham it is very misty you can't see the hills and yet it is quite warm, weird weather..

  • Hello & very good afternoon Jilly, Yellowsnowdrop, BeeL, Eye & Friezfriend & everyone

    This is all looking good and hours & days are passing and WE are all staying smoke free - EXCELLENT and

    DAY 3 Bee GREAT / FAB etc - we are fighting one of the most difficult addictions to break free from & we are WINING !! Just shows what happens when a number of us work together.

    I know the warnings keep coming BUT do watch out for these Cravings because unless you / we / I stay POSITIVE and focused they can easily take us back to smoking !!! That little voice saying "go on have one it will be okay" - WATCH OUT !!!

    Like that Jilly "Stay Strong Because You Are Worth It" - how true is that when becoming free of this horrible, dirty & dangerous habit / addiction.

    Best wishes



  • Hola peeps have had a good day today, still not smoking and only two stupidly strong cravings which I got through by drinking vegan carrot juice and ribena (not mixed together!). It was nice not to wheeze through the night like I usually do, made me feel positive despite the cravings.

    How are you all doing? Hope you are winning and smiling. Just booked our office Christmas party for the whole floor which will start at 1pm and continue to early hours of the morning and then I thought this will be the first Christmas I don't smoke. How did you all cope with this?

    Have a lovely evening. Off to work my core at Pilates : )


  • Hi ya 'B' its nice to see ya :) :)

    Just found this site about carrot juice, take a look if you get chance :)


    As for your xmas office party, if you stick to your quit like your doing now, you will be a lot stronger and more focused on your quit then :) You like your fruit juices by the sounds of it, so try to stick to them eh :) then you can have fun, watching people do stupid things, fall over, etc :D :D

    Ooooooo go on then, I will let you have a couple of drinks :)

    Speak soon :)

  • Love my fruit juices but also love cocktails, spirits,champagne and wine! I had a summer of fun and excess though so I thought I would detox for a month and that it would be a good time to do it because I was stopping smoking as well. I will be drinking alcohol at the office party but will avoid getting too drunk as really don't want to fall into cigarette trap again. You're right though I can watch everyone else do silly things themselves for a change! (normally its me!)

  • Oddly I am drinking lots of Ribena as well how does that work I wonder??

  • I guess having something sweet like carrot juice or ribena helps as a little treat. I drink the sugar free Ribena otherwise my teeth will fall out but it's a good reward and not so fattening as chocolate or cakes : )

  • Good evening everyone.

    Glad to hear you're all having a good day today. You all sound so strong and determined to succeed with your quits that I'm sure you will do it. I think that's part of the key. You will get some sh*t days along the way - especially a few weeks/months into the quit so you always have to be on the lookout and not give in to them. :)

  • Good evening Andi :)

    Soooooo your not gallivanting about tonight then :o :P :D :D

    Have you bin in the garden today gal or you bin walking, running, cycling about ?? :)

  • Hiya Pete, no gardening today - it started raining when I wanted to get out there this afternoon. :(

    I went out on my bike this morning and ended up on the prom. It was gorgeous down there so I went for a paddle and the sea felt really warm. So, I zoomed home, scoffed my lunch and went down the beach and had a last dip in the sea! It felt colder than in the morning but I was determined to do it. :o

  • Hi Andi, hmmmmm I believe you gal :P :D :D perhaps it will be nice for you tomorrow, so you can get in the garden :)

    Its nice to hear you got a last dip in the sea :) and :D :D yes I know you are a very determined Lady :)

    It looks like Jillygirls got trouble with her comp again then :o :(

  • You wouldn't have thought it, would you? :(

  • What ?? :o :D :D

  • That Jilly was having any problems with her computer! Doh.... :o

  • :P :P :D :D :D

  • Rite am off to the sack now Andi, cos either I keep noddin, or this site does !! :|

    Soooo I will say nite nite to you and everybody, and I hope all your lovely dreams come true :) :)

    A luvs ya xxxxx :)

  • Nite nite, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite. ;-) :)

  • :) :) :) Nite Nite all, how GOOD are we all, another day of being non smokers is over!! Sleep well all. X

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