Daily Chat: Wednesday 11th September 2013

Daily Chat: Wednesday 11th September 2013

... Not August still :D :D :D :D

How funny that nobody even noticed Vee :-/

It's most certainly a day of thinking that Summer has definitely passed us by now, the wind has crept up too. For those of you who are still thinking about stopping smoking, think about how enjoying the warm comfort of your fresh smelling smokefree home or workplace without having to step outside to have that smelly cigarette in weather like this :D

If you live at home with others who smoke, how about seeing if you can come to some sort of agreement where you can choose one of the following;

1. Keep one room smokefree (This can be where you can escape to for some fresh smelling air)

2. Use one room as the 'smokers' room (Fill it with air fresheners)

3. Encourage smokers to step outside to smoke (They'll have a fresh smelling house then too)

4. Encourage smokers to stop :D

I chose today's picture because I thought it might help if you needed the distraction :-/

Have a nice day everyone :-)

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  • Good morning Emjay and everyone,

    I love your picture Emjay, it had me running round in circles :D :D

    I'm not doing much today, just going to sign for the flat this afternoon, then the hard work will start :D :)

    Hope you all have a brill smoke free day :)

  • Morning Sue :D You enjoy doing nothing today and make the most of it too as I expect it's going to be a very busy time for you pretty soon with having to move home!


  • Can i borrow your tortoise Emjay, it'll move faster than me :D :D :D

  • Today I have had no lozenges at all. It has become urgent that I stop them, my gums and teeth are really sore now so I got up this morning with the intention of giving up the lozenges and e-cig for good. Only its like stopping smoking all over again and I'm climbing the walls. Got to 1.30pm and I had to have two puffs of my e-cig or kill, I thought it best not to kill, its not very sociable really. At least with no lozenges I did notice that just those two puffs actually had a slight calming effect whereas normally it has no effect at all except to make me want a lozenge.

    OMG I so wish I had NEVER, EVER started smoking in the first bloody place all those years ago. Hi Sue and EmJay by the way, sorry, the world is very much revolving around me today.

  • Hey Sin, I've only just read this sorry :-/

    I would suggest that you don't aim to give up your lozenge completely right away if it's going to leave you feeling like this.

    The lozenges are there to help and work with you, not against. They are a really good product when used correctly.

    When you use them, especially during the first 8 weeks, it is recommended that you used them regularly (as in on the hour every hour) and another as a top up if necessary.

    Once you feel you feel that you don't have to use it as regularly as this, then it is always best to keep a small supply on you so that you can use it as and when you need it (when a strong urge to smoke occurs).


    You say that you got as far as 1.30pm before having one today, how long was it before you actually started to feel at your worse?

    How about only having a lozenge when you start to feel that you have a strong urge? - To smoke that is, not to kill! :-/

    I'm sure that this will also help to reduce the amount that you are actually using too.

    The positive thing is to remember that you are doing really well and still not smoking and even though you are still using the lozenges, they are not going to do you any harm :-)

  • Hello everyone

    A little up & down today, craving something but then I just wait for it to pass....

    Hi Sin... so know how you feel and hope you are out of that space and into calmer waters.

    It does all pass and that is the good news. I have in the past completely lost the plot, it's about 3 weeks since the last one and I still feel bad about what happened !!! So I guess the sooner we can calm down and go easy on ourselves the better.

    Best wishes everyone



  • Thanks Jonathan. I am feeling more calm now but that's only because I gave in to the lozenges, could stand it no longer :) Do you use any NRT or are you doing it without?

  • Hi Sin

    Well this is strange because my cravings are getting worse now ( not better) - they should have passed by now Uh Oh - must have caught them off you !!! Or is this the change in the season and maybe not prepared for this !! ??

    Sin - I did it cold turkey and went through all the pain in one go which was why the first few weeks were hell and I was seriously nuts, but interesting because here we are today and I have now got strong cravings again !!! The thought of heading down to the shop has crossed my mind today - despite everything & all my Anti- smoking posts !!

    Oh well - might stay close to this website for a few hours.

    Best Jonathan

  • Ooops. My fault. I think probably negativity is catching. Plus I agree the weather certainly doesn't help. I stopped in January and the cold and the dark and the miserable weather certainly didn't help. You've done brilliantly to have done this cold turkey, plus that means you're not swapping one addiction for another so never mind the shop, it's closed now, try Eye's suggestions instead. Reading is especially good for taking your mind off everything.

  • Hi Sin - well sometimes we need to get this stuff out in the open - away from us because it is NOT helping. Maybe you and I having a rant or rave is a good thing.

    I went cold turkey because the NRT did not work for me, I do not know why, I just always felt it never lived up to the real thing (but the real thing is a killer as we know).

    This will all pass and good will come of it.

    Still NOPE


  • That is true. I just sent a big long moan to EmJay, then when I read through it all realised that I just need to stop being so negative. No one ever said quitting smoking was going to be easy but maybe we need to think a bit more about how far we've come rather than how far we've still got to go. If we can get here, we can get there, if you see what I mean.

  • Sin - that is great and I am with you.

    Breaking this addiction is most difficult and every so often it comes to get us !! Like a horror movie only it is real for awhile.

    Being positive (which I am not today) seems to be about the best cure. And as you say look how far we have gone .... miles & miles !!

  • When I'm riding my bike up a hill and its really hard work I always look down at the road and just focus on that, I never look up to see how far I still have to go. Perhaps that's the way to go with stopping smoking, just focus on today, tomorrow will look after itself maybe?

  • Stay with us Jonathan. It's too wet and windy and why would you get a soaking for Old Nic? Look at how far you have come, you are stronger than the cravings, try Emjays breathing exercises , check out what's on Telly, read a book, phone a friend and talk to us on here. You can do it.

  • Sin, no harm done using the lozenges, they are there to get you over the cravings, I know you want to get off them and you will do it in time. Better a lozenge than Mr Cigg. You're doing great.


  • Hi Eye. I'm just really worried about my gums and I keep thinking sucking lozenges all the time is making matters worse. Just PM'd a great big long moan to EmJay. Then when I read it all back I keep thinking that I just need to stop feeling sorry for myself and just get on with things. I've decided trying to give them up completely is no good. I could never have gone cold turkey like Jonathan so I'm not likely to manage quitting lozenges all at one go. So back to trying to cut them down one by one. Am going off now to find some positive thinking websites.

  • Sin if your gums are making you worry why not go and see the Dentist and see what they say. Smoking does a lot of damage to gums and maybe all you need is a bit of TLC from the Dentist.


  • Eeek, too scared. I'm waiting for them to contact me with a reminder which should be any time soon. They already told me it was smoking that had started off the problems I have, unfortunately stopping smoking doesn't seem to be halting the problem.

  • Yes - I think it was smoking that started off many of the problems I have... if I go back then I am sure the problems can carry on getting worse !!!

    Best wishes



  • Hi Eye

    Thanks for coming to the rescue ..... this is strange because I have not had this level / intensity of craving for weeks !! "Yes" I have come too far to fail now & I am stronger than these cravings.

    Looked at Jilly's Motivational Quotes & like:

    Quote 8: Health is not everything, but without health, everything else is nothing. -

    Quote 9: Don't mistake pleasure for happiness. They are a different breed of dogs. - Quote 10: Man's natural character is to imitate; that of the sensitive man is to resemble as closely other people (changed this!!). It is only by imitating the vices of others that I have earned my misfortunes. -

    Quote 11: Pain is temporary. Quitting is forever.

    Okay with all this & breathing exercises I am back in the charge.

    THANKS Eye & Jilly (even though you are away)



  • Good Man

  • Sin I bet you just need a bit of good gum care. Your Dentist will be delighted you have quit smoking, it's a win win. The thought of going to the dentist is always worse than actually being there. Go on... be brave and make an appointment.

  • It's not so much the treatment that's the problem as the dentist, he's not very reassuring and just says that eventually I'll lose my teeth. So its more what he says than what he does that scares me.

  • Well, dont listen to him then :o :D :D

  • Yeah, he certainly isn't Mr Positivity :o

  • Maybe you need to find another dentist. I have a brilliant lady who looks after me. Ask around, there are ones who specialise in 'nervous patients' worth their weight in gold

  • My dentist, its more what he does than says, what scares me :( :(

  • :D :D They're not good scales are they. Hygienists used to give me injections but the dentist won't do that, he says its bad dentistry to need injections for scaling. That's OK for him it's not his teeth.

  • How are you today anyway Pete? Have you had a good day?

  • Auo Sin, yep, ave had a great day today, thankyou for asking :) nic got me a bit when I got home tonight, but was ready for him :)

  • Jonathan, it sounds like you've had a bit of a day too :( just wondering what bought it on !!

    Can you think of any reason why you have had a bad day ??

    If so, then try to think of something to do next time it happens :)

    I do know one thing for sure Jonathan, you have to keep positive and want to quit, cos if you get any doubt in you mind, nic is in there like a flash !!!! I tell you that from my own experience

    You did the right thing today, you came on here and let it out, so you could get some help off these lovely people and your friends on here :) :) magic pal, just magic :)

  • Nite nite all, I wish you all a lovely cosy stress free nights sleep :) :)

    Sinfree, just give it time gal, please dont rush it, cos your doing so so well on your quit :) Take care now and you flippin stay with it gal, cos otherwise, ermmm otherwise :o I'l think of something in a bit, just having a senior moment, dont know where that came from !! Speak tomorrow if I havent grown tooooo old eh :o :D :D

  • :D Night Pete, sleep well and have another good day tomorrow. I'm going now too. Hope things go well for you too Jonathan tomorrow, and don't be going near any shops just remember NOPE. :) I shall have a lozenge when I get up tomorrow and take it from there. Night everyone

  • There's been some great advice given out between you all tonight. I think that you are all amazing.

    A great bunch of winners :D

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