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Daily Chat Wednesday 9th January 2013

Daily Chat Wednesday 9th January 2013

Good Morning Everybody,

Happy Wednesday, the middle of the week already! We'll be well settled into this year just as though its been here forever :-)

Lots of anniversaries coming up to celebrate, first week, first month and first year! Big smiles all round :D

Big pat on the back for everyone for still being at whatever stage you're at, even if you are still smoking, if you are reading this then you know you are still planning the rest of your stop smoking journey. That's a positive action in its own way :D

For those of you who still have one foot in your smokers life and your other dipping into a smokefree life, let us know where you are up to so we can encourage you onto the next stage and help you get that quit date marked onto your calendar and then we'll walk (or run) all the way with you the rest of your journey :-)

We're all here for you so brave up and take that next big step.

Turn your excuses into your reasons to stop and not the other way around :D

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Good morning Emjay, what have you done frightened everyone away? :D :D :D

like your saying very true, whether stopping smoking or anything else in life.

hope you have a super day and dont work too hard. :) xxxx


Good afternoon EmJay and Jillygirl.

I agree EmJay your picture i so true. I hope you are having a good day.

Hi Jillygirl is great to see you, I was only thinking the other day that we hadn't seen you for a few days. I hope you are on the road to recovery after your infection. xxx

I didn't manage to get back on here yesterday afternoon/evening. First it was gremlins on here in the afternoon so my posts weren't going then in the evening I had to reset my laptop back to factory settings as it was playing up and that took a few hours. I wouldn't mind it's a new laptop so hopefully that will work.

Hi Chickles, it was nice to see you on here, sorry to hear that you have not been well but I'm glad you are fully recovered now and you sound full of the joys of Spring :)

I've just had a chicken cup a soup for lunch and a small packet of apple and grapes mmm yum yum :D

Speak to you later xxx


Good Morning to everyone, lovely day here in Birmingham can't believe the weather we are having for this time of year :) My brother has reached his first week without a cigarette which pleases me sooo much as he has been poorly lately :( more determined than ever to stick with it so we can help each other. Good luck to all who have quit or quitting or just thinking about it, hope you all have a fab day :)


Hi delina, that is great news about your brother. So you giving up has benefited you both, you for giving up and you have obviously encouraged your brother to follow suit. As you say it's good that you are there to support each other. Well done to you both.

The weather isn't brilliant here in Cheshire as it's been foggy until about an hour ago and now it's just dull. It still isn't bad at all for January though so shouldn't complain :)


Afternoon Everybody,

I know Jillygirl, I thought I'd upset everyone :-/

Lovely to see you on here, hows that infection doing? I hope its been shown the door - the same door where we like to send everyone's cravings :-)

Thats great news Delina, supporting eachother will help big time. Just keep sending the positive energy and talk towards your brother and he'll want to share some back with you I'm sure :-)

Hey Kazz, it's still really foggy here in Liverpool too. Our community advisors have had to leave extra early so as to be able to drive to their groups on time... and safely. Weather is quite mild though :-)

I'm not sure whether we still have a few gremlins onsite as I've had trouble posting and the time scale on the posts don't seem right.

I'm away to pop the kettle on and have some bickies here (Healthy ones and pure chocolate, something for everyone) if anyone wants to join me :D


Hi there everyone!

Jilly- lovely to see you! Hope your infection has cleared up and you're feeling brighter!

Delina, a big well done to your brother and to you too! You're so right, you'll be able to support each other.

Kazz- I am full of the joys of spring, and all smiley again after a couple of months of feeling well under par! I can't believe it's over 4 months since I stopped smoking. I'm sorry to hear your new lap top has been playing up! Technology can be a nightmare sometimes. My computer had a 'moment' yesterday, I cleared my temporary internet files, restarted the computer, and there was just the screensaver, no start button, no icons, no nowt lol

I switched it off at the plug a couple of times, then I managed to get up a window by pressing control, alt, delete. I got on to Firefox, more by good luck than good management, and somehow, the start button reappeared and the icons. Goodness knows where they went, ha!

It's been working fine since!

Emjay thanks for the offer of 'virtual' biccies, but no thanks, it'll spoil mi tea :)

It's been a lovely sunny afternoon here, but it's been a tad chilly. I love crisp wintery days. We haven't had fog, although freezing fog is forecast tomoz and it'll be -3 tonight! De-icing the car time again tomorrow- deep joy :(

Am away to watch 'Four in a Bed' on channel 4, then Come Dine With Me...hopefully I'll be able to pop on later if I don't fall asleep after tea, snoozing on the sofa!

Laters all!


PS The site is playing up- says 'comment wasn't saved, please try again after some time'...grrrr


I keep having trouble too Chickles :-( Fab to hear that you are feeling so happy :D

John, glad to hear that the irritation of the patches are easing off a bit now. Hope all goes well at your stop smoking clinic and if you're walking, wrap up warm :-)

I'm away home in a bit but shall look in on you later :D


Hi everyone, just back from a lovely visit my daughters, poor thing still can't sleep very well, baba is moving about to much, the joys of pregnancy :D :D

It's great to see you Jillygirl, hope that infection has gone and that your feeling much better :) luv ya :)

Well done delina :) it's brill your brother has stopped as well :) you'll be a great support to each other :)

sorry your computer was playing up Kazz, i know how frustrating that is, glad you got it fixed :) can't believe your eating apples and grapes :D :D good for you :)

I'm glad your patches are easier to use John, you stayed with them longer than i would have :) and Yeh i don't back up my data on computer either, i'll get round to it eventually :o :D

Chickles you had computer problems too, you think there's an infection going about :D :D i'm glad you got it fixed, we had sunny cold weather here as well, no fog but frosty this morning, enjoy your telly programmes :)

Loved your pic Emjay, just what i need to keep me focused on the goal :) hope you get home safely :)

I'm away to have my tea will chat later, have a great evening everyone :) xx


Good evening

Just finished my tea, stew and dumplings.

You sound a bit of a whizz with computers John, maybe we should all come to you with ours when we have a problem. I'm glad you got yours sorted Chickles, I had to contact Dell for advice. I wouldn't mind but I work for a computer software company but I'm not very technically minded, our IT people usually call me a 'plonker' and say it was a user error :D The good think about being a plonker is that I don't have to fix my computer at work when it goes wrong they do it :)

John, I was laughing at the picture in my mind of Vida trying to push that bamboo through the paper towel :D Maybe they are strange but they are very cute :) Let us know how you go on at the clinic, I'm glad the patches are not as irritating.

Hi there Sue, I know I am so good eating apples :) it's funny really because I quite like fruit juice but don't really like eating fruit.... weird :)

I hope you had a nice time at your daughters, are you helping her to choose baby things, cots, clothes etc,? That would be lovely and I bet you are giving her loads of advice. Did you sleep ok last night? I wonder if Andi managed to get a parking space at the gym today.

Fraz, how did you go on today? Any problems or did you have another good day?

I fancy doing what Chickles might do and have a snooze on the settee :D I'm just off for a shower now and then put my jim jams on then who knows I might just do that :D

See ya later xxx :)


I wouldn't know where to start with building my own computer John. I will just carry on being a plonker and let the clever people like you fix it :)

I bet building those models kept you out of mischief, looks quite intricate.


hi Kazz, I'm thinking the same as you, shower then jim jams :) :D

We're having a great time looking at cots etc :) I just love looking at baby clothes, there so tiny and cute :D :D, I've got a feeling my grandson is gonna be spoilt :D :D

I didn't get a good sleep, i was in to much pain, I'm getting used to it now though, less sleep that is, one day my GP will sort this out for me, just don't know which day or year :o :D :D

Enjoy your snooze :) xx


Sorry to hear that you didn't sleep well Sue, you shouldn't be in that amount of pain, not in this day and age. Do you want me to send Peetie Weetie round to have a quiet word with your Doc? He can take his spears :) Seriously... I hope you get something sorted for the pain you are in very soon. xx

Well I have had a shower and in my jim jams but I've feel more awake now so not snoozing on the settee :) watching tv instead.

Enjoy your snooze if you manage one :) xx


Hi Kazz, didn't manage a sleep, but am watching Africa on tv, brilliant programme, awwe they're looking at baby gorillas, sooooooooo cute :) :D :D

Great idea by the way, I could use Pete and his spear on a few doctors up here :D :D :D


Sue I'm ready and waiting gal :) :)



Which one do you think would do the trick ????


Good evening everyone :) :)

Emjay that saying is so so true to life gal, just ace :) :)

Its lovely to see you Jillygirl :) :) stay strong gal, if you need any help just say so gal eh :) :)

Well it sounds as if you all had a shower and now got your jim-jams on, huh typical flippin Women :o :) yeah i've had a shower, but i aint got my jim-jams on yet, cos you never know er next door might come around for something, and seeing me in my jim-jams might get her exited or something :o :D :D


Aup Jazzy Kazzy so you had a kip lastnight instead of coming on here then, erm just thinking, was it one of those speed nodds :o cos if it was it took a long time :D :D


Hi Pete, I think the sharpest spear you have would do nicely :D :D :D


Then the sharpest it will be Sue :) :)

I bet your worn out arnt you, after the day you have had, mind you it sounds as if you enjoyed it :) :)


Oy Jazzy Kazzy,

I've been looking through my plant catalogue and found one for you :) its called Cosmos Chocolate :D :D



I did Pete, i love talking babies, especially when there not mine, best bit about being a grandparent is handing them back to mum and dad :D :D

hope your day wasn't too bad, is that boss of yours behaving himself, he better be, or he's in trouble

1.bp.blogspot.com/_wWCfaqHX... :D


Wow that's a scary picture of you Sue, I never imagined you with fangs like that :D

I didn't fall asleep instead of coming on here last night, I was waiting for my computer to reset, took 4 hours. If your neighbour gets excited seeing you in your jim jams Peetie, depends on what kind they are. If it's a onesie then she might just laugh, I would :D :P

Thanks for the plant Pete, I will have to look out for one of them and eat it to see if it tastes of chocolate as well. :)

I think your grandson is going to be very spoilt Sue, but you are going to be the best granny, nanna, grandma... what will he call you ? No comments for you Peetie Weetie :) thank you very much!

Did you see what JC just said on his Vida blog, he ate Amor and Vida ! Can you believe that! :D


Well he is a cakatarian, or what he said he was :o


I did see that Kazz, I'm speechless :D :D

Grandson will probably call me granny, most people here do, unless their posh :)

Don't think Pete can read well, i mean you did say about fixing your computer :D :D


What computers that then :o ???


Oh JC, you've taken the shock element away now :D You still ate Amor and Vida even if it was just a pic :D


:D no it will be walking sticks at dawn :D


Oh he did see it Sue, he's just trying to wind me up as usual but of course it doesn't work -------------.> that one goes round corners :D

I called my Grandma, Grandma :) does that make me posh ? :D


I called my Grandma Grandma, and I think i'm posh :D :D

I would never try and wind you up gal, cos you do that yourself :D :D

Best look for a hiding place :o and smartish tooooooo :D


You are posh Peetie, I've always said that about you, isn't Peetie Weetie posh I say to everyone :)


might call you PP from now on, Posh Peetie :)


:D :D :D no it would have to be Grandmama for that :D :D


Oh good, I never thought I was posh, my Grandmama wanted us to call her granny but my mum said no, it would be Grandma so it' her that would be posh anyway, I just did as I was told as I always do :D

Pete has just said that all women in the whole world are really really nosey and always sticking their beak in where it doesn't belong :D pardon the pun :D :D


:D :D :D :D you do as your told :D :D :D :D


Of course, always. I think you have the wrong impression of me :D :D :P


Sorry everyone but I'll have to go to bed, I'm really tired, so gonna try and get some sleep :o

nite nite, sweet dreams, see you all tomorrow, luv yas :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Nite nite Sue, I hope you get a better nights sleep tonight gal, sweet dreams to you too and luvs ya xxxx :) :)


Nite nite JC, sleep well, erm just wondering how much weight you've put on with eating allllllllllllllll these cakes :o ?????

Take care pal :) :)


Night night Sue, I hope you sleep well tonight, see you tomorrow, luvs ya :) xxxxxx


Night night JC, speak to you tomorrow and don't eat too much cake or you will have indigestion in the night :) xx


Kazz is you computer ok now gal :o


Almost, Dell are phoning me again tomorrow evening to help me transfer some data without transferring problems which is what i did last time :) What a plonker I am :D


Hey gal, it can happen to any Woman :D :D


You think you're safe don't you just because Andi and Sue aren't here! I'm laughing out loud here but I don't know why I should be deeply offended :D


They will see this tomorrow and then you will be in big trouble with a capital T :) and 3 spears will be heading your way so I would sleep in your spear proof garage tonight or in the oven :D


Hmmmmmmm I'd best put 3 books down the back of my trousers then :) :D


Yes 3 books might take the sting out of it ;D


Is your new computer ok? You had your last one for aaaaages, I bet your new one took some getting used to unless you are not a plonker like me :D


Kazz its taking some getting used too I tell ya, and yep your probably right, am a plonker :D :D

Its office 2010, thats taking getting used too, but will get there :o :|


Hey, PP :) let's eat cake now JC has gone hahahahah :D



Ha ha ha ha now am laughing just magic gal, love it :D :D :D


:D We don't get a look in, you are so greedy and you just ate another bird ! :) You will have indigestion now JC. night night xxx :)


Never mind cakearian you are a cakeaholic I know that much ! :D


Sorry Kazz but I will have to go now, cos I DO need my beauty sleep i tell you :o

So nite nite and God bless you gal, although I take the erm micky out of you, only sometimes, you know am only joking :D :) I would never mean to hurt you gal :) :)

Luvs ya and speak tomorrow if you aint speared me :o :) :) xxxx :)


Aaahh you make me laugh Peetie Weetie, I don't take offence at all, and I hope you don't take offence when I snitch on you and throw spears at you :D

Night night Pete, sleep well, you deserve it.

Luvs ya, speak to you tomorrow :) xxxxxx we wont throw them too hard :D


Good night everyone, and luv ya all xxxx :) :)

Andi, I hope you didnt got to that gym this morning and break a leg or something :D :D take care gal, speak soon :) :)


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