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Daily Chat: Thursday 12th September 2013

Daily Chat: Thursday 12th September 2013

Good afternoon Everyone,

I'm a little late today as I went straight into a meeting this morning :-/

The weather is certainly a lot brighter so far, we may even be in for a bit of blue sky later 8)

I can't believe today's date, the 12th already! As September is well under way, some of you may have started to hear adverts on local TV and radio stations about next month's Stoptober campaign. The campaign to encourage and motivate smokers to set a quit date and aim to stay stopped for at least 28 days. I'll write up a post later that tells you all about it, and for those of you who are still smoking, maybe you can use it as a motivator to set a date :-)

Remember to stay positive everyone as this is the key to your success. Being positive doesn't mean you have to be an all singing and dancing happy clapper, just make an effort to look on the brighter side of life. If this still seems too much for you, play a little game with yourself and just pick one positive out for any negative that you come across today. I guarantee that there will be something :-)

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Hello Emjay / everyone and a very good afternoon to you...

Positive No.1: I am NOT smoking the horrible weed today

& No. 2: I did NOT go and get a packet yesterday - so still a NON SMOKER with all those days,

cravings down in strength & feeling better (well a little anyway!!). That must include Positive No.3,4 & 5 I guess !!

Can I thank everyone yesterday for the support and especially Sinfree because we were obviously feeling rather the same - you just expressed it better than me, - and many thanks to Eye for that quick response which stopped me in my tracks.

Sorry Pete I had about finished by the time the night shift arrived !!! So all is well that ends well.

Have a great smoke free day everyone.

Best wishes




Happy to have been of service :) You are very welcome Jonathan


Hi Jonathan, and a big thank you to you too as you gave some great advice too :D :D

When stopping smoking, there are things that you allow to affect you much differently than if you were to carry on smoking. However, because everything becomes magnified - the new non-smoker in you may become slightly less tolerant.

Quite often it can just be as simple as dealing with the craving as it happens and not trying to deal with the cravings before they happen. Yes, think about what may happen,develop strategies and practise breathing exercises so that they become really easy to use, and so you have a plan at the ready to deal with the usual things that may happen. But don't focus on things that haven't happened yet and may not even happen at all.

Anybody who smokes can make the choice to stop.... and can be successful at it. Sometimes it may mean that we are more confident in your ability to do this before you are. Stick with us and between us all we'll get you through this.



Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all having a great smokefree day. Emjay and I did a training session with all our Advisors this morning. It was really good to review the way we offer support and got the team talking about the challenges in supporting someone to become a non smoker.

I thought you would like to know that we encouraged them to come on here and read your posts because not only are they informative but they offer strategies and solutions that we can use when working with our clients face to face.

Keep up the good work everyone and don't underestimate the help you offer to people trying to quit.

Have a lovely evening.....and ....don't forget...we are here if you need us.



Thanks Emjay & Eye

Well good if I somehow managed to help ... in fact very good because I know even though we all go through this slightly differently we are all up against the same enemy (addiction) and we need some flippin ammo to get through it some days !!

Love this be "POSITIVE" - so against the grain it is almost funny !!!

Have a good evening & BE POSITIVE





Aup Jonathan, do you know what ''POSITIVE'' means pal ?? it means


Speak soon Jonathan :)


Aup everybody, gosh its bin a bit quiet today eh :( buuuut some good points made :)

Emjay just loooove the pick gal :) :D :D ermm just wondering, if you take it in turns with Eye to nodd now :o as you did with Claire, erm Jarvo :P :D :D :D sorrrrrry, but you know what us old boys are like for wondering dont you :o :| Hey Emjay & Eye, a luvs ya both to bits a doo :) :)


If we want to quit, and I mean really want to quit, then we ''ALL'' have the power to do this, deep down inside of us, BUT, dont ever forget that we are all made differently, so It may take some waking up eh :o but its their in all of us :) The ambition, the will, the determination, the strength, the want, the need, the desire, the hope, the fight, the positiveness :) it is all their to find :) and one day, we WILL find it :) :)

Rite ave said my bit and going to take a leaf out of Emjays book, am going for a nodd or two eh :D :D so I will say nite nite to you all and just remember this, if you were learning another trade, how long would it take you to master it !! 1, 3 5 years, cos that is what we are doing really, we are learning to be without the fags :o :) :)

Sweet dreams everybody :) xxx

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Evening All :D true words of wisdom from our Pete there :D

I hope you're all enjoying your evening, even more so those that are on their jollies too :D


Hi Pete

Just missed you again and it looks like you were in fine form this evening, thanks for explaining what Positive really means, am going to change my NOPE to NFSENEAFG that will do it.

Good night




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