Daily Chat: Thursday 26th September 2013

Daily Chat: Thursday 26th September 2013

Good afternoon everyone.

We seem to be missing Jilly today so here's the chat for you all - hope you've not got too desperate without it.

A bit of a grey one in the south today with a real autumnal feel about it - still warm though. Don't forget the deep breathing exercises to help you through any cravings you get. I tried a yoga class this morning but can't seem to get the hang of all that breathing they do in them. :)

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  • Hi Andi

    Good to see you taking the lead - I tried to do one this morning but thought it was too negative so took it off again. Yes lets go for "Thankful Thursday" and be grateful that we are NOT smoking today.

    Might add my wife said this morning unprompted "it's wonderful you don't smoke anymore" so thats two of us benefiting and my daughter & son would kill me if I went back to smoking - they are almost bigger than me now !!

    Have a great smoke free day everyone & good to be ahead of the Stoptober lot about to do battle with Mr Nic & his CRAVINGS....

    Best wishes



  • It's lovely to receive encouragement from your wife and daughter : )

  • Good Afternoon Everybody,

    I just posted the same time as you Andi, once I realised though I deleted my post but never thought to copy and paste what I had posted to here... 'twas a blonde moment that I had and now I can't think what it was I posted! :-/

    Anywhose, I hope the weather picks up for the weekend and that we don't have any of that wet stuff that has been forecast.

    It looks like I have quite a lot to catch up on here since I've not been about the past couple of days. It's great to see how busy Quit Support has been and the amount of support given and advice sharing that is going on between you all is fab :-)

    Speak to you all in a little bit :-)

  • Hi Andi, Jonathan abd everyone,

    I'm having a break from packing for my house move, I can't belive all the junk i had, think i must be a secret hoarder :D :D :D

    Love your pic Andi, we do all have a lot to be thankful for :) I hope your having a great day :)

    Your doing brill Jonathan, your family must be so proud of you :)

    I've got the kettle on if anyone wants a cuppa, gonna celebrate being smoke free for 1 year, can't believe i got there, only with all of you helping me, so a big thank you and a hug from me :) :)

  • Woo hoo a year! Amazing, absolutely amazing. :)

  • Thank you Friezfriend, it's been a roller coaster ride but soooo worth it :)

  • Hey Sue

    Sneaked that rather important bit of info at the end of your post ...... WOW, AMAZING & VERY VERY WELL DONE, 1 YEAR - SERIOUS CONGRATULATIONS.

    And can I thank you for all your help & support - only 10 flippin months to catch you up !!!

    Two sugars & milk please.



  • Hi Jonathan,

    Thank you, to be honest i nearly forgot it was 1year for me :D :D

    I know I'll be congratulating you in 10 months :) :) your brill positive attitude and determination will get you there :) one cuppa coming up, hope your having a great NOPE day :)

  • Thanks Sue

    But one year .... that is something... have you thought back to how you were feeling this time last year... off the scale I guess !!

    Well done & I will have a great NOPE day (getting better anyway!!).

  • I think this time last year i was shouting at my microwave Jonathan :D :D anything to kick the cravings away, i did a lot of that back then, but there was plenty of good days as well :)

  • WOW! That's a great inspiration for me to end my day with. Congratulations! Super achievement YAY!. I can't wait for the day I will have been smoke free for a year. I will throw a party and celebrate! : )

  • Thanks Beel, you will get there as well :) stay positive and always remember your reasons for stopping, i wrote mine down and put it on the fridge so i saw them everyday, that was a big help to me. Hope your having a brill craving free day :)

  • BeeL

    Another day - WELL DONE & I can see you have taken onboard this attitude of being POSITIVE - So WELL DONE AGAIN. Keep going you are doing GREAT but do watch out Mr Nic is about !! (Poetry in motion!!)



  • Ignore me, being pea brain! Mr Nic = nicotine! One day I'll grow a brain cell and then I'll be dangerous : )

  • :D :D so glad i'm not alone Beel :)

  • Welcome to the club - there's quite a few of us who claim to have only one brain cell. ;-) :D :D

  • Hi Sue

    "yes" - very sensible to shout at something that doesn't have feelings !! I told everyone I knew that I had just quit smoking and this was more of a warning than anything, i.e. STAY AWAY OR ELSE !!

    Good that we calm down though and I think I am calmer now than I have ever been but I do get quite low still - oh well we can NOT have everything.

    Thanks again for all your positive & calming posts over these last 3 months.

    Have a great NOPE evening


  • Regarding feeling low I thought I would share one of my favourite quotes

    “People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”

    Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

    Hope your low moment passes and remember to shine on

  • Hola Jonathan

    How are you? Hope you are feeling good today? Who is Mr Nic?

    Day 4,half way through my first week whoo hoo! Feeling positive. Today has been a good day, couple of cravings but laughed them off with colleagues and blowed bubbles in my pint of water : ) Work buddies all going to the pub but I'm on detox at moment so I've decided not to join and opting for an hour's walk home tonight listening to my favourite tunes and a nice healthy dinner and movie with my boyf.... it's all good. I'll enjoy an alcoholic tipple at Halloween instead and feel glad that I gave my body a break after a summer of lots of partying.

    Sue this is excellent advice! Thanks for the tip. I'm going to go home and do just that tonight : ) will also pin to my wall at work so it keeps reminding of why I'm doing this. I don't want to feel like I've given anything up and I'm missing out by stopping smoking. I know I have very real reasons for stopping that mean the world to me and sticking these on the fridge is a super idea.

    Have a lovely evening peeps


  • Fabulous Beel 4 whole days well done you. :)

  • How are you doing? How many days have your lungs been thanking you for the love? : )

  • 29. :)

  • Whoop whoop! That's fantastic... go you!

  • Hi Jonathan, that low feeling will pass, as i'm sure you know, it is great to feel calmer isn't, not to be thinking when and how you can smoke when in non smoking areas. Have a great NOPE craving free evening :)

  • Fantastically achievement Sue, deserves a whoop whoop!

  • Grrr lots of my post missed off!

    Jonathan remember George Harrison's song 'All things must pass- and they do. We wouldn't appreciate the great feelings of the high if we didn't have some lows.

    You're all doing really really brilliantly, your Quit Support advisors are so so so proud of you

  • Aup Eye :)

    Hmmmm I can remember Emjay & Jarvo always losing bits off their posts toooooo !!

    Erm, I dont suppose you nodded off whilst you were writing your post did you :o :| and dreamt the rest :D :D :D cos am sure Emjay and Jarvo used toooooooo :P :D :D

    I think its time I wasnt here :o

  • Hey thanks for the comments Sue, Eye & BeeL,

    also hello Friezfriend - WELL DONE on passing 4 weeks - FAB....

    We are all doing so well and let us just keep it this way !!!!

    Thanks Eye and George !!! "Would be quite happy not to have the lows"

    and BeeL "I will get some batteries for this light you are talking about"

    - only joking I quite understand what you are both saying - THANKS.

    Sue "Yes" seriously it is amazing when the calm arrives - took the dogs a walk just before it got dark and felt wonderfully calm, posting on this site so helps to bring that calm about (sometimes!!).

    Going out now but have a great smoke FREE evening everyone.



  • Good evening everybody :) :)

    It sounds like we are all tickety-boo today :) :) and plenty going's off :| :D :D Jonathan, I hope you have a lovely evening out pal :) and stay positive eh :)

    Rite am off to do some reading :o

  • Good evening Pete, hope you had a good day. :)

  • Does no one do Yahoo?? Apparently today is the Day of the EX Smoker - 26th September Sue52, Congratulate an ex-smoker day. So congratulations to Sue for 1 year today and congratulations to everyone else for however long you may have stopped.

    Apparently you're in 'good' company with DJ Bob Sinclar. No I've never heard of him either, but having had a quick browse through some of his stuff on youtube that's not really surprising :( Anyways here's the link exsmokers.eu/dayoftheexsmok...

    It's an app for the iphone and android to help you quit smoking and stay quit. And basically this Congratulate an ex smoker day thing is to promote the app. As Tesco says every little helps.

  • I saw that but didn't go into it further. I thought it was Ewan McGregor with long hair and a beard. :o :D :D

  • haha. He's actually knockin on a bit for a DJ, he's nearly as old as me! Now all this has led me astray to music websites. On last.fm at the mo where they said similar artists to him are David Guetta - how rude, the similarity ends in that they're both French

  • Thank you Sinfree :) I have to say i didn't know that, and i go on yahoo :o :D :D

  • Aww, well done Sue, bet you're really chuffed. Are you not having a celebration cake or bottle of champagne or something.

  • Well I'm sorry everyone I'll have to love and leave you, i have an early start tomorrow, not looking forward to it :(

    Nite nite all, sweet dreams,

    love and hugs :) xxxxxx

  • Night Sue, Well done!!

  • Nite nite Sue, sleep well. :) xxx

  • Nite nite Sue and sweet dreams to you too :) luvs ya :) xxxx

    Sue you will be ok tomorrow gal, cos have just sent ya loads of huggs gal, so you can scrap with them to keep your mind off it eh :) :|

  • Well Sin, you've lost me there - haven't got clue who you're talking about. :o :D :D (the joys of getting older!)

  • Do you think she has had a senior moment Andi :o :D :D

  • Probably. Do you get them sometimes? :)

  • Well like Sue, ave got to get up that wooden hill again to get some shut eye :)

    Nite nite Andi, Sinfree, Jillygirl and everybody, I hope you all have a wonderful nights sleep, with no bad dreams :) speak soon eh, luv and huggs to all :) xxxxx

  • Night Pete. haha, its not the bad dreams at night that bother me, its the nightmares during the day! Sleep well

  • Nite nite Pete, sleep well. :) xxx

    I'm off myself so nite nite to everyone else too. See you tomorrow. :)

  • Well am going now too andi, gotta iron my toggs for work tomorrow and maybe catch some words in a book for a while. Didn't get to sleep til about 3.00 this morning, got up at 6.30, went to work all day and am still not tired :( am sure I live off adrenalin. Night night andi.

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