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Daily Chat: Monday 16th September 2013

Daily Chat: Monday 16th September 2013

Good Morning and a very happy sun shiny Monday :D

Tis quite blowy out there today but at least it's blowing what few clouds we have away to reveal a beautiful blue sky above them.

Another fresh start to the week, for those of you on your first day of quitting, today quite often starts with excitement, then maybe a little apprehension creeps in. Keep up the momentum and stay positive. You can do this :-)

For those of you in the early days of quitting, you've come this far now, its not worth turning back. Stay strong :-)

Look at each challenge that stopping smoking chucks at you and use it as a tool that helps you to become stronger.

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Good morning Emjay and all,

We don't have any wind here but it is very cold, so time to look out my winter clothes.

I have another day of packing while hubby decorates, hopefully it's done soon, it's making me so tired, i fell asleep on my settee last night with the laptop on my knee :o :D :D so if i disappear early tonight that's what's happened.

Whatever your all up to i hope you have a great NOPE day :) x


Morning Sue, after my post this earlier it absolutely bucketed it down here! Back to blue skies again now though. I'm all wrapped up myself, t-shirt, jumper, thick wooly socks etc, but that's only because I have boiler trouble and I'm hoping it gets fixed pretty darn quickly. Brrrrrr!



Morning Emjay & Sue :) :)

The weather here is just :P :P Boiler trouble eh Emjay, better now than in the middle of winter, I'm sending you some huggs to warm you up a bit gal :o :D

Sue if you want to nodd off gal, you flippin nodd off and dont go doing to much eh :)

Rite back to the flippin decorating :P :P


Good morning Emjay, Sue & Jilly + everyone

Like the post today Emjay - thanks.

Had a good weekend and did masses in the garden yesterday - feeling a bit fitter / stronger as a result !!

So glad to be a NON SMOKER, life is so much better without the cigs and to anyone just starting to quit then

GO FOR IT, be positive and accept your cravings as part of your body & mind recovering ......

Best wishes to everybody & have a good day.




Too flippin right Jonathan, with you all the way pal :) :)

Its lovely to hear you've bin in the garden, erm, pottering :o I've also bin gardening, in the flippin house, cos have bin pulling the weeds up off the flippin walls, :o :D :D Had to get my steamer out today to finish off the chimney breast :P :( but got it done :) I think I must have glued the paper on with suuuuuuper glue :o :| last time.

Jonathan, you stay with it pal, cos your just ACE pal :)


Good morning everyone,

Love your opening picky Emjay.

I have just been to see the vampire nurse. Now they are checking for diabetes. As the last blood tests showed too high a reading. As my dad would say there`s always summat. Yeah got soaked on the way home.

Pity you didn't live nearer to me Emjay son in law would have fixed your boiler.

Pete hows the decorating doing? Did you spend up in B & Q. we are off there on Wednesday , old codgers discount day. :D

Sue hope your ok. Hope your managing to get sorted. I know what its like. :)

Jonathan your garden must be lovely now. and your doing magnifico on the no smoking front. keep strong.

See you all later. xx


Jillygirl, am I spent up or flippin what gal :o :| at the moment I'm busking :D :D


What do you think !!


Hi everyone,

Aww Emjay i hope you get your boiler fixed soon, it's not fun when your cold.

Hope your decorating is nearly finished Pete, did you empty your walllet at b@q, i did that too my hubby's yesterday :D :D

I love how positive you are Jonathan :) keep going your winning, bet your garden looks lovely now :) you'll need to come and do mine now :D :D

Jillygirl i really hope you don't have diabetes :( maybe it was just a blib, i'll keep my fingers crossed :)

I'm taking a break from packing now; i'm too sore, and gonna go and see how hubby's getting on,

Have a brill smoke free day all :) x


Aup Sue :)

Its took me 2 days just to strip the flippin chimney breast and 2 wall each side of it :P :o

Have put 2 coats of paint on the flippin ceiling, still flippin needs another coat :o :( mind you, thats all the nicotine :P :P

Ha ha I've bought a stick to put my paint roller on, so I dont have to mess about with step ladders, well, the roller fell off, just missed the flippin cat, she decided to jump, she landed in the flippin paint tray, she was not amused :o I tell ya, So now I'm cleaning dove grey emulsion paint off the kitchen floor, the fridgefreezer, the washing machine,the cooker, the cupboards, A mans work is never done :o

Take care Sue :) luvs ya gal xx


8 days quit and getting stronger. I agree with EmJay that the first day (and making that decision to stop) is the hardest bit.Please stay strong and focus on how much you are gaining and not how much you've lost.


Hi ya Yellowsnowdrop, its lovely to see ya on here :) :) and very wise words too :) A massive, massive well done to you, for getting to 8 whole days quit :) :)

When I first found this site, I was at the stage of do I quit, or dont I :o and if I do, ''when'' ?? and how ?? will it hurt ?? what do I do when a craving comes ??

I tell you YSD, within a couple of days I had ''Set my quit date'', got focused, and was ready for it :) cos of this lovely site and the lovely people on it :) :)

Take care now gal, speak soon, Pete :)


Good morning Yellowsnowdrop

Seriously WELL DONE on 8 days quit / 9 now !! - that is just GREAT. You need to stop and have a look at the view as you have gone some distance now !!

You will be recovering fast - my sense of taste & smell started coming back around this time.

I know we keep saying this but it is so important to see the "cravings" as they come and go as all part of the recovery process.

Have a great SMOKE FREE DAY




Nite nite everyone, time for my bed, i can't keep my eyes open

sweet dreams, love and hugs :) xx


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