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Update on my status my friends

hey everybody, again, i'm sorry i'm not on as much as i should be, going through a rough patch, i'm past the flu, which is good, but i went to see my doctor today, and told him everything thats been going on with me, first off he's happy that i quit smoking, and that i'm almost 3 months in, as of the 16th it'll be 3 months, but i told him everything thats been going on with me lately, and he thinks all of it could be caused by some sort of Anxiety Disorder, i told him my mom thinks it could be a Panic Disorder cause she has that, and so did her dad, so it runs in the family, he says it's possible, but he gave me some anti-anxiety pills and told me to keep in touch with him, so we'll see where that goes, hopefully i'll start feeling better, anyway, wanted to keep in touch with you guys as well, let you know i'm still smoke free and still feeling good about that, and hopefully i'll start feeling better soon and i'll start coming back on here more often, love all you guys!! N.O.P.E FOREVER!!

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Well done you're doing the best thing & your body will thank you🚭

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it already has been :)

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Good to see you hiro..and happy you are still smoke free 😀😀

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thanks :) happy to still be myself

Well done Hiro, hope your feeling better soon . Hey what a Fantastic acheivement nearly 3 months :)

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Ah hiro you have been going through it😟

But look at you with your shiny 11 week badge and cold turkey too.... I am DELIGHTED for you 😊👍

So you have been out of sorts lately, you did the right thing by seeing the doc.... It may just be anxiety like he says so hopefully the tabs will kick in and you'll be as 'right as nine pence' 👍👍

But great quit coz you have had all this going on while you have been quitting 😊 Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing your 3 month badge next week 😊

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jessrudd127 MONTH WINNER

Hi Hiro, sounds like your really having a tough time at the min :) keep doing what ur doing, as its clearly working and you are a champion :) 

take care of yourself and stay close, we are all here for you at Quit Support :) xxxxx 

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Hi Hero, looking good with that 11 weeks winners badge, well done hun👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Sorry that you're not feeling so good and hope you're back to full health soon💐😊

Hello Hiro--take the pills when you need them--a world of difference--but work on overcoming the PA's too--If it is something that runs in the family you may need to be on the meds  for a long time--I know I have more social anxiety since I quit smoking--and I did some panic attack like stuff over my breathing--but it is passing--I have anti anxiety meds I take if I start anticipating freaking out if im going somewhere--Sometimes it helps just knowing you have pills with you--kind of like"if theres a fire,break glass" I have found Drs don't always know the full breadth of the symptoms that nicotine withdrawal can have--My dr cant believe Im having breathing problems after this long--but I KNOW I am and so are plenty of others--so you will have to determine if this panic thing is a permanent disorder or part of your quit--It just seems we are more vunerable to anxiety etc when we quit--like we had some kind of an invisible shell that fell off when we threw the cigs away--weird huh?? xxx MmeT

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