I made it to my one year quit but nothing to celebrate

I gave up smoking last April (I've passed the anniversary by a week) but for a long time I kept saying I haven't felt right since I gave up. Looking back, I can now see that I gave up cigs, but I took up mint imperials. I ate loads and loads. In January I saw my Doc and she did some routine blood tests. The results said I am now diabetic which is why I hadn't felt great.

I suppose this might have happened anyway, but I feel pretty sure I helped it along by giving up smoking and eating lots of sweets.

I wish I hadn't bothered now. At least I enjoyed smoking. What I don't enjoy is having to watch everything I eat and taking 3 tablets every day.

I just hope someone else learns from my mistake.

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  • Hi Buttons. Congrats on the One Year Quit!! And so sorry for you that it has been hijacked by the diabetes. Rotten luck. Hope you're keeping your chin up. Take care 😀

  • It can get better maybe not go away but better,eating better foods take your medication,I got a vape pen with zero nicotine and I get really sweet flavors like candies and cakes and such it has really helped me a bunch instead of munching on junk,mostly candy,I know you think what's the use now but it will make you calmer! I've been a diabetic before (while I was pregnant) so I do understand🙂

  • Hi Buttons and congratulations on your first smoke free year. I'm sorry to read that you're feeling unwell. Have you considered the possibility that smoking has worked as a contributing factor to diabetes before you decided to quit ? Maybe that's why you took on the sweets. medscape.com/viewarticle/81...

    Quitting is an act of bravery and it takes a lot of courage and you should feel very proud of yourself :) I wish you all the best

  • And to add insult to injury, my post says I'm a 10 month winner. I'm not sure where the other two months went between last April and today!

  • Awe Buttons, please dont get too upset, I did exactly the same over a year ago. I was eating loads of werthers original sweets. I was then classed as diabetic. I stopped them and the next check up I was fine. I have stayed on the register as borderline, as it means I get my eyes checked too , My doc says due to my cancers its best to keep having regular checks.

    So may be you will get the all clear next time. :) xx

    Sorry Buttons , there seems to be a mix up with your quit date. Anyway your back on track now with your well deserved 1 year badge well done. :) xx

  • Oh no. The same thing happened to one of my colleagues. She was devastated and understandably so. To give up smoking, particularly when you enjoy it, and then end up with other health problems nearly drove her to distraction. It's so hard and she still has her hard days, just like all of us do. She has managed to not smoke now for 8 months. Good luck Buttons11. It's worth the fight to give up x

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