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Good morning everyone, I hope you are all well, and ready to tick off another no smoking day on your calendar.

Still hot and muggy here in Yorkshire, however at least its fine. :)

I found some quotes about smoking on the web , so I will post them under the questions section.

see you soon. xx

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Good Morning JillyGirl and Everyone else :D

It looks like its going to be a nice day here although it is quite 'close' as they say :-/

Found this quote about relaxing Jillygirl;



Hello Emjay, quiet here today so I shall put on my other tee shirt. :O



Not bothered , please yerselves.



Good evening all

"yes" I am still in the land of the non smoker (just!!!), I have been working hard and not feeling great (understatement of the year!!).... I thought it was all going to be a bed of roses, all much too flippin real now !!!!

Never mind - day 32 or something.

Sorry on a downer at the moment, will / should lift sometime soon.

Best wishes & so sorry being so negative !!!!



Hey Jonathan don't worry you will have days like that ,but think is it really because of the ciggys or is it something else. You have survived all this time so your not as dependant as what you thought you were on ciggys. just study it . ask yourself will having a cig honestly make you feel better? Have a look at some the quotes on the questions section. Take it slowly and don't be sorry. :) xx


Hi ya Jillygirl, sorryyyyyyyy, nite nite Jillygirl, I seem to get flippin later :o :( I hope you and hubby are keeping well, and taking it a bit easier now :)

Got to go now Jillygirl, cos er-in-doors is getting on at me for some reason, dont know why yet, but I suspect I will soon find out :o I hope you have a lovely sleep and rest :) :) xxxxx

Good night everybody, and sweet dreams to you all :)


Hey Jonathan, so so glad your still with us pal :) :)

The bed of roses will come, be patient eh :) cos I know your going to do this !! you stick with it and keep focused on your quit, I think I'm near to the bed of roses, cos I tell you Jonathan, it does get easier, a lot easier :) but its just the odd time when the weeeeeeed comes back to have a last go at you :o :P like it did me the other day !!


Jonathan, if you see any of these weeds, dont bother staying focused, just flippin run for it eh :D :D :D

Take care pal, see ya soon :)


Pete and Jonathan I just employed our weed killer man,



:D :D :D


Night Pete and everyone . have a peaceful evening. sweet dreams. xxxx


Thanks Jilly & Pete

It sure is something else !!!

Thanks for the weed killer man - think he should spray me as well.

Let's hope tomorrow is a better day & thanks for being up & cheerful - at least someone is....

Good night from

Mr misery guts


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