Good morning, cold and frosty but at least its sunny. I hope everyone is managing to stay warm and cosy now we are approaching winter. At least there is no more standing outside shivering whilst you have a ciggy. The things we did for that little white stick.

If you are struggling at all please post a question or comment on here, we will do our best to help you. :)

Ok first job kettle on. :)

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  • Morning jillygirl and everyone, :-) Yeah it's Brrrr here too, but like you say it's great not to have to be going outside shivering to have a ciggy, when you think honestly about it they really did RULE our lives !! :-(

    Here's to a happy smoke free day for everyone :-) :-) And better late than never eh !! :-)

  • Good day everybody. I've been outside cos its a beautiful day, a vast improvement on the last few days of drizzly misery. Umm shall I cycle or shall I walk was my thought for the morning. Sooo glad I chose to walk, got round the corner and the road was a big sheet of black ice from one end to the other, eeeeek. I walked 2.5 miles. Not far I know but I don't really do walking. Andi, I even did a little jog here and there, only for like 15 second bursts but it was a jog none the less. I did 3 little jogettes all together. :)

  • Love that description jogettes. :)


  • :D :D It's eerily quiet on here today isn't it.

  • BOO! sorry Sinfree didnt mean to make you jump. :P

    I did put my deodorant on today honest. :O

  • Ha ha ha, love it Sinfree, like Jillygirl says, jogettes :D :D :D hey, you might start a new trend eh :o :D

    As for your not far walk, 2.5 miles is some flippin distance gal :) plus when you have a few jogettes in between :)

    Yep know what you mean about the black ice !! it was freezing when I went to bed last night, this morning when I went to work at about 5am, it was damp !! a little bit of frost on my windscreen :o

    When I got to work at about 6am, it was the same their !! At 7.30am, it was white over with frost !! weird or what :o

  • yeah that is weird isn't it. Does explain the black ice though. It was just one big sheet of it, the full length of a road near me, glad I wasn't driving or riding my bike. I did a fair bit of slippin n sliding myself, had to be very careful walking. Combined walking and skating - skwalking. haha skwalking interspersed with jogettes.

  • You had better take charge tomorrow night as I am doing some packing for the move on Thursday. Hope there are more members on than us two.

  • Am here Miss :o

  • Hello Pete, at least we have a trio now. :)

  • haha, wonder where everyone is. Well Pete is probs still working, andi entertaining her friends? Um Friezfriend probably froze, she only lives over the hill from me, in fact its probably colder there than here, how about you Jilly, is it chilly where you are. How you getting on with your flat

  • Its chilly here too. I live near the Leeds Bradford airport, which is pretty high up. Off down to Guiseley about 2 mile away . New flat is soooooo lovely and warm. Roll on Thursday. :)

  • Yes Jillygirl, flippin roll on Thursday eh, cos then you can relax a bit and ENJOY :) :)

  • oooh exciting. Is it Thursday when you actually move in.

  • Yes Sin , its Thursday. So wont be on line on Thursday as up early then wait for BT to connect broadband etc. So your in charge. Can you handle Pete (rolling pin is in the cupboard if you need it) :D :D

  • haha, Ok then. Rolling pin at the ready, good luck with everything on Thursday. Mind you I've got to go to work on Thursday so I won't really be around either.

  • :P :P :D :D

  • Gosh it has bin quiet on here today :o

    jillygirl, you had your rolling pin out again gal :o :D :D cos we all know, when you have that in your hands, its flippin DUCK everybody :P :P :D :D :D

  • No rolling pin is packed away. However I thought I needed a clean sweep. :P


  • You will have to find me first :P :D :D


  • I will find you . I will leave a trail of tinnies out. :P christineandreas.com/images...

  • Hmmmm, if you do, then they had better be full cannies, cos those empty ones are tasteless :o :|

  • Am going in a minute to do a bit more exercise, a spot of tennis or maybe football on the x-box. Its change over time at half time, which I think is about now. Hubby coming upstairs to watch second half of football and I'm going downstairs to take over the telly and the X Box.

  • Gosh Gal, that sounds a bit complex at your place :o We dont have any half times here, if er-in-doors wants to watch something on telly, then she does :o I'm out of it :(

  • :D :D

  • Well night Jilly and Pete, hope you get everything done tomorrow Jilly and you keep a look out for that ice tomorrow Pete, it seems even colder tonight than last night. Night

  • Night Sinfree, sweet dreams. xx

  • Nite nite Sinfree, you enjoy your exercising on ya X box :) I myself use a rowing machine to exercise on, but whatever takes your fancy gal :o :D :D

    Hey you keep warm, and enjoy the rest of your evening gal :) :) xx

  • Looks like you might be talking to yourself again on Thursday night Pete, Better start shouting for Emjay or Friez to the rescue. :)

  • Am not botherd Jillygirl, cos have got used to it now gal :o :( Anyway, I cant argue with myself can I :) hmmmmm, I wonder :o

  • Better arguing with yourself than the other half. :O

  • Toooooooooo flippin rite Jillygirl :) :)

    Is the new flat about sorted now then :o as in decor etc ??

  • Its not bad not our taste of decor, but I told hubby not to do anymore decorating till spring time. He needs a rest. The new flat is certainly more liveable than when we got the one here.

  • Like you say Jillygirl, give yourself and hubby a rest eh :) and make any alterations in the spring, you never know, that tasty decor, might appeal to you after a bit eh :o :)

    Try a bottle of wine !! :D :D

  • Jillygirl, erm, can I ask you something, why didnt you go for that flat in the first place :o

  • I did but it wasnt free. I put our names down for it just before my op last year, but its with sheltered housing (anchor) and there werent any available. It can take years to get one. So we bought the one we have now thinking we would have to wait ages for the new one. This one is bought where the new one is a tenancy. Hope that makes sense.

  • sounds a good idea. :D

  • Yes Jillygirl, read and understood :) never heard of anchor before, but we have sheltered housing to, and I've heard they are very good :)

    We have 2 blocks of flats behind us, for the elderly, and they say, if there is anything wrong, they just call this number and there around to sort it :) Erm, Dayles housing I think it is :o

  • Right Pete going to sign off now as getting tired. so nite nite sweet dreams.

    Before I go heres a rhyme for you for Thursday. luvs ya, xxx

    Pete was sitting all alone,

    No one to talk to not even the phone,

    He talked to himself ,muttered and gave a big groan

    No one playing out he surely did moan

    May be Emjay or Friez will appear very soon

    Meanwhile he will sing and dance to a tune

    He didnt want to sound like a moaning minnie

    so he went down to the shed , and sat with his tinnie.

  • :D :D :D love it Jillygirl, just love it gal :) :)

    Nite nite Jillygirl, sleep well with loads and loads of sweet dreams, luvs ya toooo :) xxxxx

  • :D :D

  • Evening All :D

    Looks like its just Pete and I now though :-/ I've had a rather long day today and so took the opportunity to just chillax out this evening :-)

    My iPad is all charged up now and I'm ready for my long journey home tomorrow. Train is at 10 and I arrive back in Liverpool at 4 bells... After 2 changes, first at Edinburgh and next at Preston... Phew....

    Great poem JillyGirl, I'll make sure I'm around on Thursday. Pete can keep an eye on me! Everything will be back to normal... Whatever normal is :-/

    Sin, you made me laugh there with your little joggette, starting a new trend :-)

    Nice to see you so happy and positive mrssunnyside 8-)

    Lots to catch up on here so best I make a start eh?! :D

  • Hi

    I have just joined chat

    So lovely to read your advise and stories

    I have been smoke free for 10 weeks but still long for a ciggie

    It is a wet depressing day here ,so good to chat

  • Hey Teddy08, we're now in Wednesdays chat so bob on over there :0) You're doing fab, just take every hour, half day or full day at a time... Depending on how intense you feel any cravings :-)

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