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Still not getting this new fangled site!!

Still not getting this new fangled site!!

I really am a bit on the thick side I think, are there any instructions on where everything goes when it doesn't arrive where I think it should!!!! Anyway - am gonna have another do at it, seeing as how I haven't posted for a while!! Well I'm officially not working and permanently on the sick as most of you will know by now. Still not smoking the dreaded baccy I'm glad to say. I would have been so stressed out recently trying to escape for that 'drag' !! Now, let me just check how many days as a non smoker . . . . . mmmmh . . . just worked it out to 110 days - that's a wow even from me!! My cat Ollie seems to think I should be stroking him instead of typing on here!! He has just walked over the computer twice!! Will attempt to post a pic of him after.

Update on the lung cancer - still waiting, had a PET scan on Wed, so I was apparently radioactive afterwards. I waited til it went dark and checked to see if I lit up like a Christmas tree - but alas - no signs of that. Another specialised biopsy to come as an in patient, no idea when. Well fed up waiting for everything to get sorted. I just want to get away for a couple of days before I start chemotherapy.

Enough of all that - hope you guys are enjoying the weather and getting plenty of barbeques in. Stay stopped if you can - it does get easier in time, though I still use the old NRT and my vapour ecig. . . . . now for the pic of my puddy cat!

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Hello Vee, lovely to hear from you. Everything to do with hospitals seems to be waiting. I felt like you if they just got on with things you would feel less stressed out. However they seem to work to a method for them not for you.

I am glad you tried to see if you glowed in the dark, (I too did the same thing) :D Hubby said I was bonkers. he was right. :D

110 days of being a non-smoker is brilliant. No looking back now. :)


Love the picture of your cat. so huggable. :) Take care and take it easy. xx xx xx :)


Hi Vee, well done on your smoking. Your same as me, still on the lozenges, I had about 7 yesterday :( and occasional e-cig - still does nothing for me but hey. Plus, again this seems only to be me but if I've used that e-cig quite a bit I feel like I've smoked about 20 fags when I get up next morning. Sorry you can't get your holiday sorted, must be very frustrating when they keep coming up with just one more test. Your cat looks very cosy there. I think if you can post a picture on here, you're doing really well, I haven't even attempted that one :) good to hear from you.


oops I replied to Jilly's post, didn't mean to, its a bit early on a Saturday morning for me :D Good morning Jilly by the way. :)


Hey Vee, am so glad you didnt glow in the dark gal :D :D :D and a massive well done for keeping focused on your quit, 110 days thats just sooooooooper gal :) :) I bow down to you Vee :)

Ollie looks nice and content in his cat bed :) I think maybe he is going to have a lazy cat day today :)

I hope they sort those tests out quickly for you, so you can get off on that holiday :) :)

Speak soon, Pete :) xx


Hi Vee, A big well done for staying quit for 110 days :) that's brill :)

I hope you manage to get a holiday soon and all your tests sorted out :)


Hi Vee, glad to hear your still quit. That pic of Ollie looks so cute - mind you, he looks like he might just be about to pop his claws out at you for disturbing him - either that or about to roll on his back for a tummy rub. :)

My sister had to have a radio-active pill for her thyroid, I never thought to ask her if she checked if she glowed in the dark. They kept her in hospital for a few days when she had that and wasn't allowed to sleep with her husband (or anyone else :o ) for a fortnight after she came home. :D :D


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