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Daily Chat Thursday 9th May 2013

Daily Chat Thursday 9th May 2013

Good evening, ermmm morning everybody :) :)

Monday I just couldnt get on to this site :( yesterday, toooo flippin late finishing work :P :( managed to finish a bit earlier tonight/this morning :o :)

Kath I have found out what mi mystery sounding creature is in my pond :o :D its a flippin young toad !!!! he's a bit late for matting now isnt he ?? :o

Although I didnt camp out in the garden, I'm afraid my curiosity got the better of me, so I waited till it got darkish, got comfy by the pond and waited :o Not long passed when I felt a funny feeling on the back of mi head !! I kept still, I thought, can this be the mysterious creature having a gander meeee !!!! noooo its the flippin cat :P :( I thought she was in the house :o I told her to be quiet, so she lay down by the side of me, huh typical flippin Woman, wants to be where the action is :o :D :D

So we both lay there waiting !!!! then I noticed her ears prick up, then there was this Ooo Ooo Ooo Ooo, and there he was, a young toad sitting on a rock giving it some sounds :) :D by this time Monkey had got up to investigate and toady had gone :o huh.

On another note, e-cigs, I just cant seem to get used to it :o I think I may have to revert back to the patch etc, but I will give it another couple of days :)

I hope you are all keeping smokefree and happyyyyyyy what ever stage your at, there is loads of help on this lovely site, and of course there is our lovely Emjay, if you need expert advice and am sure she will be with you as soon as :) :)

Hmmmm its gone quiet on here :o I must have bored you all to sleep :D :D talking of sleep, I will say nite nite now !! to all my friends and everybody on here, cos probably will be the early hours when I get home tomorrow :P :( I hope all your dreams are sweet and lovely :) especially for those of you who are having erm, not so good dreams eh. Speak soon :)

Pete :)

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Good morning Pete and all.

I would never have thought that giving up smoking would lead me to such and interesting, informative and often amusing place. And in the early hours at that. I was watching something on TV recently when there was mention of a first sleep and a second sleep. Well I've not long woken up from my first sleep and thought I would have a look here before embarking on my second sleep. Pete, you have entertained me. I smiled at your garden adventure.

Whilst I am used to what some would call, broken night(been going on for 27 years since my youngest son decided that he didn't need sleep), it does mean I'm prone to leaving it to the very last minute until I get up on work days so I rarely post here during the week on this particular chat. On rare occasions I sleep through the night and I feel robbed when I wake up and there is no time for my second sleep...lol.

Anyway, I am chatting rubbish now so I'll end.

Have a great day everyone.



Morning Pete and Sally!

Bright and early today ! I think it's going to be a good one, a fair bit of blue in the sky, nice and chirrupy out there.

Thought it might be mating frogs Pete. I had a low warbly noise from what passes as a pond in my garden a while back, couldn't work it out, but there were 2 frogs on a stone in the pond like yours. Another time I was strimming then weeding etc. around the pond, and a big frog was keeping its arms over its spawn, protecting it like this when I was about, for about 3 days. I was very impressed, it was so brave in the face of a fearsome giant (me!)

I hope you've managed to get your 2nd sleep Sally.

I've got to catch up on some work today, ready for some Friday meetings, so can't put it off any longer, tempting as it is with the sun winking at me like that :)

Fancy a morning cuppa anyone? Big pot ready here :)

Have a happy smoke-free day all :)



Morning all

Lovely start to the day here with blue sky but quit chilly (actually it's cold!) in the wind. Forecast is for rain pm here but they said that yesterday and we had half a dozen spots if that!

Working today but half day tomorrow so that's good and with having Monday off for the bank holiday completely out of synch with the days - woke up this morning and thought it was Wednesday. Oh well, my brain will catch up with my body eventually.

Pete I'm glad you found out what was making your noise it's nice to know that you won't hearing/imagining things or sounds!

Have a great day everyone and catch you all later.

Luv and hug



Morning all you lovely people. :-)

Sunny here down south too. 8-) 8-)

Pete, is it the type of toad that you can kiss and he will change into a prince/princess? :-o loved your curiosity and vigilance.

I hope everyone had a goodnights sleep (1st or 2nd) and is ready for another sunny (ish) smoke free day:-) Sue xx


Good morning Pete, lovely to see you open up. I think you could get a new job with Bill Oddy on tv. Toad watch.



and of course Pete! :D



Hi all you non smokers - hope the day's good to you all.

It is Sunny here too - cold as ever, but a pretty day for all that.

Pete I loved the frog hunting - it would have made my day. Seems I like all creatures - Frogs, Spiders and I even like watching the Ants scurrying around. There's such a mini world going on all around us.

EmJay - A Haar is when the cold air from the North Sea meets warmed up Land air, which causes a drizzly very thick and cold Mist. Sometimes it's also called a Sea Fret. It's truly horrible! This is why I call Aberdeen "Aberdoom", as when the rest of GB is having lovely warm weather, we get two days at the most, before it's spoiled by the Haar. It travels about 20/30 miles inland too. So, although I'm 20 odd miles from the City, it will often ruin a beautiful day. Scotland is a very lovely place, with dreadful weather - mostly!

Still going okay in my sixth week - but between the Patches and odd puffs of the eCig, I wonder how long it will be before I'm free of Nicotine. But, so far I'm content enough.

Stay safe and well everyone. It's a pleasure to read your news, and stories - thank you.

Gill, xx


Love it Mad...just the perfect pic xx :-)


Good Morning Everyone, well the weather has definitely changed. The rain has just started here, not sure if you can see it yet mad as I don't think you are too far from me :-)

Pete, lovely to hear from you, haven't had a proper catch up in ages :-/ Maybe Mad can advise you a bit more on your use of the e-cig (I'm still learning!) Are you using the right amount or 'loading' it properly? - I don't even know if that's the right term sorry. However, if you do decide to opt for the patches again, I would definitely advise using just the patches and not the e-cig as well. You're still marching on and as you know - we are with you all the way :D

Hi John, I hope you get to hear of our little feathered friends results today :-)

Gill, I love Scotland - many memories from many visits over the years - mainly from the midgies though :-/ I think we are experiencing a Haar of somesort today - Maybe a Mersey Haar :D :D You are more than halfway through your 6th week now and doing ever so well, make sure you treat yourself :-)

BunnySue - I hope you manage to get away earlier from work today :-)

JillyGirl, love the photies - especially the one of our Pete with his 'tash :-)

Have a nice day Kath :-)

Hey Sally, nice to see you around. That's really interesting about having 2 sleeps. I wonder is the 2nd one the deepest? Anyways, I hope you managed to get back to your 2nd one and have a better day today than you did yesterday :-)

I am about to make a cuppa to try and warm myself up a tad. Tea anybody? :-)


Gosh it's very quiet on here tonight. :-o Just had lovely meal with fiancee. :-) It's our 4th anniversary today, although we have known each other for 28 years. :D :D :D

Hope you are all having a great evening and not been blown away :-o

Stay strong and chat tomorrow when we all survive another smoke free day :-)

Sue xxxx


I was thinking the same thing Sue. It's part of my daily routine now, to come on here and read the chat. I don't always post because I don't always have anything to say or I'm just not in the mood but I do look forward to seeing how everyone is doing.

Anyway, tomorrow is another day.



Evening Everyone :-)

I think most folks have been blown away today, the way the weather has been :o

Happy Anniversary BunnySue, maybe you'll both tie the knot on your barge with Barney Dog in a little doggy tuxedo :-)

Sally, it's nice to come on and have a good catch up isn't it? It helps a lot of people as they recognise they aren't alone in this stopping smoking journey.

I normally ask if anybody fancies a cuppa, maybe I'll offer a cup of hot chocolate this time of the evening :D


Hi EmJay,

Yes it is nice to catch up. Especially in a place like this. Giving up smoking is such a big thing. Most of my work colleagues, who are the people I see most days, have stopped thinking it's anything special that I've done such a huge thing. I was thinking of going to a quit smoking group, even though i've already done it. But for now, I'll have the hot chocolate, thanks...:)


I think it is also quiet because Andi is away and Pete's working late. :-o I'd love to have a hot choc before bed :-) although I have shared a bottle of champagne tonight. :D :D :D Bless him he's fast asleep on the sofa!! :-)

Take care all and sleep well :-) :-) :-)

Sue xx


Yep, I've got an early start in the morning.

Night all.



loved this post Pete--what a beautiful scene to picture--Delighful!!


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