7 weeks an still getting cravings!!!

Well been 7 weeks now... It has been so hard, had out break of quitters zits, terrible toilet habits, dizziness, muscle pains etc.... I'm hoping these r calming down a bit now but last couple of days the cravings have been sneaking back in? Where have they come from? I finished my dinner yesterday an all I could think about was a cigarette 😔 I won't have one as I couldn't go through all this again it's been so hard... Hope the cravings go soon. 

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  • going through the same thing, although the cravings are not strong - i am starting to think they will "sit on on my shoulder" for some time 

  • Hi J this all quite normal you will get cravings for some time. But they get less severe. I think I still get cravings but when you think about it it's just a mild I want one not as bad as when I first started but that's 5 months in. The other things will start to settle down soon. Congrats on 7 weeks nearly at two months now great going.  😀

  • Someone had a ciggerete in my car the day before I'm not sure if that woke the cravings up inside me, I have been doing well with the cravings.

  • Hey j you need to stop people smoking in your car!! Get it cleaned inside and out, get a nice smelly to hang and ban it, you are a non smoker now so don't let the puffers ruin it 😊😊🚙🚙🚙

  • Hi Jmatheron, Its not easy trying to quit.   Your body will be settling down soon, once its got rid of all the toxins from smoking.  You are doing brilliant.   Another couple of weeks and you should  be feeling  the benefits of stopping.  :)  xx

  • Unfortunately it's not easy but I can promise you it's really worth it. Those pesky cravings will get the message that you're a non smoker and proud of it, well done🚭😊

  • I kept meaning to look up or ask anyone else if they found that their skin has broken out very easily once quitting!!  it seems every day I have a new pimple or a cluster grouped together, I haven't dealt with this since I was 13 years old and I don't even own makeup any more so I can't even hide them!  so frustrating!

    (buying makeup got expensive quick as it is so hard to ever find my skin tone, I even tried one that said "porcelain" but it was pinkish...and I'm naturally...very....very pale so I look stupid!! with make up!  never matches!!)

  • Don't worry Carissa, the quit zits will go so please be patient and know it's all part of the healing process. you're a beautiful 6 weeks winner, well done to you🚭😊

  • Thank you!!!  I kept thinking, it must be that my skin can finally breathe again it's not being clogged up by second hand smoke residue...but will they stop ever!!?? glad to know they'll go away!

  • Congrats j , your doing great, and things will start to settle soon, stay strong, the urge to smoke will become less and you will get stronger every day x

  • I get the urge when I drink coffee..just think of alllllll the benefits of not having one!

  • So true koutsoun👍🏻😊  I have to remember that all the time☀️

  • Yep.... Cravings come and go..... mr Nic is cunning and baffling.... He comes calling when I'm vulnerable like lately in the last two weeks.... Thanks to all you fine people on site.... I have not lit up❤️🇨🇦   Hang in there xxxxx

  • Thanks guys for all your support the cravings have eased off today an feeling a lot more confident. I do find it strange how they just hit you out of no where, it's like I forget I don't smoke anymore if you know what I mean lol xxxx

  • Wow Jmatheron 7 weeks is flippin fantastic 😊😊

  • Yes, 7 weeks is a real achievement and one to be really proud of. On those random occasions when an urge strikes, instead of going with the thought of how much you'd like a fag, try to flip switch your thinking and go with the thought of how much better you're feeling as a non-smoker. Visualise your list of the reasons why you've decided to stop and pick one. Really focus on that reason (mine is I don't want my lung function to decline any more rapidly than it has to) and sit with it. Feel it, see it, imagine it-use all your senses. This sounds like a long, high falluted process but takes seconds and in that time your craving will have disappeared. The INTENSITY of cravings declines over time, they shorten in time & become less frequent. I had my first one this week after making a mahoosive chicken & asparagus risotto for friends last night. What with that, a couple of glasses of Prosecco and good company, the scene was set for lighting up. So I washed up instead. Am sooooooo glad I haven't got a nicotine hangover this morning just a slight fizzy stuff one!! Much love, Poll X 

  • Hey you will have your moments and after dinner is a tricky one - I have a quick vape and then I am fine along with a glass of red!! I had the odd spot tingles in my legs and hands but i feel a lot less stressed not smoking than when I did. Stay strong you can do it!!!

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