Morning everyone

Bright and earlish today but noticed no-one had started the chat so thought no-one would mind if I did it today.

Up with the sun as usual and already walked the dogs and done some washing which will be going outside when I've done this. Smashing to be able to dry clothes outside and not have to use the dryer (not that I have one of those though) or have them hanging about indoors for a week!

Car cleaning again shortly but hopefully it will be worth it tomorrow and the sun will shine of me as well as the car at the show.

Whatever you're doing today, hope you enjoy and also enjoy the weather.

Have a smoke and stress free time everyone.

Catch you later - kettle on if anyone else is up and about and needs a reviving brew!

Take care all.


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  • Good morning Kath,

    Your right about how nice it is to get out without rain etc. Enjoy cleaning the car for tomorrow, You can come and do mine if you get bored. :D :D


    Just missed your cuppa so will make a fresh cuppa, if your still free. :) xx

  • Good morning Kath, Jillygirl and everyone,

    The weather is good here to, I can here all the birds chirping in the tree outside my window, I'll go for my walk later once i've got hubby to hang the washing out, if he ever gets up :o :D :D

    I'll have a cuppa, thanks Jillygirl, I'm parched :)

    Have a great smoke free day everyone :) xx

  • Good morning to you both

    Hey Sue maybe the birds are celebrating Nairn's arrival as well - heralding a new life! Now that is a lovely thought isn't it.

    Celebrations! to everyone on this beautiful Sunday morning.

    Let's all have a great smoke free day.

    Luv and hugs to all!


  • Hi Kath,

    That's a beautiful thought :) :) I can't wait to go and see him again, and my daughter, I hope she is a bit better and gets back on the ward today.

    Have a wonderful day

    Love and hugs :) xx

  • Morning all

    Caught the hug, thanks Kath :)

    Got my cuppa and toast in bed, nice start to a Sunday morning, being treated. Lucky, I amm planning to change the sheets, so get rid of the pesky crumbs, and great! Also like you nd Sue, Kath, hanging the washing outside and get that good fresh smell of summer.

    I have been through the wardrobe to find any little worn and still unwashed clothes (yes I am not the very cleanest person :) ) to get rid of any lingering smoky-smelling ones :)

    Got the gardening bug after yesterdays efforts, so I plan to get out there again.

    Later I am going to clean out the old, empty fishtank, go to the Garden Centre and get some fish.

    Busy day to keep me happy, focussed and well away from the evil weed.

    Wishing one and all a happy smokefree day :)

    Sending hugs xx

  • Taking you good advice John. I'll wait to get the fish. The tank is sparling clean, and the stones and all. The water is dechlorinating I guess, got the filter on cos that might speed it up :y

  • Hello everyone. All this talk about birds and the dawn chorus. Well, a friend phoned last night and said she was going on a dawn chorus walk this morning, so I thought I'd join her. :o Had to get up at 3.30 but was awake since 2. :( :P We met the party at 4.30 near the river - 21 people turned out for it. The weather was perfect and 40 birds were identified by the ranger. We wandered around for 3 hours then went back to the barn for coffee and toast. Had to have a doze on the sofa when I got back so I think another early night is called for tonight. :)

  • Hi Andi

    Hey I wish they did something like that round where I live what an enjoyable way to pass a few hours and breakfast made for you to boot! Jealous? You bet!


  • Hi Andi, That sounds great, I think the last time I did the dawn chorus walk was about 25 years ago. Wish I lived nearer I was awake most of the night , I could have at least made the tea and toast. :) xx

  • I dont have to do the dawn chorus walk around here, cos it comes to us :o :)

    Huh, they flippin wake me up some mornings, but its lovely to hear them :)

    Somebody once told me that it has to be light before the birds sing :o well thats a load of cr__ erm buncome, cos when I work earlies, it's dark when I go to work, and they are singing then :) :)

  • Hi ya everybody :) :)

    It sounds like your all having lovely weather 8-) erm a bit overcast here, but warm :) have done dins, now got to mow the lawns :P :( then I can do some pottering about :o :D :D

    Erm yesterday afternoon, I was sat at the top of the garden having a erm, cupannie :D and I heard this sound coming from my fish pond :o went to have a look, but couldnt see anything, this happened twice :o

    This morning I was walking up to the fish pond and I could hear it again !! I investigated, but nothing !!!!! I then went into my garage to get something out of the freezer, and I heard it again :o but theres nothing there !!!!

    I've got gold fish and shubunkins in my fish pond, which are swimming around as usual :) I have had frogs and newts in it, but not a sound like this one :o !! it's not a bird, otherwise it would fly off when I got near to it !! The sound is like a dove cooing, but nowhere near as loud !! Ooo-Ooo-Ooo-Ooo.

    Just wondered if anybody has any ideas to what it might be :o :)

    No Jillygirl, I flippin aint had toooooo many cannies :P well not yet :D :D :D

    Enjoy your day & speak soon :) :)

  • :D :D :D :D

  • I think it's mating frogs :)

  • :D :D :D :D I think it's Mrs monky playing tricks :D :D

  • Hey all

    Hope everyone is well and enjoying their Sunday

    Im stuffed up with the cold, got a horrid blocked nose and sore throat/head.

    Thought that being a non smoker for 3 1/2months the cold would be better than it was when I smoked but nope none better and its not all the crap coming out from not smoking coz Ive had that already.

    Im struggling to loose the stone Ive put on since stopping smoking, been being so good this past month but nope it just doesnt want to shift.

    I have to say the cravings are so much more controlable now and dont last as long as they once did.

    I still dont feel many benefits apart from seeing the bank balance go up :)

  • Hi Sarah, I'm sorry your not having a good time just now, keep going your doing great :) your body will be feeling huge benefits, just think how healthy your lungs will be now.

    I know what you mean about the weight loss but you'll get there, just eat a healthy diet, that's what i do

    Stay strong and take care of yourself :) xx

  • Hi Sarah, Sorry to hear about your cold. Well done on staying quit. your doing brilliant. As for the benefits, Your body will certainly benefit from not smoking. As you know my body learnt the hard way. At least you shouldn't face anything like that , by quitting earlier than what I did. Keep up the good work love . take care. xxxxxxx

  • Hello Granny Sue, just noticed your picky. That is so huggable. :) :) :)

  • Andi that walk sounds great!

    Jillygirl, how do you find all those amazing pics! Btw the cakes were wonderful yesterday :)

    Orkney Sarah, I am so sorry you feel so yukky with your cold. It's time the sunshine, clear weather, and clear nose! got to you - hoping you feel better soon.

    Your lovely chirruppy birds are so sweet, John :) Worth their weight in gold and diamonds and .... :)

    My money's on frogs for monkey's mystery noise. Any more bets:)

    Can feel you basking in granneyhood Sue. Enjoy! One day, I am hoping to get that lucky :)

    Fancy a cuppa with me, Kath. I think it's that time already :)


  • Hi everyone,

    Just back from the hospital again, and great news, my daughter has had all her drips taken down and was moved to the ward, she might get home tomorrow with some Iron tablets, so i'm a really happy bunny now :)

    Nairn is doing great and is putting on a little weight, i could hug him all day :)

    I'm away to get a cuppa too if anyone wants one, see you in a bit :) xx

  • Hi Sue, I am so pleased that your daughter is back on to the ward. Bet you cant wait until tomorrow so you can hug Nairn without any of the hospital staff there.

    Bet you are worn out now going to and from the hospital. Much outcome than your last hospital stay. :) Lots of hugs to Nairn and family , and a special big hug to you. xxxxxx

  • Hi Jillygirl,

    I want to steal him :D :D :) so my daughter will be keeping close eye on me :D :D

    I am tired, but like you say much better than my last visit :) xx

  • Just got back in from my walk with you know who! So yes, definitely ready for a cuppa and I can even manage two thank you ladies.

    ARHHHH! Nectar - I'm in heaven now definitely.

    So pleased that your daughter is on an ordinary ward now Sue - won't be long till she's home and then you can probably get your wish and hug little Nairn for ever and ever and then some!

    Hugs for everyone - celebrate the day!


  • Hi Kath,

    I hope you enjoyed your walk :) and your cuppa, nothing beats that :) xx

  • Good evening everyone.

    Lovely walks, grandson/daughter visiting (with lots of hugs, I'm sure), cake baking, shopping, cooking dins, drinking tea, drinking cupanies, polishing car engines, mowing lawns, pottering, washing, gardening, - anything I've missed? :o Sounds like you've all been enjoying the day - what Sunday's should be all about. :)

    Sarah, nice to see you on here, been wondering where you'd got to. Sorry about your cold, I'm sure it'll be gone soon. Are you still doing your walking and didn't you say you were going to start swimming? (Thought you even mentioned trying the couch to 5k.) 3 1/2 months is still early days so don't beat yourself up too much yet about the weight - it should be easier to shift over the summer. How about using a smaller plate for your meals and keeping a food diary. You must be very strict with it though - no cheating, cos like with smoking, you'd only be cheating yourself. Good luck and let us know how you're getting on. :)

  • Hi Andi, what have you been up to. What do you reckon is in Petes pond. :D :D

  • Hi Jilly, I went with my friends down to their beach hut this afternoon and just watched the world go by on the prom. Good fun - people watching - I love it. :)

    Pete's pond - mmmmmm........... - I was stood near the river this morning and a big fish jumped out and no-one else saw it but they all heard it splosh! Maybe it was a heron. :D :D

  • :D :D :D :D

  • Or a lesser spotted boobie. ;-) :|

  • Haven't been people watch for yonks! Used to love trying to think what they did for a living and what their names were. Wonderful stuff and it is something I will probably be doing a lot of tomorrow especially after all the work I've put in getting a nice shine on the car! Sticky fingers are definitely a no! no! for tomorrrow.

    Agree with you Andi, people watching is fun and something that I may start doing again on a regular basis especially when out with the dogs - bet I meet a few owners that look/act a lot like their pooch!!!

    Have a lovely evening :) :)

  • Kath, I have a question for you.

    Do your dogs look like you? :D :D :D

  • Andi, as I am always honest, I can say, hand on heart, no they don't I look like them especially when I first get out of bed in a moring :D :D

  • :D :D :D

    Is it something to do with the hair colour? :D :D :D

  • Think it's actually more the 'hang dog expression' you know what I mean - the soulful look like butter wouldna melt!!

  • Pete's pond - yeah well I've been seriously thinking about that all day and you know it could be squatters!!!!

  • :D :D :D

  • I thought this was the culprit in Petes fish pond


    Now I just spotted what it was , I knew Pete had dropped one of his drinks somewhere.


  • :D :D :D

    My jumping fish looked just like that first pic. :) :D :D

  • Now have to work out what it was singing. :D :D

  • :) :) Always look on the bright side of life! :) :)

  • :D :D :D :D :D :D

  • Here goes :-

    splish splash I was taking a bath. (bobby darin)

    The frog song we all stand together (paul mccartney

    Buzz Clifford – Three Little Fishes (1961)

    Bobby Rydell – The Fish (1961)

    The Marvelettes – Too Many Fish In The Sea (1965)

    Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels – Three Little Fishes (1967)

    Lamont Dozier – Fish Ain’t Bitin’ (1974)

    Four Tops – Catfish (1976)

    Heart – Barracuda (1977)

    The B-52’s – Rock Lobster (1980)

    Blue Oyster Cult – Shooting Shark (1984)

    Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Fishin’ In The Dark (1987)

    Kim Hill – Janie’s Gone Fishin’ (1994)

    David Lee Murphy – Fish Ain’t Bitin’ (1994)

    Boy Howdy – Bigger Fish To Fry (1995)

    Live – The Dolphin’s Cry (1999)

    Brad Paisley – I’m Gonna Miss Her (The Fishin’ Song) (2002)

    Randy Travis – Pray For The Fish (2003)

    Steve Azar – Catfish Christmas (2006)


  • Maybe the last one! :D :D :D

  • I;m away for my shower then bed, really tired now, nite nite everyone, sweet dreams

    love and hugs :) xx

  • Nite nite, sweet dreams Granny. Love and hugs :) xxxx

  • Night Night granny Sue, sweet dreams hugs and cuddles. xxx

  • Nighty night Sue

    Sweet dreams of how many different types of cuddle there are.


  • Think I'd better get ready for bye-byes too, given that I didn't get much kip last night. :o

    Nite nite Kath , Jilly and everyone else, sleep well and see you tomorrow. :) xxxxxxxx

  • Night Night Andi , and everyone else. I too got little sleep last night , sweet dreams . see you all tomorrow. xxxxxx :)

  • Nite nite everybody :) :)

    I hope you all get a good nights kip, and a sound nights sleep :) :)

    Luvs ya all, and dont you forget that eh :o :) :)

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