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My mother was catheterized with an in dwelling catheter several years ago as she was not able to empty her bladder and she was constantly requesting to go to the bathroom. She is currently having chronic UTI's. Although we have used several antibiotics for UTI's, none have resolved the infection. She has been on a maintenance dose of Bactrim or at least a year.

Is anyone familiar with this situation and, if so, what are other options? Have read of Supra Pubic catheters and would be interested to hear if others are using them and how they compare to in dwelling catheters. Are there antibiotics available other than Cipro, Amoxicillin, Augmentin, and Cefuroxime that can be tried?

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My mother has Amytripline usually when she has a flare up and that works very quickly. Then she is usually fine for about a month after but as she has had 3 flare ups since September with disasterous effects on her health resulting in her losing her mobility totally for up to 2 weeks afterwards she has now gone onto prophylactic antibiotics. Although she doesn't have a catheter she is wearing pads and finds them hot and gets thrush easily.This in turn can result in UTIs.

By the way as she is on antibiotics all the time I give her Actimel every day as it replaces the good bacteria killed off by the antibiotics and prevents tummy issues and thrush. She loves those and drinks them even when she is not fancying much to drink.

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Thanks for your response. I'll check into it on Monday. Kathy


If it is the lesser of two evils I would say supra-pubic Catheter.

Reason being it's slightly more comfortable than the Uretheral Catheter as you don't feel like you have a red hot poker pushing up inside when sitting,standing or bending over.

The change of the Supra - pubic Catheter is not very kind at all compared to Uretheral ones being changed,I do also find with this type of Catheter that when I have a bladder spasm urine will leak from the site and from underneath through the Urethera.

I knew a lady that was having to be catheterised due to her Bladder being dysfunctional

and she managed to get bladder removal on the N.H.S,all she has now is a stoma bag where the Ureters filter out of .

Having asked her if there is much advantage and she said she had never felt so good in years.

I am unable to have mine removed due to needing a Hysterectomy and a bowel removal as all three organs have adhered to one another.

Going back to infections I went through all the different anti- biotics,had a Profelactive (small dose every day) anti- biotic,don't quote me on it but I think it was cissapride?

As for the effect I carried on with infections still,so it was stopped. I can now only have anti-biotics Iv in hospital and they thread a line inside my shoulder and direct it to the vein. I also have to go on to barrier nursing.

It all sounds so nasty with awful thoughts but everyone is different but when you have done the anti- biotics and built up resistance to them it does get difficult,but I am here 12 years on from my operation that caused these problems.

It will all work out but you may have to suffer and let your own body fight it depending upon the severity and type of bug shows up in the urine test.

I hope I have been helpfull or at least been interesting whilst taking your problems into consideration.

Best of luck



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