Uti and the hallucinations

Yesterday was the worst day I have ever had - nurses came in the morning to wash / change mum for the 1st time and all seemed ok but about and hour or so after they left mum started to act funny ( and not funny haha ) she was quite nasty to me and even though I kept telling her she couldn't get out of bed as it took 2 nurses and me in the morning she insisted on getting out for the commode , she fell once or twice I was screaming at her to hold onto the bed rail so I could get her back into bed, then I sat with her in the afternoon while she kept seeing things on the bed sheets the walls and again trying to get out of bed , the community nurse came at 2pm with it ot see her transfer but when I told them what was going on and me braeking down they checked her over and said they thought that it was another uti or the antibiotics mum has just finished hadn't worked - she is calling on Monday to see how we are and to see if we would like her to ask the hospice for respite as she thinks I need it.

It jus shows if you get the right person on your side things get moving as within a few days the community nurse arranged another bed for down stairs for yesterday and Today we had 2 ambulance crews to move her from upstairs to downstairs , there were tears as she knows she will not see her bedroom of 65 years again but I think she understands why this has to be . I finally seem to be getting support from outsiders and family I don't think there have been so many people in this house in 1 day as there has been today.

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  • Sounds horrible, I have heard of a UTI infection causing some crazy things in the lederly but not this. Sounds like your handeling this on your own, but it not a sign of weakness to ask for help. Hopefully your mum can get respite for a few days to make sure she is free of infection and you can get a few nights sleep.

    Hope all goes well

  • Glad you are finally getting the support needed. It's funny how everything seems to click into place. I have been screaming for months and months to the DN's for support. Now after me going into the surgery and collapsing in tears, they are finally trying to help me. Shame we have to get to crisis point before anyone will take notice.

    Lots of love


  • How awful for you! Glad it seems you're getting some help. UTI's are very hard on the patient and caregiver. Hang in there, you are doing a good job.

  • Well praise God for friends and family! I am so sorry however you and your mum have to go through this.... but the ugly wicked PSP will take all it can get from its victim.... and we, the guards, try sometimes in vain to thwart PSPs evil attempts....Luckily you have found a few solutions #1 getting mum downstairs.....#2 getting and accepting help!

    Now for you. Get as much rest as you can and hopefully you'll get your mum a good schedule that will help comfort her and give you moments of respite throughout the day.



  • Being formal here.

    (Got my professional MH assessors hat on)

    Hallucinations or any sudden reality change: Check UTI.

    It's the first thing.

    Get med. help urgently and say to the medics that you suspect UTI psychosis... It is the fast track.

    PSP is not associated with psychotic symptoms. e.g. sudden reality changes. Make sure you tell the medics that too.



  • George has got another urine infection, been a nightmare, DN has been in and given him injection 3 night running, he has been really agitated, I now when he is going to get one, he becomes agitated, and sweating, so fed up with this horrible PSP, finding it hard to handle xxxx So glad you got the help for your mum, and putting her bed downstairs, will save an accident on the stairs, and people to help you. Yvonne xxxxx

  • Sounds an awful experience for you all. Hope all gets sorted now.

    Love, Jean x

  • My dad is constantly getting UTI's which is horrible. It makes him totally crazy and un predictable. If it isn't a UTI its the PSP with the hallucinations from rats, mice, dogs you name it we've seen it. PSP is really messing with dads head right now it makes him really agitated and aggresive which can get quite scary. Although dad doesn't remember what he has done he says his head feels awful with pains as well. I was truly hoping that dad didn't feel anything when these episodes happen and it breaks my heart to know he is suffering. I am so glad that you are now getting the support you so obviously need. I think people forget that the carer needs support and the odd hug too. xxx

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