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I'm lost

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Hi folks.I don't know if this is the place to write this,but here goes.

Just over a year ago id been trying to get a wee bit fitter and yo lose some weight.I'd been attending a Football Fans In Fitness scheme weekly at Celtic Patk here in Glasgow

.I'd been really enjoying it. Started to feel some pain in ny groinand my left calf at first. I thought it was just wee niggly strains with exercising.

The calf pain soon turned into pain all the way up the back of my leg.I presumed it was a bout of sicatica whiv I've had before. The dull groin.pain started to become wee shooting pains that'd make me jump. ALmost like wee electric shocks. I'd to miss out on the exercise at the course a fee times.other times I joined in but with pain.

One week we got to train in the players old gym. The two man exercise with the very heavy medicine ball was too much for me and I had to stop. I was very sore as I made my way home that night. The "sciatic" pain was getting worse too. Mostly when siying/lying down.so I tried to carry on. The next week was a full hour of 5 a side football outdoors. In the snow no less. I thought itd kill me as I hadn't pkayed in about 20yrs,but I got though,and enjoyed it.next day was murder though. Muscle pains aplenty.

Groin and leg pain didn't seem worse though.

By a couple if weeks later it did. I'd to all but BEG to see my Gp,who had a quick look at me and agreed it was sciatica. Sent me away with pills. Since then I've been in hospital twice with kidney stones. First time was six days.had a stone removed. Next time was two days.I was sent home with note pills. Groin and abdomen pains have been hell since then again, and the leg pain is no longer anything like sciatica. At a recent urology appointment I saw my xray on screen and the nurse commented on my hips being g out of alignment. I don't know what that could do,but I'm now wondering IG its been causing all of the groin,leg and back pain that's basically ruined my life for a year now.

I've tried to be proactive by selling some of my guitars to pay for chiropractic,osteopath, sports injury therapist ,acupuncture and even homeopathic massage,but nothing has helped at all.

Urology told me last time I'd be out in their urgent list for being admitted to remove stones,but this week sent a letter telling me the last xray showed no stones.so that's it til next may. Meanwhile I still have all of the same ground and abdominal pains .

The leg pain is now like being stabbed in the calf repeatedly, whilst the outside of the leg and now my ankle feel like they are being squeezed very tightly. Its pure agony when everything is sore at once. My lower leg and foot have been slightly swelling too. When I try yo stand or wall a few steps,it also feels like liquid running under the sole of my foot.the weirdest sensation.

I now haven't been able to stand or walk unaided properly for about 8months. I'm also hunched/doubkee over when I try. I can't lie down,so I've spent months now stopped up on the couch all day and night,every day.

Ive basically bren When my gf gets up for work,I then try to lie down.if I'm exhausted enough I basically pass out and may get a few hours sleep. Somedays its almost two days til I can. I'm absolutely at the end of my rope with all of this. I know I'm depressed.and Its out a great strain on my relationship too. I basically can't do anything. I can just about get to the toilet and back.though sitting is hellishly painful.

I had Perthes disease as a child but I've been told its not a factor.

I can't have a bath as I can't get in and out. I bought a shoiwer seat,but even that is very uncomfortable to use. Drying afterward s is even sorer. I think I'm going to get droooed offbat A and E tonight and just sit and wait to be seen.I hate to do it,but I'm lost as to what alternative I have now. My GP isn't interested .

I'm sick of taking endless pills that do nothing too. The DWP are now back to face to face interviews.so I have to deal with that also. Even though I can only walk using a walker.and inky a fee yards til I'm exhausted and in a lot of pain.

Sorry if this just looks like a rant.im lost..

Does anyone have similar pains? Or any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.

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Sounds like you are struggling so much physically it is impacting on you mental health. I should think being fatigued and unable to physically exercise is compounding the problems. I don’t have any answers for you but suggest you go back to your GP with a written bullet points of all what happened , when/who you had seen, what was prescribed and the outcomes. What then is the next option, your condition is impacting your physical, mental health and your relationship. I would suggest you request one to one counselling, some Physiotherapy, and a referral for an MRI scan. I the meantime, try and get structure to your day, getting up I the morning, eating healthily, doing a yoga or Pilates session daily. The 30 day Yoga with Adriana o YouTube is good. Even if you cannot do some of the moves you will be a lot stronger and more flexible after the programs, also incorporate some daily stretches of your own. Whilst it is currently very difficult try and walk every day even if you have to use your walking aid outdoors. Challenge yourself to do a little more each day and you will find it will help both physically and mentally. Keep a record of daily goals. Try and listen to music /audiobooks, play your guitar with set goals on learning new styles etc, maybe even volunteer to give lessons at a local centre, and steer clear of TV during the day. Take it a day at a time , small steps, small beginnings but it’s about taking control and getting your life back.

Good luck with the medical side of things and hopefully you will be in a much better place in six months time. Also, if you do drink alcohol I would give it a complete miss until you feel better as it can negatively impact on an existing low mood.

Wishing you a speedy recovery and hope life gets better for you.

Get yourself to A&E l think it’s gone on long enough you need a diagnosis. If you are not getting much help from your GP not much alternative unless you can afford to pay privately.

It could possibly be a blood clot, good luck at A&E 🙏

Don’t let your GP brush you off. Keep fighting for answers. See another GP if you can.

Bring an advocate to A&E. So many people with pain are sent home because they think we are addicts. NOT! We have severe 24/7 intractable body pain.

Hire a lawyer if you keep getting neglected. Your pain is NOT being controlled. You need to sleep in a bed not sitting up!

Keep us posted. Good luck. You deserve better treatment.

Hi folks.thank you so much for the replys and advice etc. I got dropped off at the A and E at Glasgow Royal Infirmary about 8pm yesterday evening.They checked blood pressure. And blood. The Short version is that the doc and consultant(Celtics team doctor)have no idea whats causing the agony around my ankle and in my calf . no idea what's causing the awful pains in my groin and abdomen that make me jerk and jump constantly in pain,and no idea why I'm doubled over and having to use a stick or walker to walk and stand. Its been a year now. so basically no idea about anything. The doc is an otthopaedics guy. advised me to lose weight and do the physio. He knows I struggle to move,but I've to do physio.losing weight without exercise seems unlikely too. I was given one dose of liquid morphine when the calf and ankle pain got so bad that I'd to slide myself off the bottom of the bed to stand leaning on a chair.i was thrashing about and asking for help. It became a panic attack too. I don't know If the stuff calmed me down or if it was just because the doc was talking to me. I then managed to do a urine sample that I left sitting on a cabinet,which nobody took away to look at. When I asked the doc he said it looked fine. But nibody had actually takrn it away to test it. I knoe hr hadnt even seen it. He tapped down my left leg,and felt around my calf and ankle to see if there was any pain to touch,which there isn't. I'd genuinely thought I'd be admitted so I'd a wee bag with me. I think he got the leg xrayed to appease me to be honest. All clear. He gave me a pack of dihydracodeine away with me to try. So no diagnosis of anything. Im absolutrly amazed that tjeybare happy to lravr iy like that. I was sure id at least have some kind of a ecan for tge severe groin amd abdomen pains,especially as ive a recent history of kidney stones.On a positive note,unless its just a coincidence,the pains have reduced vastly since Ive taken those pills a few time. the doc even managed y make a mess of removing the wee valve thing from.the.back of my hand,causing quite a bit of blood to drip out onto the floor,bed and my trousers and shoes. Which shows my nurses usually do these things) i then had a very painful,slow walk back home to my flat.which is only about a ten min walk normally,but took me about 35 mins at 1.45am. So ,despite them having absolutely no clue whats wrong with me,could these new painkillers actually change my life? And what am I supposed to do next ? if its just a temp,or partial change?

Hire a nurse consultant. You need an advocate. A nurse can suggest further testing and also other meds. These doctors aren’t being thorough.

I don't have any money to dp anything like that.I'm an unemployed musician.if I had money I'd go straight to a private hospital.as it is,I'm stuck

Darn. I’m just worried you’ll be stuck for too long. BTW, I had to use all my savings to save my life. It’s been a nightmare.

Negligent care made me disabled.

How awful((I'm so sorry to hear that. Are you able to sue them?

No. I was so heavily and incorrectly medicated and in such pain that I lost normal cognitive function for years. The Statute of Limitations where I live is six years. Doctors tried to kill me.

oh god that is so horrible😔

What happened to me should be deemed criminal behaviour. Gas lighting injured patients should be unacceptable.

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