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Feeling lost

Haven't seen doc not til Thur had sex two days in a row didn't hurt but after felt light cramping. Today achey Pelvic and pain over vagina and back and if I bend forward or sit on car it gets aggravated I'm worrying anyone else experience this it sucks had x ray and ultrasound 6 months ago normal haven't seen obgyn in a year and have to wait cuz insurance sucks I am going to tell the primary to do every test get to the bottom of this on and off chronic Pelvic pain since November

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Hi, it is possible you could have a urine infection or vaginal infection. If you have not already done so I would get these tests done first. It would also be advisable if your partner was screened for a urine infection also to make sure you are both treated if an infection is the cause. it would also be beneficial for you to get a cervical smear if all of these tests come back negative I would get a referral to a gynaecologist who can investigate your symptoms. All the best. XX

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I see a doc tomorrow who will check UTI and bladder but can't see obgyn til June 22 sucks had a cervical last year


Hi, that is all you can do for now. All the best for your obgyn appointment. XX


Thanks you 😢


cvbn could be right - when i had pain in pubic area and just above and down below, I had a bacterial infection - i got a swab test done at GUM clinic. it's not a sexually transmitted infection but I went knowing I'd get a test, quick results and anti-biotics . it cleared within days - it's possible it will return within 3 months as in many women. I read not to wash too much as this gets rid of good bacteria that keeps bad bacteria at bay.


I talked to doc and nurse and they don't think it's infection esp w no discharge or pain comes and goes so they are still under the medical opinion that it's a cyst that's inflamed so waiting to see obgyn


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