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I have just joined this site today as i need to speak to someone who can help me.

So about 1 year ago i started getting crippling pain in pelvis area, it was always either before during or after period so just put it down to this so went to gp and she referred me to a gynae as she thought it was endo...

In that time i came home from work before easter weekend and i had back ache on left side all day i sat down for about half a hour got up from sofa and i just got the most crippling pain in my pelvis it was so bad i laid there three hours before my husband came home and found me and took me to hospital.

I had many tests, gallbladder, kidney, water, apendix, ct scan and mri scan. NOTHING so they said wait for ur gynae...

I found at this time i couldnt have sex as i was in constant pain in my real low left groin area all way into middle of gut.

So i had my gynae and had a laparoscopy and nothing!

Then had a colonoscopy NOTHING!!

But im still in pain, it feels muscular.

I have since been sent to a women health physio who tested my pelvic floor which showed it was majorly tight and inflammed.

I have had a few appointment but seems to have reached a plato ...

Can anyone help me... suggestions how to help it?

Also can i ask if pain in lower back, hip, side is all normal?

It also hurts

Me to poo, wee, strain to pass wind.... if im desperate for wee it hurts??? Is this all normal with pelvic floor dys?

Any help or suggestions would help me massively as i am soooo fed

Up of it now...

Ive not had sex with my husband now for 7 months im

So past it all now

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After hours of despatately searching the internet I came across a book by Amy Stein - Heal Pelvic Pain and a condition mentioned in there seemed to describe my symptoms. Pudental Neuralgia. I subsequently saw a Pelvic Floor Physia who on examination believes my tension was in my oburator internus. I've only had two physio sessions and I'm following the stretching exercises in Amy Steins book. The pain is currently still there but I now have periods when I'm not aware of it and hopeful that it will go away.

This was a post I made last year when I was suffering and eventually I got rid of the pain by following the stretches in the book. It does still come back but again I can get rid of it by using the stretches which I know I should keep up daily.

Give it a try. I hope it helps.


Thanku for ur help

And advice.

I will purchase this book as soon as im home this evening...

It is ruining my life, i cant sit , stand or walk for to long i can literally lay and that only time im comfy.

I had a holiday two months ago which i just hated as i was uncomfortable whole time i was away and missed a good friends wedding as i just knew i wouldnt b able to cope with a all day event as the pain would become unbearable.


I totally sympathise with you. When this started last summer I was so miserable and it took over my life. The exercises are just a series of stretches which take about 30 mins and I did them 3 times a day. Put on some music and try to relax. I used an exercise app on my phone just to use as a count down as you hold each stretch 3 times for 30 seconds. I really hope it works for you and you get some relief.


Thanku for just chatting to me, it a nightmare isnt it.

It just like a having a toothache in a funny area lol!

I have been looking online to see exercises for relaxing a tight pelvic floor and have done them once last night and twice today and i seems to have helped a little already not so tight and painful so i will buy book aswell and hopefully with that aswell il be able to sort this out.

I see my physio friday to so hopefully that will help aswell


You are welcome. I am just so grateful that I found something to get rid of the pain. When you are going through it, it feels like you are going to be that way forever. Also as much as family and friends are sympathetic I think because you don't have a visible injury they don't get how all consuming it is. Good luck with the exercises.

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I agree with all above- have got rid (almost) of pelvic pain from tight pelvis by pelvic release exercises, yoga, meditation, nightly baths with Epsom salts and huge doses of omega oils and turmeric. Having gone down medical route with nerve blocks and awful drugs I am relieved I have cured myself naturally ( under the guidance of a wonderful pelvic PT- who also did acupuncture and myofascial release exercises) . Am now back at full-time work after a year! Hope this helps - Know what its like -


Can i ask pos25 what exercises helped for u as im just starting with it all

So im still in considerable pain but i am noticing it not there all time now even after a week of just learning to relax it.

I was a gymnast as a teenager and that kind of hold ur stomach in thing has lasted all through my life which i think is the reason why ive got it.


Totly agree with tight pelvic area from holding abs all the time - Physio is always telling me to let my and go- find it hard as I've been doing it for years but getting better- I found Dr Bri? physio online who dies great release exercises very good - also yoga stretches. best of luck


Dr bri, is that femfusion fitness lady? I have been watching her to and doing alot of her exercises.

Yeh it the whole hold ur stomach in thing that i think has done me no good and my mum always told me to do pelvic floor exercises but i dont think i ever really needed to which has then made me to tight, i have such trouble just letting go of that holding stomach in thing it is so natural to me now that i find the relaxing it and being normal unnatural!

I must learn lol.. to relax... not easy when ur a women lol...


Hi, I've heard of the tumeric, bought some, but haven't tried. How did you hear about the omega oils and tumeric? Is there a standard dosage? Thanks for any help.


Pelvic Physio told me to take the highest dose possible of omega oils - so I go 1300mgs in Boots. Got Turmeric capsules in Holland and Barrett abd dose is 1 twice a day. Hope this helps-


I am severely allergic to shellfish/ seafood so just wanted to say people that are same cannot take omega

So try flaxseed


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