Partial womb/uterus prolapse

Hey ladies

So ive been in pain for 7 months after feeling something rip in my pelvis...

I ended up in hosp where they tested me for every illness but i said im not ill i am in pain.

I had colonoscopy for diverticulitus and lap for endo but i kept saying it feels like a injury !!

So 7 months down line i actually seem a pelvic floor specialist and she did a internal and what do u know she felt a lump in vagina... so saw dr on Tuesday and Aparently i have a partial prolapse! Not sure what bit she think womb/ uterus???

No other advice just being sent to gynae can anyone tell me more? What it entails. What helps it? If il need surgery blah blah coz i know nothing

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  • Sorry to hear this; I'm new to this prolapse stuff too as I'd never heard of it till I found my womb sticking out into the open air by nearly an inch and wondered what it was. If yours is still inside, it might not need any immediate treatment, I think, but it won't get any better, I'm afraid. You could try kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor, or you might be advised to wear a pessary -something I'm still dreading but some people seem to get on all right with them. It's good you've got an appointment with a gynae who will go through the options with you. My appointment is in a few days, too, so let's wish each other all the best! I found loads of info on NHS website, Hers Foundation and Whole Woman Forum, which may help you know what it entails. Hope this helps.

  • Yeh it all new to me,it scarey isnt it?

    Mines a partial so i take it yours is a full?

    Hows the pain for u?

    Mine so painful, it just pulls all time , i cant have sex. I have trouble peeing and pooping( tmi sorry).

    I have heard about a pessary but not sure i fancy that id rather just have surgery get it sorted ( ive had this for a year) how long and how did urs happen.

    Yeh i have had so many wrong diagnoses that ive had a colonoscopy and laparoscopy for no reason whatsoever!!!

    So my dear old

    Mother has offered to pay for me to see dr rowan connell privately so that i get in soon but i wont b able to have any treatment privately but i just need to see someone quick

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